Iraqi Sources Claim Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Recent Attack On Ain Assad Base

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Iraqi Sources Claim Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Recent Attack On Ain Assad Base

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The recent attack on Ain Assad Air Base in western Iraq was carried out with Iranian-made rockets, according to the Sabereen News.

The Telegram channel, which is known for being close to pro-Iranian groups in Iraq, said that at least 14 Arash-4 were launched at the Air Base.

The Arash-4, made by Iran’s Defense Industries Organization, is a 122 mm rocket with a 40 km range and a HE-FRAG [High Explosive – Fragmentation] warhead.

The attack, which took place on March 3 morning, saw the death of an American civilian contractor. According to the Pentagon’s claims, the contractor suffered a “cardiac episode while sheltering and passed away shortly after.”

US sources claimed that the C-RAM [Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar] system at Air Assad Air Base had engaged some of the hostile rockets. This is yet to be confirmed.

The rockets were fired from an improvised launcher hidden inside an improvised KIA mini truck, that was parked near Ain Assad Air Base. A 3G router and a small WIFI cameral were found near the truck remains.

The attack on Ain Assad Air Base came less than a week after US strikes on Iraqi forces in eastern Syria. The strikes, which killed a fighter of Kata’ib Hezbollah, were a response to the February 15 Erbil rocket attack.

The recent strikes on Syria have clearly failed to deter pro-Iranian armed groups in Iraq, which continue to carry out regular attacks on US forces.


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