ISIS Released Photos Of Fierce Attack On Town In Nigeria’s Yobe State

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ISIS Released Photos Of Fierce Attack On Town In Nigeria’s Yobe State

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On May 6th, ISIS news agency Amaq shared photos of a recent large-scale attack by the terrorist group’s fighters on the town of Geidem in the northeastern Nigerian state of Yobe.

During the attack, which took place on April 23, ISIS terrorists stormed Geidem. The terrorists engaged in a fierce battle with the Nigerian Armed Forces. Nigerian troops showed resistance. However, the terrorists overrun all defenses.

“In the course of the attack, the fighters burned buildings and headquarters of the Nigerian government and international organizations while they distributed propaganda leaflets to the people,” a statement shared by Amaq reads.

Before entering the town, ISIS terrorists targeted a convoy of military reinforcements with an imposed explosive device. At least one vehicle was destroyed.

According to Amaq, many Nigerian service members were killed or wounded in the attack. ISIS fighters also destroyed two vehicles and captured seven others.

A few days after storming Geidem, ISIS terrorists attacked Nigerian troops in the town of Kanama, which is located on Yobe’s border with Niger. The Nigerian military sustained heavy material and human losses in the attack.

ISIS has been tirelessly working to expand its influence in northeastern Nigeria. In the last few months, the group’s cells managed to establish a foothold in Yobe. Before, they were contained within the state of Borno.


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