ISIS Terrorists Counter-Attack In Euphrates Valley In Attempt To Withdraw To Iraq (Map)


ISIS terrorists have launched a counter-attack against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the Euphrates Valley in an attempt to reache the Iraqi border and to withdraw from Syria. According to conflicting reports, at least a part of ISIS members besieged in the area was able to withdraw from the pocket.

ISIS Terrorists Counter-Attack In Euphrates Valley In Attempt To Withdraw To Iraq (Map)

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  • potcracker777

    a fucking joke

    • Leon Auguste

      That’s an understatement

  • Jens Holm

    I just think, they are reduced and can regain a smaller and smaller territtory only.

  • Ed

    Sorry, I don’t understand this article. Is it saying that Deash managed to successfully attack and reclaim an area that was previously held by the SDF and have now managed to make it to the Iraq border and infiltrate Iraq? What happened to:
    Or was it all fake bullshit generated by the SDF yet again?

  • Mike

    Seriously this American led war is a lousy psyops piece of bull shit, I mean this tiny area hasn’t been finished off. Either they are the biggest joke militarily or they have always been clouding with ISIS in this fake, most likely the later.

    • Barba_Papa

      I reckon that neither the SDF nor the US was in much of a hurry to finish ISIS off as this tiny pocket provided them with a great casus belli to remain there. And then Afrin happened and the Kurds got cold feet, which mean that the US now had to built up the Arab contingent of the SDF.

      In all fairness, on the other side of the river is also a huge swath of territory being held by ISIS and the SAA isn’t showing much initiative to deal with that either.

  • gustavo

    This area is the only very small place where really SDF is fighting with terrorists, and this fight has been taken several months to get it, and has not it finished yet ? This says a lot about the quality of SDF soldiers. In addition, SDF and these terrorists are both of them supported by USA, does this mean that these terrorists are being sacrificed by USA ?