ISIS Claims Responsibility For New Rocket Attack On Bagram Airfield In Afghanistan (Photos)


Early on April 9, at least five rockets landed inside the U.S. Bagram Airfield in the province of Parwan in Afghanistan’s eastern region.

The NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan confirmed the incident, revealing that Afghan security forces are now investigating the rocket attack.

“Five rockets were fired at Bagram airfield early this morning. There were no casualties or injuries. Our Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANSF) partners are investigating the incident,” the Resolute Support Mission said on Twitter.

Local security forces uncovered the improvised multiple rocket launcher used in the attack. The launcher consisted of five 107 mm tubes and was hidden in the trunk of a civilian car, that was completely burned.

ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attack in a short statement released by its news agency, Amaq. The terrorist group said the attack targeted a helicopter landing zone inside the Bagram Airfield.

The Bagram Airfield is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. Many units of the Afghan Armed Forces (AAF) and the Resolute Support Mission are stationed in the base.

ISIS cells shelled the base several times over the last few weeks. These repeated attacks prove that the terrorist group is still solidifying its presence in Afghanistan, despite the recent capture of its Emir by Afghan security forces.



  • chris chuba

    Hmm … maybe ISIS is trying to take credit for an attack really made by Kataib Hezbollah, the ‘Iranian backed militia’, according to our State Dept, they are the only ones capable of pulling off this type of attack #sarcasm.