Iraqis Hold “Million-Strong” March Against US Military Presence In Country (Videos)


Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis marched on January 24 in the capital, Baghdad, in a “million-strong” protest against U.S. military presence in the country.

The protests, who took at the streets upon calls from prominent Shia movements, gathered in the Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, where anti-government demonstrations have been ongoing for months now.

“No, No America,” the protestors, some of who showed up wearing shrouds, chanted “Get out of our land before we make you leave.”

The protestors called for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Earlier this month, the country’s parliament approved a bill to put the withdrawal process on motion with the country’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi support.

The decision was taken in the wake of a U.S. drone strike on Baghdad that killed Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani and Deputy-Commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) Abd al-Mahdi al-Muhandis.

The U.S. rejected the official Iraqi decision, vowing to keep troops in the oil-rich country. President Donald Trump even went as far as threatening Baghdad with sanctions and demanding payment for U.S. military installations in the country.

Iraqi Shia cleric and political leader Muqtada al-Sadr, one of the main figures which called for the ongoing protest in Baghdad, had warned the U.S. that it will be dealt with as an “occupier” if it doesn’t respect the Iraqi decision and withdraw its troops from the country.

“U.S. President Donald Trump should not be superior or arrogance in his decisions and speeches with Iraq, or we will reciprocate him,” al-Sadr said on January 24.

The Iraqi leader warned that Baghdad may take several steps to force U.S. out of the country, including shutting down military bases and closing the airspace.

The large protest in the Iraqi capital is a loud message to Washington that the Iraqis are not happy with the U.S. military presence in their country. However, it remains highly unlike that it would affect the posture of Trump’s administration. The U.S. President appears to be very serious in his recent threats against Iraq.

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  • JoeAlpha

    Oh let’s look at this, United States of America. A country that defends democracy, a country spreading democracy all over the world far across the ocean, and what is happening here, they reject the decision of the government and people of Iraq who democratically order them to get out of Iraq. World! look at this, open your eyes, the king of democracy has turned 360 degrees from his ‘true nature’ in Iraq! Oh of course, as usual, close your eyes, nothing happened there. Move.. Move…

    • John Wallace

      Trouble is they took the vote ( democracy ) to go and do whatever they liked (freedom ) in the different countries which is their understanding of democracy and freedom. The people should be pleased to see how the US uses democracy and freedom and maybe one day they will have it themselves. Sort of a bit like the Romans whipping the slaves until morale improved.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    It is finally dawning on the average Iraqi that the Americunts and Zionists are stealing all their OIL and impoverishing them. Americunts have stolen over $2 TRILLION is Iraqi oil and assets and literally destroyed the once almost developed county, not to mention killed and maimed over 2 million civilians and uprooted another 25 million. Now it is just a matter of time before a major war of national liberation starts in earnest to expel the Americunt savages and the 56 NATO and other poodles that are occupying Iraq with the fat old orange dotard openly boasting ” we will kick their ass and grab their gas”.

  • Z.P.

    Iraq is FULL to the brim of US targets!
    Meditate over that while marching your 1 million march!
    There is Green Zone” that is aching for many more missiles!
    Do not let them wait for too long!
    Hit them everywhere you cane anywhere you find them!
    Do not lose the opportunities!
    And they will leave by themselves !
    If you let them stay Iraq will be destroyed one way or another with ISIS, Kurdistan or something else that those sick bastards can invent !
    IsraeHell and US does not need Iraq as country let alone prosperous Iraq!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The copper plated IED’s literally broke the back of Americunt cowards from 2006-2009 insurgency. This time the resistance has a better arsenal and also international fighters with a lot of experience in Syria and as far as Yemen. The Americunts should be hit all over the region on a daily basis and see how fast they cut and run. In Somalia it just took a couple of Blackhawks to be shot down and the cowardly bastards ran off. The same is happening in Afghanistan.

      • Z.P.

        They should be hit and hard if not they will not ever leave on their own free will !

      • Simon Ndiritu

        If Iraqis apply Houthi’s or Hezbollah’s tactics and the oil-sucking leech will leave

  • Z.P.

    Recipe for Iraqi people:
    “Waste” one US soldier per day,
    that takes evil away!

  • Peter Bozich

    Be patient and things will happen, U.S power was built on the power of the U.S dollar. When the dollar starts getting dumped so will American power abroad. Not long now, once it starts it will be an event to behold. Most U.S patriots cannot envisage such a decline, they will be shocked.

    • Z.P.

      Till the US gets their way and destroy Iraq completely by making their enemies (ISIS, Kurds, Al Qaeda, sectarianism instigating civil war ) stronger every day !?!
      It is not that they have arrived yesterday.
      And it is not that US intention’s of destroying Iraq are so hidden.

  • Daily Beatings

    It’s a sea of humanity. US will have no other option but to pull out since Trump will be in full relection mode.

  • John Wallace

    Muqtada al-Sadr has been fighting against the US virtually since the invasion. His forces have caused heavy casulties and losses on the US but he has suffered much worse in return . How do you get the US to leave where they accept losses as part of the game. Surround their bases so they can’t get in or out with no supplies . Block any new arrivals at the airport from leaving the airport. Fighting will only lead to more massive death tolls on the population. Sticks and stones don’t normally win against machine guns.

  • goingbrokes

    US needs to leave Iraq, and start by leaving Anbar province first of all. There is a plan to occupy Anbar aggressively (it has oil, and it can block the Syrian border crossing).

  • Andreas Mikkelsen

    (This post is off topic and in Norwegian, hope it is ok I am posting it here. It was censored on a norwegian site “Resett”. I just want it saved and available from my profile in Disqus )

    Dette er ikke vanskeligere enn at Norge støtter IS.

    Norge støtter IS fordi Norge er en del av vestlige imperialistiske regimet. For storkapitalen og de rikeste dynastier. Islamistene er vestens ytterst nyttige geopolitiske verktøy. Disse er brukt flittig siste årene som angreps-styrker. F eks Mujahedin mot Afghanistan siden 1970-tallet og i regime-skifteoperasjonene mot Libya og Syria siden 2011.

    Islamistiske terroristene kan også brukes som påskudd, casus belli, for nye kriger og okkupasjoner. Men også for mer kontroll innad slik at alle kan overvåkes og puttes i fengsel uten rettsvern.
    Et lenger bakteppe her er Wahhabi-islamismen, som var nyttige for britenes imperialisme mot Ottomanerne. Akkurat som Israel ble, ble Saud-regimet installert av Storbritannia. Dagens Saudi Arabia er den tredje versjonen av Wahhabi-regimet til ætten Saud. Den første saudiske wahhabi-staten varte i 74 år fra 1744 til 1818.

    USA har tatt over som imperialistisk leder etter Storbritannia, men regimet er omtrent det
    samme. USA er styrt av omtrent de samme dynastier.

    Aksen USA-UK-Saud-Israel er det som driver vestens geopolitiske krigs-politikk. Det er også de samme som sørger for masseinnvandring og for at Europa blir mer muslimsk.

    Dette er hva de aller rikeste bestemmer, hva som de tenker er best for deres makt og kontroll over verden. Folket i Norge eller i noen andre land er rett og slett ikke prioritert.

    IS-barn er bare påskudd. Imperialistene dreper lett millioner av andre barn. 500 000 drepte barn i Irak var som kjent “verdt det”.