ISIS Destroys 2 Turkish Tanks in Northern Syria

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ISIS Destroys 2 Turkish Tanks in Northern Syria

The ISIS-linked Amaq news agency reported on September 6 that the ISIS terrorist group has destroyed 2 Turkish battle tanks near the vilalge of al-Waqf in the northern part of Syria’s Aleppo province. Meanwhile, reports appeared that 2 Turkish soldiers have been killed and 5 wounded in the same area.

Recently, the Turkey-led forces captured the village of al-Ayubiyah east of the al-Ra’i town in Aleppo province.

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Pave Way IV

Amaq is the fake ISIS news agency created by western intelligence for propaganda purposes. Its only purpose is to act as a feed to western MSM as some kind of legitimate source for quotes or sensational factoids. It’s used whenever the intelligence agencies want to get a message out on behalf of their fake ISIS crew.

The first question anyone with an ounce of critical thinking ability should be asking themselves when they read anything by Amaq is: “Why would western intelligence agencies even put this out? What is it they want me to think?”

The answer to the above question is to obscure the issue that Turkish head-choppers are either close allies or even the same people as ISIS head-choppers. There is no fighting between them and there is no ‘liberating’. No tanks or anything else were destroyed. Western intel agencies and western MSM are desperately trying to cover up that fact that Turkish head-chopper allies are showing up in their ISIS-allies territory by mutual agreement. Were the head-choppers in those territories even ISIS? Who cares – they’re all on the Turkish payroll. They’ll fly whatever flag they’re told to by their paymasters. There’s no way the fake ISIS would destroy a Turkish tank because those Turkish tanks were sent to protect them from the Kurds. The Turkish ‘invasion’ was an ISIS rescue/rebranding operation coordinated with their CENTCOM backstabber cronies.


There is definitely fighting between the turkeys and ISIS. There is a lot of evidence of that over the last months, videos, equipment being destroyed, turkeys dying etc.


You are probably right. It is known that ISIS fighters live and are supported in Turkey and most of them got into Syria from Turkey. During the coup attempt, ISIS veterans were helping fight it back for Erdogan, and were rallying for him. Turkey gives medical treatment to wounded ISIS soldiers.
If Turkey was truly fighting them, it would not allow them to come and stay in its country and they would arrest the injured ISIS soldiers and jail them, instead of treating them are releasing them to return to Syria.


You have it exactly right. This Turkish invasion is just a name change. On August 28th edmaps showed the Turks having taken ISIS territory from A’zaz all the way down to Mare, on the east side, and down to the river on the west. Then a week later the press was given “info” than it (A’zaz – Mar) is just happening now. (“With heavy fighting etc”).

enemies R among us

Turkey = ISIS