ISIS Sends Large Military Convoy to T-4 Airbase in Response to Syrian Army’s Advances

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A large convoy of vehicles, military equipment and terrorists has been sent by the Islamic State terrorist group to the area of the T-4 airbase.

ISIS Sends Large Military Convoy to T-4 Airbase in Response to Syrian Army's Advances

Photo: AP / Uncredited

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has dispatched a large convoy of military vehicles, carrying terrorists and military equipment, to the surroundings of al-Beidheh al-Sharqi village, located to the east of the T-4 airbase in eastern Homs, in order to stop advances of the Syrian army in the region, the Fars news agency reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, affiliated with the terrorist group.

According to the news agency’s sources, the military convoy, which included not only vehicles, equipped with heavy machine guns, but also tanks and cars, carrying arms, ammunition and terrorists, was sent from eastern Hama. The reinforcement should join other terrorists in the region, fighting against government troops.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Syrian troops, backed up by helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, launched several attacks on defense lines of the IS and forced terrorists to retreat from a building of the Hayan Gas Company and the area of al-Mojbal, as well as from a road, connecting Homs and Palmyra. IS terrorists suffered heavy losses in the attacks. After the successful offensive, the Syrian Army started to fortify its positions near the Hayan Gas Company.

At the same time, Syrian troops continued to advance towards Jahar oilfield and its surrounding hills, managing to recapture several hills and establish control over al-Maher oilfield.

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