Israel Complains To UN That Iran Building Missile Production Sites In Syria, Lebanon

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Israel Complains To UN That Iran Building Missile Production Sites In Syria, Lebanon

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a National Security College graduation at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, July 28, 2009. (Abir Sultan/Flash90)

Iran is building precision-guided missile production sites in Syria and Lebanon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained during a meeting in Jerusalem with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on August 28.

Netanyahu added that he believes that Iran does this with the aim of using missiles against Israel.

The Israeli prime minister accused Iran of turning Syria into a “base of military entrenchment as part of its declared goal to eradicate Israel”.

“It is also building sites to produce precision-guided missiles towards that end, in both Syria and in Lebanon. This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the UN should not accept,” Netanyahu said.

Israel is deeply conserned over the growing Iranian in the Middle East and sees the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and local Shia militas, especially Hezbollah as a threat to its security. This concern has become especially significant amid the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance’s success in the Syrian conflict.

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Deeply concerned my arse, the comb-overed mountebank is preparing his false alibi for more terrorist attacks on Syria.

John Whitehot

that’s my impression too.

John Whitehot

thanks for the link.


You never know what the Jew baby raping cultists are going to do. But Syria will be in a much stronger position to deal with it after the war is over and they have a conventional and nuclear superior military coalition on Israel’s northern border that doesn’t look like it’s planning on leaving anytime soon.


The main terrorist is Israeli refugee state. Israel fund and arm terrorists in the all Middle East countries. Israel have produced 400 hydrogen bombs, 12000 chemical and biological bombs, 400 nuclear missiles and Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. What Israel wants to destroy whole world.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israel does intend to destroy the world how come you are just becoming to realize this.

Dod Grile

The Fuhrer is still not addressing the core issues.

The time for the full return of the Palestinian diaspora (to their homes inside Palestine) and justice for the families of the victims of the pogroms, ethnic cleansings and forced dispossessions begun in 1947 is upon him and the Reich. Hopefully he can effect this before he goes off to prison.

The Reich must end.

comment image


way to go Iran :)


Why does he complain to the UN if he doesn’t respect UN laws ????


Yeah. How’s that?!
They thumb their noses at UN resolutions for 40 years – and now they come begging for resolution.
I reckon, listen politely, smile nicely – and move on to the next item on the agenda.

Bill Esslemont

..and then he vents his spleen by blowing up schools donated to the Palestinians by the EU. What a charmer.


Tough luck! Thats what u get!
Reap what you sew!


Sow. (Sew is for making clothes.) (Interestingly, sow is also a female pig!)

This one is an extra-special reaping for his extra-nasty sowing:
….He sowed the wind, now he reaps the whirlwind.
And I hope it blows him into that sea…..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The funny thing is that Israel is stitched up you can’t deny that.


Isn’t it just BEEE-OOOTIFUL!


Sow…..Sara Netanyahu?


And there was me imagining a porcine cross-dresser!


My bad “Sow” it is!
However, u need to send me a link on this 36 volley that was stopped!


No I didn’t make it up…
Read somewhere that the Tomahawks were fired in 2 volleys from 2ships. The first lot (sorry 30-not 36) didn’t reach their target (fell into the sea). 23 of the second volley (1 dud, hence the 59) did.

Don’t remember where I read it – if I can find it again I’ll post it here for you. It was an article saying (suggesting) the Russians had used an EMP weapon to drop them out the sky. Donald Cook stuff.

….It seemed (to me anyway) a better explanation than 37 Tomahawks at $1m apiece just didn’t work. (That would be a particularly remarkable failure rate.)


OK well in a way its 2 sides of the same coin isn’t it?
Weather my ASSUMPTION / guess based on “36” was a good guess (makes sense the most important airbase has air defence systems)
Some kind of “Anti-Air Area Denial” system dropped them dead into the water!
The point is that something caused this right? Which was my whole point!

1. America make extremely unreliable cruise missiles
2. The Americans decided to be “nice” and not hit the runway
3. Something made them disappear from the sky!

Kind of think my version is more believable though!
But if the system the Russian’s used WORKED, then that is even better news for me to hear!

Again, we don’t know the truth do we?
Because as far as I know, America will not confirm or deny jack shit and the Russian’s certainly wouldn’t either!
All we can do is speculate!

but I’m stuck on your math!
you said : “The first lot (sorry 30-not 36) didn’t reach their target (fell into the sea). 23 of the second volley (1 dud, hence the 59) did.”

30 + 23 = 53
it was confirmed 59 were shot (recorded on video and most of it shown on the news)

Explain this to me please! You seem to be so sure about your version of the story. id like to know as much info as possible if u wouldn’t mind telling me!

John Whitehot

I’ve also read that all the missiles launched from one of two ships failed.

The more logical explanation is that, if Russians really used EW devices (not EMP) to spoof them, they did it in such a way to convey a message to the US.

The message is pretty clear, it’s like saying “we can knock all your weapons from the skies at our leisure”.

And before the trolling machine starts grinding bullshit, I’ll add that there is no doubt of the above, if the context is the one described. Otherwise, missiles would had been spoofed randomly.

Langaniso Mhlobo

You can’t even try or speak other people’s language’s but very fast to correct language errors.


You have no idea how many languages I speak and no, I rarely correct anyone’s English. (Really – if I did that I wouldn’t have time for anything else.)

I look at it this way:
He can use the wrong sow for the rest of his life, looking like an ignorant illiterate half the time he does or…. someone can tell him (for free) and he can get it right ever after.

For myself, I prefer the single correction which is why I offer it on occasion. For you I recommend Stetsonia coryne.

John Whitehot

it’s also an established fact that Israel maintains a nuclear arsenal without having declared it to the United Nations, hence keeping its extension and depth secret from the world.


The whole Syria adventure backfired


Oh boy – and how.


For IDF strategists the unforeseen fallout of ongoing Syrian conflict is that Israel cannot launch another attack against Hezbollah in Lebanon in near future, on their own terms, for as long as ongoing Syrian conflict conditions keep Hezbollah stationed inside Syria. For simple reason that if IDF attacked Lebanon, Hezbollah would be able to open a secondary front operation against the IDF installations based in Golan Heights from inside Syria. That scenario is big new problem for Israeli military planners.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Israel have been attacking SAA during the war knowing that SAA could not affor another war front!..Israel have been supporting sunni terrorist branches in Syria!….Israel has blackmailed to Russia with the construction of gas pipeline..266,31 times! is the distance between Haifa and Cyprus to link gas pipelines( arab gas pipeline Egipt-Aqaba linked Qatar-Medina-Aqaba-Israeli mediterranean gas field-Haifa-Cyprus-Anana(Turkey)…to supply gas to Europe!…so It is about time that Russia, Syria and Iran point to their true enemy!…


The Russian and Iranian alliance in Syria is becoming a major concern for Israel.
South of Israel, Egypt was asked to join BRICS, something not to be taken lightly.
Trump told Netanyahu to stand down in Daara, and he did and the area became a deconfliction zone populated by Russian troops.
I do not think Trump likes zionists, Gary Cohn ( Goldman Sachs point man) may be the next fired official after Tillerson. Trump is trying to work out a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Jews, he might become exasperated with Netanyahu and israeli intransigence, and decide he had enough.

Solomon Krupacek

brics is no organization. therefore nobody can ask nobody. you are false prophet, new jesus.

Stephen Lambert

Moses was the real false prophet, telling Jews he had a wee chat with God and God told him to tell them they were his chosen people………..and some people still actually believe that BS.


Oh! Look at it!
Pooping it’s brooks that Syria’s going to come collect the Golan Heights!

And .. yes they are – so start packing.


“Netanyahu added that he believes that Iran….”

You believe you’re some sort of magically “chosen” people …. and WE must take seriously ANYTHING you believe? Take a hike.

Bill Esslemont

He’s taken seriously by most Western mass media, mainly owned by…….guess which race?


I have noticed that idiocy is not race specific.


Do you believe there is a “Jewish race”?


I believe there is a human race. Fullstop.


Why then do you think European Jewry colonized Palestine and not Uganda or Argentina?


Please go drown yourself.


Would it not be better for you to simply admit that you do not know instead of resorting to insults, nasty little one?
“If it is God’s will that we return to our historic fatherland,
we should like to do so as representatives of Western civilization …”

Herzl Diaries Vol 1 page 343
Can a Hungarian Jew “return” to the land of his “fatherland”?
No Ashkenazi’s feet ever touched that soil until he came to colonize
the land in 1882.


I care nothing for your fetish with Jews.
So go bug someone else or drown yourself.
Your choice and I don’t care which you choose but I will not be answering you here again.


Good riddance! Next time, know who you start a fight with!


Very well. I’ve blocked you.


Why don’t you tell me the name of the “race”? Jews are like Muslims and Christians made up of Asian, Arab, African, European …peoples. The notion of “Israelite” race is just a myth. What race is Mileikosky (“Natanyahu”) but European like the rest of Europeans. Do you deny that?

Carol Davidek-Waller

Israel is also ‘deeply concerned’ if the Palestinians they oppress have enough to eat. Concerned enough to steal their land and commit genocide.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Please do not be so hypocritical Israel, whining like a scared little girl with diaper, better change your attitude with your neighbors by stopping mistreating, killing Palestinians and illegally occupying territories.
”This is something the U.N. Would not accept” but so little does Israel care about the opinion of the U.N. when it suits its selfish and evil interests with its colonies and illegal settlements in occupied territories.

Then why the welfare of Israel should matter to anyone including the UN, if Israel does not care in the least the welfare of anyone else, including that of its neighbors!


Iran should tell Israel that ‘we’ll show you ours(missile factories), if you’ll show us yours(nuclear weapons)’.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The accusations that come from Israel are always baseless like the Bakery that was a crematorium all these lies empty of evidence. Israel has become that mad barking and frothing dog we are supposed to be afraid of time to realize tiny terriers bite is not as bad as a big dogs bite is the small dog we can easily give it a kick and crumple it to whimper back in it’s corner, which is what we should do here.


Iran building a missile factory in Syria is in breach of UNSC sanctions against proliferation of Iran missile tech and technically illegal. Just as illegal as Israel bombing Syria on bogus pretexts every year for last 10 years. Since UNSC is not willing or able to stop Israeli illegal actions, Assad will start producing missiles and presumably lob them into Israel next time it illegally attacks. Sounds fair to me.

Tudor Miron

Wait a second, please. Bibi says that Iran bulds something. The only true fact here is that Bibi said something – the rest is a fantasy at best.


I agree. And what’s really hilarious, last time Bibi invented Iranian threat was this
comment image
And this idea worked out well – for Iran. because everybody and his dog knew that Iran was nowhere near a nuke, but were forced to talk and negotiate about the Iranian non-program as if it existed. So after years of negotiation Iran gave up on nukes they never had in return for sanction reduction and billions of $. Bibi is the best enemy a man could wish for…

Keren Walters

For Israel, the UN is like that ugly, cheap prostitute that is only useful when you are broke and desperate ..


“Iran is building precision-guided missile production sites in Syria and Lebanon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained during a meeting in Jerusalem with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on August 28”…Another FABRICATED accusation by the “CHOSEN”(chosen my ass) people who think they are to lofty and above the human species and have the right to SLAVE the entire world with their FIAT MONEY and BABYLONIAN CENTRAL BANKING MAFIA.

Rodney Loder

Typically irrelevant, what else could you expect from mug talking to his mouth, how’s this thought, Uncle Un fires his missile over Japan, – only ever happened once before, I think when the Soviet Union was alive and well, except for Gorbachev who was sick in the head, – and what will Trump do, if anything he’ll drop another MOAD bomb this time on Venezuela because it’s closer, that’s the way a lunatics brain works.

Langaniso Mhlobo

The ruling party must expel Satanyahu because his war monger like his father the Satan.


You mean Mileikowsky?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Their drafted the bible an claim God chosen while their are killing people and even killed Jesus.Devil chosen Satanyahu attack Palestine or Lebanon or Syria to drink the blood no one listen to you devilish man.

G Jetson

Its hypocritical when Israel has been building precision guided missiles to target its enemies all the time.

Did anyone complained to the UN about that?