Iraq’s Al-Nujaba Movement Says It Could Liberate Golan Heights As A Break From Fighting ISIS

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Iraq's Al-Nujaba Movement Says It Could Liberate Golan Heights As A Break From Fighting ISIS

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On June 13th, the official spokesman of the al-Nujaba Movement said that despite being busy fighting ISIS in Iraq, the group can also put some time aside to liberate Golan Heights for the Syrian government.

Nasr al-Shammari told Lebanon-based al-Ahed news website that his movement formed the Golan Liberation Brigade in 2017, and the force is particularly working with Syrian resistance fighters to take back the strategic territory.

“Despite the fact that al-Nujaba Movement is actively involved in the fight against Takfiri [ISIS] terrorist groups in Syria, this brigade is dedicated to confronting the usurping Zionist regime and will remain so. This brigade includes elite fighters, who have received excellent training for such wars, and have the necessary weapons for such battles. They can strike targets deep inside the Israeli-occupied lands and not just the Golan Heights,” Shammari said.

“The brigade is ready to liberate the Golan Heights as soon as the zero hour starts. This depends on our brethren in Syria. All indications suggest that the Zionist regime is approaching its end,” he pointed out.

Back in 1967, Israel captured large swathes of Syria’s Golan Heights during the Six-Day War. The territory has been occupied by the regime since then.

In 1981, Israel unilaterally annexed the Golan, in a move not recognized by the international community. However, the US recognized Israeli “sovereignty” over the occupied Golan Heights in 2019.

The al-Nujaba Movement spokesman highlighted Operation al-Quds Sword launched by Palestinians in retaliation for Israel’s acts of aggression, saying it showed Israeli authorities that the era of “safe depth” is over.

“The next battle will be deep inside the occupied territories, and will cover areas located between the Nile and the Euphrates,” he commented.

Shammari described Jerusalem as one of the holiest sites for Muslims worldwide, stating that its liberation is the primary goal of the Axis of Resistance, from Iran to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

“Response to any sacrilegious act against al-Quds and its residents should not be restricted only within the occupied Palestinian territories, but should rather cover the entire geography of the Axis of Resistance,” he said.

“We have very firm beliefs that we will soon emerge victorious. The expulsion of the United States from the region, and obliteration of the Zionist regime are fairly imminent,” the al-Nujaba Movement spokesman underscored.

The al-Nujaba Movement is part of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Iraq, who are one of the main fighting forces against ISIS in the country. The PMU is also a part of the Iraqi Armed Forces.


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L du Plessis

if Hizbollah cant liberate the Golan in how many years ? these new puppets are dreaming. lol


WTF are you talking about boertjie? Hezbollah never attempted to liberate Golan. Get your fkin facts straight. They DID however kick Fake Jew White Settler butt in 2006. They never forgot that lesson LoL

jens holm

Your language is too limitied. Its about seize of hesbollah compared to those comming by bicycle starving to death themself ones.


LSD in your bathtub too powerful

Arch Bungle

Hezbollah hasn’t even tried to liberate the Golan heights yet, pankop.
When they get started on the Golan heights, it’s game over for izzie.

jens holm

Its about seize

A Clown like you

“if Hizbollah cant liberate the Golan”? what? and you ended with “lol”, you laughing at stupid your ass?
Hezbollah never tried to liberate Golan Heights, so what are you talking about clown?
Where are you from, do you go to school? I think young people can use google better than old people.

But I’m sure you can use google, so why did you make a joke of yourself? This is not FB or YT buddy, okay, a lot of people know about M.E and what you said makes no sence.
Also, they are Iraqi group why are you talking about Hezbollah? Hezbollah and PMUs/Iraqi Shi’s/Iran’s block have big differences in power.
Are you mad?

P.S if a war break-out it would be a US-led block vs Iran’s block, not only small groups. I have to point one more stupid thing you said, they are not new.


Why such an outburst over what that guy said. I’m kind of inclined to agree with him because these militia groups have proven beyond any doubt that they are bluffers. I’ve followed events between Hezbollah and Israel for quite some time now and I must say Hezbollah is afraid of a war with Israel right now. The reason is that Lebanon is more unstable and any war is almost certain to destroy Hezbollah or at least severely degrade its capabilities. A war in Lebanon will lead to the creation of Sunni militias some of which will move from other countries and this will challenge Hezbollah’s power. The Lebanon-Syria border, Lebanon-Israel border, will be one of the spots used to send in ISIS to battle Hezbollah. In fact, Lebanon is gradually slipping into civil war. All it’ll take is Israel smuggling in enough ISIS and cultivating a new militia in Lebanon. ISIS is already killing Hezbollah and their allies in Syria. They won’t hesitate to attack Hezbollah if they were to ever enter Lebanon. I for one thing Israel is working towards such an endgame.

The Iraqi militia boasting of liberating the Golan Heights should start by Liberating Iraq itself from the U.S. There’s much work to do at home and you look across the border?
The Iraqi group can also prove its worth by retaliating against Israeli attacks in Syria – like launching some guided missiles at Israeli targets in the Golan. There’s no need to threaten. The war is already on and Israel is an occupying force in the Golon.

Talkers are often not doers and this empty threat must be taken for what it is: the bluff of a coward. They couldn’t even lift a finger when the U.S killed Muhandis their boss. Nor did they do anything when Biden bombed and killed at least 22 Iraqi Shiite militias in Syria.

Peter Wallace

Well said.


You The Objective serpent, changing colour like all Wahabi terrorist supporters do.

A Clown like you

And he dares to take Frankly’s name, Turkic Wahhabi Zion fuk face.

A Clown like you

Why are talking Hezbollah/Lebanon?
I called his BS, Hezbollah never tried to liberate Golan Heights, he is lying.
The report talks about the IRAQI Shi’a group NOT HEZBOLLAH so why are people going back to Hezbollah?
Answer me this first.

How old are you people? First of all, a war with Zion is a war with the US, no one said Hezbollah or Iran just walk out as nothing happened. IN NO WAR SUCH THING HAPPENED, why do people see things so moronicly?
Yes, Lebanon is in a bad place right now sure, but it is not like Hezbollah didn’t think about Sunnis/Christians/Jews that going to backstabbed them. They know about their country.
Again if we are talking about a WAR – Hezbollah trying to liberate Golan Heights would start a war between Iran’s block and The US.

“The reason is that Lebanon is more unstable and any war is almost certain to destroy Hezbollah or at least severely degrade its capabilities”
Iraq – Iran war
Vietnam War

I remember people like you saying such BS.
“Iran is done for as Iraqi army taking more and destroying Iran.”
You can NEVER tell what would happen in a war NEVER.

“The Lebanon-Syria border, Lebanon-Israel border, will be one of the spots used to send in ISIS to battle Hezbollah.”
It goes to show how much you know buddy. Why are people think it would be Hezbollah and Israel? why?
The world is not going to sit down and do nothing, Iraq/Syria/Iran wouldn’t let such things happen. Like I said you can never know what would happen in a war. The way you people think makes me want to kill myself.

ISIS – No they are killing SAA troops, for the love of God I’m sick of you kids who group any soldiers in Syria as Hezbollah-Iran-Syria-Iraq. If IRGC soldier or Hezbollah die you would know about it buddy trust me.
I was talking to other guy – you people don’t even talk about Afghani and Pakistan Shi’a soldiers that fight in Syria. It is said – IRGC has about 7-8k yet they are about 7-9K Afghani and hundred Pakistan Shi’a that Iran pays to fight in Syria.
I can say it is a fact, I have an Afghani friend and his family is in Iran, one of them fights in Syria still. He gets paid for it. They are not many IRGC or Hezbollah fighters in Syria, as some want you to believe.

“The Iraqi militia boasting of liberating the Golan Heights”
For the love of GOD THINK what they said and means before running out like a child crying about it. What they’re saying is – they would fight with Iran’s block against The US-Zion to liberate GHs. THAT’S IT.

Let me guess you are also Turkic. the amount of BS Trukic trolls says in here is just funny.
Read what you are saying and read my reply after. Come back and tell me how stupid you are.

Last edited 1 month ago by A Clown like you
A Clown like you

P.S don’t take Franke’s name bitch, I know him and how he talks Turkic Wahhabi Zion shit face.

jens holm

Its about seize moron

A Clown like you

Nazi bitch come and such my D like a good hoe.


how about the “fiercy unbeatble” zionist…running like rats on 2006?


Everyone in Israel is laughing at the Hasballah ^^

Arch Bungle

They weren’t laughing the last time izzie put a foot in Lebanon.

They were screaming in terror!


probably not true today but maybe later when Hamas, Hizbollah Syrian forces eradicate amerikan/turkis ISIS and coordinate to attack Israel on 3 fronts


If you are being observant, you’ll notice that Iran is surrendering to America. The Soleimani assassination seems to have dealt a big blow to Iran’s courage in facing America. And without Iran, all Shiite groups in the Middle East will not be able to put up any reasonable fight. All they do is talk and threaten. Ten years from now and we’ll still be reading the same threats as those of 2009, 2010, 2011, etc.
Biden and his team know Iran is bluffing. The regime is not as popular and secure as it wants people to believe. A good indicator of this fact is the 2019 protest in Iran. That protest was clearly a foreign project by the CIA, but the fact that hundreds of police stations, gas stations and other government infrastructure were burnt down means there are significant number of people in Iran who dislike the regime. It took the Iranian security forces and military many weeks to completely quell the protest only after killing over 1000 people. Imagine how long it would take them to put down another such movement during a war – and it was a nationwide protest.
Unlike Trump, Biden simply doesn’t want a war. He knows that even without a nuclear deal, Iran won’t dare cross the nuclear red-line. If Iran would have had the courage to do this, it would have done it when Trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal and then later killed Soleimani. North Korea was in a similar situation as Iran, but it didn’t take this level of American provocation for North Korea to go nuclear.
The Iranian regime is treading carefully in the Middle East. It must avoid a war at all cost or face the biggest threat to its survival ever.

Israel is an Apartheid Terrorist Regime

Solemani was only a symbolic figure. It would be like blowing up the statue of liberty and saying that America “can’t fight in any wars anymore because the statue of liberty is gone”.

You could say the same with “Israel”, which has had riots and Palestinians which burned down police stations and other buildings. Israel is also unstable politically, and has had 4 elections in the past 2 years. Israel is currently governed by a coalition of 8 parties that are at each others throats. Iran is at least stable.

It seems obvious that “Israel” is closer to collapse, than Iran is. Especially with the USA pivoting towards China, and losing interest in the middle east. The US economy is also crumbling; so it seems like the US will be more reluctant to send their billions to Pissrael. And what is Pissrael going to do with billions of USD, that are being inflated and are the equivalent of toilet paper?


Shut up The Objective dreamer

Arch Bungle

>If you are being observant, you’ll notice that Iran is surrendering to America. The Soleimani assassination seems to have dealt a big blow to Iran’s courage in facing America.

You are clearly not being observant.

Firing a batch of missiles straight into an American base is not “surrendering”.

Neither is arming hamas and hezbollah with missile technology.

Neither is supplying Venezuela with oil, technology and missiles.

Neither is concluding a 25 year resource deal with China.

Neither is arming the Houthi … etc … etc …

Frankly, I think you’re sleepwalking.


reply to u below summarize my views—USA impotent, terrified although Biden far worse that trump—the most cowardly people amerikans brag and lie, but lose all wars


And on the weekend, they will clear out Idlib and then, for July 4, they will take Delaware.

Peter Wallace

About time someone took care of Delaware.

None of you

They make bluff this idiot.
Instead to concentrate in their Country to revitalise the economy they trying to kill themselves.
That OK if you want you Country to become next Iraq. Try to play fire with Israel,and see who will win.
Fucking jihadist.

Peter Wallace

hey dildo brain. The year is 2021 not 1945. One hell of a lot has changed in the world since 1945. You are living in the past totally ignorant of the present … and you call me .. dumbfuk. .. Man look in the mirror to see that one. Syria was a CIA inspired secret war to get rid of Assad as started by Obama. ISIS is a result of that war and the illegal war started in Libya so dumbfuk get educated. ISIS is a CIA / Saudi Arabia / Israel tool for regime change

You probably don’t have the balls to look .. as usual .. but
Do yourself a favor and see what an American in the know said on TV but got banned. The truth is always banned on US media.

Peter Wallace

Have you ever watched the TV series Yellowstone. S3 Ep 10 when Angela Blue Thunder is talking to Thomas Rainwater the Chairman of the Confederate Tribes of Broken Rock.
She says ‘ America has broken every rule it has ever made. From its first treaty with France to Every treaty with us to the last treaty with Iran. They make war when they want , where they want , they take what they want , then they make rules to prevent you from taking it back , they make rules for their slaves and they make rules for the masters . If you follow the rules of the slave you will have nothing.

Wow , an American TV series said that ?? plus other little snippets of truth here and there. How did Hollywood allow this to get through , why hasn’t it been banned already.

Peter Wallace

Syria is a US mistake that started with Obama. They sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad , It was a disaster , it eventually brought in ISIS as a splinter group , TOLD !! live on MSNBC . Remember was it General Clarke was told the US is going to takeover 7 countries in 7 years using the twin towers as an excuse , Syria being one of them . Obama was told his job was to remove Assad when he became President . You have access to the internet , go get educated instead of thinking we all forever should be sucking Uncle Sams dick for saving us in 1943. Got that shit wrong as well.


none brains failed rehab—back on crack


Haha, thx for the joke – I laughed all day ^^

Lance Ripplinger

I would very much like to see Syria’s sovereignty restored. Israel has no right to be occupying Syrian territory. Hopefully the liberation of the Golan Heights will happen someday.



Do it.



New super heroes 💪