Iraqi Security Forces Detained Top ISIS Member Anbar Governorate In Successful Air Landing Operation

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Iraqi security forces (ISF) have arrested a senior ISIS member and his aide in a successful air landing operation in the province of Anbar, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service said in a statement.

According to the statement, its troops carried out a successful air landing operation and detained two terrorists. One of them was the so-called desert emir of ISIS, Saab Abdullah al-Issawi. He was responsible for preparing ISIS car bombs used in attacks on military and civilian targets.

Recently, ISF has intensified its counter-terrorism efforts against remaining ISIS cells operating in northern Iraq. On March 27, ISF killed six ISIS militants in the Hawija area in the province of Kirkuk. On March 18, ISF conducted a successful operation against ISIS cells in the Hawija area southwest of the city of Kirkuk securing 14 villages.

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