ISIS Releases Summary Of Its Attacks In Syria In 2020

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ISIS Releases Summary Of Its Attacks In Syria In 2020

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On January 6, the ISIS news agency Amaq released an infographic summarizing the terrorist group’s operations in Syria in 2020.

The report claimed that ISIS cells carried out 593 operations in seven Syrian governorates last year. The operations were distributed as it follows:

  • 389 attacks in Deir Ezzor;
  • 59 attacks in Raqqa;
  • 39 attacks in al-Hasakah;
  • 38 attacks in Homs;
  • 36 attacks in Aleppo;
  • 29 attacks in Daraa;
  • 3 attacks in Hama.

According to Amaq, ISIS operations included 256 attacks with improvised explosive devices, 123 assaults and 191 assassinations.

The terrorist group’s operations allegedly claimed the lives of 901 members of the Syrian Democrat Forces (SDF), 407 Syrian service members and 19 Free Syrian Army fighters. 292 vehicles, including 148 4×4 pickups and 13 armoured vehicles were also destroyed.

Most of the victims, around 764 people, were killed in Deir Ezzor. The eastern part of the governorate is controlled by the SDF, while the western part is under the control of the Damascus government.

While the number of attacks seems in line with the available information, there is no doubt that ISIS has exaggerated the losses of its enemies. The group uses such infographics to boost the morale of its supporters.

ISIS continues to take advantage of the Syrian crisis to rebuild its influence in the country. The group is stepping up its activities in areas held by more than one side, like Deir Ezzor, and where those sharing power are not coordinating as they should, like in Daraa.


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