Iraqi Tribal Fighters Kill Four ISIS Terrorists In Al-Anbar (Photos)

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Iraqi Tribal Fighters Kill Four ISIS Terrorists In Al-Anbar (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Via Facebook.

On March 17, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that fighters from the Tribal Mobilization had killed four terrorists of ISIS during a “preemptive special operation” in the area of al-K’ara in the western province of al-Anbar.

The Tribal Mobilization was formed by the sons of Sunni Arab tribes in Iraq to fight ISIS after the rise of the terrorist group in 2014.

The force responsible for the successful operation in al-K’ara is based in the city of Haditha and led by Sheikh Mandoul al-Jughaifi from the large Al Jagaifeh tribe. In a statement, the Security Media Cell said that the force carried out the counter-terrorism operation upon orders from Major General Qassem Muhammad Saleh, the commander of the Iraqi Ground Forces.

The official Facebook page of Sheikh Mandoul al-Jughaifi force shared photos showing the dead bodies of the slain terrorists as well as their destroyed vehicle.

In the last few weeks, Iraqi government forces inflicted some heavy human and material losses on ISIS cells in different parts of the country.

On March 12, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service eliminated 22 ISIS terrorists, including senior leaders of the terrorist group, during a special operation near the town of al-Rutba in al-Anbar. Later on March 14, Iraqi fighter jets bombed and destroyed a hideout of the group to the east of the town of Amerli in the central province of Saladin.

The recent operations forced ISIS cells to slow down their operations. However, the terrorist group’s insurgency in Iraq will not likely come to a full halt any time soon.


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