Iraqi Security Forces Neturalize 6 ISIS Militants In Kirkuk Province

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On March 27, Iraqi security forces (ISF) killed six ISIS militants in the Hawija area in the province of Kirkuk, Alghad Press reported.

“A joint force from Iraqi Police and the Tribal Mobilization Forces stormed a secret tunnel used by ISIS militants between al-Fara and Hosayneya villages in al-Zab area in Hawija,” the media outlet quoted a local security sources.

The reported opeartion took place in the framework of the wider effort to crack down the remaining ISIS cells in central and northern part of the country.

Since the liberation of the city of Mosul from ISIS in 2017, ISF has been working to establish security in the areas liberated from the terrorist group. However, the security situation remains complicated and ISIS cells are still active across the country.

On the same time, Iraq is currently under a direct threat of a possible Turkish military intervention in the area of Sinjar. Ankara is almost openly preparing for it justifying the possible move with combating the “terrorism” – the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – in the area.

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