Israel Fears That Dimona Nuclear Reactor And Its Staff May Be Target Of Iranian Retaliation Strike

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Israel Fears That Dimona Nuclear Reactor And Its Staff May Be Target Of Iranian Retaliation Strike

Negev Nuclear Research Center at Dimona, photographed by American reconnaissance satellite KH-4 CORONA, 1968-11-11. Uncropped version at

On December 4, Israeli authorities warned nuclear scientists working at the Dimona reactor of a possible Iranian attack in response the recent assassination of Tehran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

The Iranian scientist was killed on November 27  in the outskirts of Tehran. Fakhrizadeh was allegedly targeted with a remotely-controlled machine gun.

According to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, KAN, authorities sent warning messages to senior employees, including the former ones, at Dimona. Authorities asked the scientists to be cautious in their routine activities.

“In one case, a scientist who worked in Dimona in the past was asked to stop walking in usual routes, where he can be monitored,” KAN said. “The Israeli scientist was also asked to be cautious of suspicious packages or suspicious unusual events.”

The Dimona reactor, formally referred to as the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center, is reportedly Israel’s main nuclear weapons production facility.

Senior Iranian officials held Israel responsible for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, who was the fifth Iranian nuclear scientist to be killed since 2010.

Israel is taking Iran’s threats seriously. Tel Aviv warned its citizens against traveling to a number of countries, including the UAE and Bahrain. The level of alert in Israeli embassies around the world was also raised.

Iran appears to be determined to response to the assassination of Fakhrizadeh in some kind. Israel’s diplomatic missions, scientist and military personnel could become a target of the expected Iranian retaliation.


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