Israel Held Secret Talks With Russia, US In Attempt To Reduce Growing Iranian Influence In Syria

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Israel Held Secret Talks With Russia, US In Attempt To Reduce Growing Iranian Influence In Syria

Bilal Hussein/Associated Press

Israel has held secret talks with Russia and the US in an attempt to reduce the growing Iranian influence in Syria, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported citing “Israeli officials and Western diplomats”.

According to the report, a series of secret meetings regarding the cease-fire in southern Syria took place in Jordan and Europe and the sides discussed the creation of safe-zones on the Syrian-Israeli and Syrian-Jordanian borders.

Israel was very concerned over the Iranian influence that may grow as a result of the de-escalation in the war-torn country and was pushing the idea that “Iranian forces” should be removed from Syria.

According to Haaretz. “leading diplomats and security officials from Israel, Russia and the United States took part in the talks. The Israeli team included top representatives of the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces. The American team was led by President Donald Trump’s special envoys on Syria, Michael Ratney and Brett McGurk. The Russian team was headed by President Vladimir Putin’s envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev.”

Tel Aviv even presented its list of “reservations” about the cease-fire. However, Israel didn’t find enough support of its ideas.

“Senior Israeli officials said that the main dispute was that the Americans and the Russians see the cease-fire in southern Syria and the safe zones as a practical and tactical means of stabilizing the situation and enable a focus on wiping out the Islamic State and lowering the flames of the civil war. Israel, however, believes that the agreement should be considered from a long-term, strategic perspective and should focus on what the extent of Iranian influence will be in Syria after the civil war ends.

The Israelis told their interlocutors that the agreement should provide a solution not regarding Iranian presence in the 20 kilometers from the Israeli border, but for the rest of Syria as well. A senior Israeli official said the Israelis told the Russians and the Americans that they had to demand from the Iranians that the Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah and the Shi’ite militias in Syria must leave the country.”

Israel argued that if the Iranian influence remains, Syria will become a base of missiles that would threaten Israel and Jordan and that the Iranian presence in Syria would undermine stability of Sunni states.

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Andrew Pate

All these foreign powers all want a piece of Syria. Whatever happened to self rule and freedom and democracy. Its time all the interfering nations left Syria except now they should charged for committing war crimes but the weak UN will make sure that dont happen.

John Whitehot

no, Israel is concerned about Iranian presence because it fears that they could act as an Early Warning network in case Israel decides to launch Nukes on Iran or any other country.

Israel has illegaly produced nuclear warheads and failed to document its nuclear program to the United Nations. Israel does not want anybody to spy on its nuclear capability so to retain any possible advantage in the killing of millions of people and the destruction of entire countries.


You and US create, armed and trained ISIS. Attack Syria, killed innocent Syrian, stole Golan Height and you expect Iran, Syria, Russia, Hezbollah to bend over. Get the hell out of Palestine, you fake joos


“Israel, however, believes that the agreement should be considered from a long-term, strategic perspective and should focus on what the extent of Iranian influence will be in Syria after the civil war ends.”
Izzie shoulda thought of that BEFORE she went a-phucking around in her neighbour’s yard.
Crying about the results of her own attempts is a little ….. wimpy cry-baby “That’s enough – shuddup now Izzie!”


Exactly. This is just their chickens coming home to roost. Looks like another perfect plan…that went astray. TFB. Cry, Israel, cry. The world waits for your turn at ‘spring’.


“A senior Israeli official said the Israelis told the Russians and the Americans that they had to demand from the Iranians that the Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah and the Shi’ite militias in Syria must leave the country.””
Odd how these arrogant US ally types all think they get to tell sovereign countries what to do – I guess they “catch” it from the Americans.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have had this disease a long time and were destroyed by Russia when the world knew them as Khazarians , they only changed themselves to Jews to hide who they truly are. This might be another destruction by Russia since they are even winning in old Ukraine forrmerly part of the Khazar Empire.


The Khazar Empire?
…I don’t suppose you’d like to get with it and step into modern history?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Jews may have changed their names from Ashkenazi people but they are the same. They have never forgotten the defeat and the continued hurt inflicted by Russian People , this feud is centuries old don’t believe it will ever end any time soon. The Jews had the Romanov family executed like I said the Feud is very old and they will never forgive or forget their enemies.


I don’t forgive or forget. I don’t forgive my enemies or those who wrong me. Not ever. Forgiveness is for God and I am not a God; forget is for the senile and I am not (yet) senile.

So. Am I okay in that dept because I’m not Jewish?

Every single person on the planet today, every single tradition, culture, tribe, whatever – is here because people before us who gave rise to us SURVIVED and PROPAGATED. Those who did not have no people following them around today.

That includes white people, black people, inbetween allsortsa colours people, celts, germanics, vikings, a multitude of orientals, christians, catholics, hindus, muslims – you get my drift? … You need more? mongols, indians, asians, africans, russians, britons, french people, hungarians…. and hey – some Jews. Protestants, taosits, chinese, vietnamese – even koreans. Himbas and Zulu, Moonies but no Branch Davidians.

So what?

I am Jaziel


Justin Ryan

Yeah, they say it like this “We Jews, DEMAND u tell the Iranians, they better not fucking come near Israel after we murdered their scientists and attacked their Allied country! Tell them we will not accept anyone else to have nuclear weapons or advanced missiles except us! ok?”

Russia will be SMILING simply because those missile defence batteries in Eastern Europe need to go!

Russia is thinking “oh, u wanna contain us with these Defensive air missiles and NATO drills on our border? OK, lets see how little Israel likes it when we allow Iran to have ballistic missiles just 100km from tel Aviv!”

Fuckin jews!

If the Jews don’t get what they want, Terrorist attacks will begin in Russia!
Fuck these cunts! Kill em all!

Shylo Duffy

What truly bothers me most is we people have to watch as they own our Govts I’m not American but my Govts take they’re orders while bowing down its embarrassing seeing my officials without an ounce of self respect.


Even mine bowed down and now we have their fücking rotten chicken to thank for it! Hopefully R+C will wear those horrors into the ground before it gets any worse.

Shylo Duffy

That’s my hope to they’re losing more Countries are now paying in their own currencies specifically Russia China now Iran ,once that petro buck loses its place I’m thinking life will get better for the world if we even have a world left.


“the Iranian presence in Syria would undermine stability of Sunni states”
without conflict between Arab, Israel, America and all the other countries never got a foothold in the middle east. You Arab are the reason of your own humiliation


In other words: Israel placed it’s bet on a wrong horse in Syrian war – and lost. But instead of taking responsibility for it’s mistakes in dealings with it’s neighbours, like a res


The question is why Arabs are killing thelmselfs for israel. that’s the real question.

So, why do Arabs never take their responsabilities ?

Mario Ceva

Loa arabs are manipulated same as other to do what others want. Also Europeans where manipulated by zionist globalist bankers to make war one against the others. Also they manipulated Japan to made war against Russia because they want to destroy Rusia y develop the Communist revolution.


No. Anglos are the real globalists. Zionists just followed them. If you look israel is not a religious country as israel is not ruled by judaism laws as israel should be by definition. The globalists Anglos give israel to zionists jews and in return zionist jews are working for the globalists.
The state of israel is destroying judaism. Even orthodox jew are against this state.

Germans fought against Anglos globalists. So, they are not as stupid as arabs. Arabs are fighting for anglos globalists whereas they have no advantadge in it. The same fotr Japan that fouyght against. Now, Germany and Japan have lost so they can’t do nothing about that.

Arabs have never united to fight against the globalists. They are helping them since the first day.

Mario Ceva

There are Jews that are globalist , for example Soros. They destroy not only germany but also Anglo countries. They use anglo countries for their purpose. You see now that all Soros and asociates are destroying Europe with Muslim and African inmigration. Also with wars as first and second wars . Also economicaly. They destroy the American economy translate all the industrial jobs to China and Asia in general. USA has also very big debt. The globalist also try to low morality and values of european American people.


Anglos didn’t give a shit about continental Europe. Continental Europe has always be a threat for them. Soi, they are very happy if Europe is destroyed. They flood Europe with sunnis to use sunnis as useful idiots to take over their countries. Good false flags and terror and you can control the people and access to security enhancement and monitoring.

Most Europeans are so stupid that they see nothing. Except germans that havbe seen everything, the rest is just sheep that are crying while they empower the globalists. They are just like Arabs. they cry buit they are the one that are stupid.

Once the NWO in place, that’s the Anglos that rule the world.

Mario Ceva

There is a difference about Anglo ( or not anglo) Elites and anglo people ( not elites in general) The elites ( anglo or not) rule America and Europe and dont care about the people. The people of America England and continent will suffer all the disasters that globalist elites deserves gives for the peoples of these countries. Globalist elites are enemies of the own peoples and countries. They use the people and countries for their purpose.


Anglos benefit a lot of this situation. The ones that will pay a very cost are continental europeans.

Wahid Algiers

The sunni arabs never learned so far. They were betrayed after the WW1 through the jewed anglo-saxons and french pissers. What they did in WWII? Most of them fought for them instead for Germany.

Tudor Miron

Very well said.


Since I’m not an Arab I can only guess. And my guess is – religion. Most of progressive leaders of the Muslim world in last 100 years recognised that secularisation of their societies was the only way forward. The grip that Islam as a political and social concept has on these countries is disastrous – after all it managed to bring down the Otoman Empire in 2 short centuries. Mortal enemy of Political Islam is Arab nationalism. There can never be a dialogue or truce between those concepts, even when it comes to Israel. In last 50 years Syrian Muslim Brotherhood staged several uprisings always with the assistance of USIsrael. And main MB donors were always Saudis and Qatar – so the unholly Zio-Wahabo alliance is not new. Just one example: Who was payrolling PLO, a staunch secularist movement in 1960s-80s? USSR, East Germany, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria – but never the Gulf monarchs sitting on their golden toilets. In order to defeat Zio aggression, Arabs will have to defeat or reform the very thing that connects them – Islam.


Of course. Just look. Every arab nationalist country have been destroyed by USA. On the other hand, USA helped a lot sunnis extremists. Sunni extremists are the ones that destroyed arab nationalism countries with the help of USA.

Arab nationalism is the worst nightmare for israel.

Like I’ve said so many times, Sunnis are the ones that are the first responsible for all this mess because they are f…. stupid, violent and never want to listen to nobody.


To quote Ben Gurion – The only thing that doesn’t let me sleep at night is the idea of emergence of Arab Ataturk.- A nightmare he shared with Saudi and Qatari caravan robbers turned “royalty”…

Wahid Algiers

Yes, sunni extremists backed by Wahabism are always the arabs who kills other arabs and are therefore those who help USrahell.


they got a lot of nerve talking about stabilility


Yup, Russia threw Syria under the Bus, as many times before.

And why the ……. is this even happening, Russia, huh, whom is in charge down there Russia.
This entire theater starts to stink, when we know this “glitches” coming from various Russian politicians and incl the spokes persons whom all is in bedded with the scums of this earth, and what is it.

I know Russia have already approved the cutting up of Syria, Kurdistan is the name of the game and Russia have given it an green light, probably dealing with the Golan heights because this scums are friends of Putin and the sack of rotten Russian Oligarchs, whom basically are all Jooojos.

So, RT/Sp is both run from, and by Jooojos, in Tel-Aviv.
I knew it and can smell an stinking ZioTrud from miles away.
So are we been f….., yup, by Russia and the uISISa, bot controlled by the Joojos.
This confirms my worst assessments of how deep this scam Putin/Russia goes.
All of them have been lying us straight into our faces, and Syria is f….. and then the Path to Persia is paved and made clear, and Russia have already thrown Iran under the bus, yeah, Putin/Russia is good at throwing country’s under the bus.

What an shame.
Russia have fooled us all, not entirely but basically.

The winner in this is Israel, watch the rest crawl.


Tudor Miron

Wait…wasn’t it written in the article that Israels “ideas” didn’t find enough support? Basically saying they were told to “f@ck off” and now it’s Putin/Russia the real enemy of Syria? Are you even serious?


If Putin does this, it’s over for Syria. And better let Syria with USA to stop Syrians extermination and suffering.


Look. Israel is wooried about sunnis state stability. XD.


Israel is using arab blood to protect herself. Iran is a threat to israel so they are using sunnis to destroy shias in order to be protected because israel know that sunnis are very very weak and very very corrupted and very easily manipulated.


Russia should stay with shias if Russia wants to have something in the Middle east. Otherwise, sunnis will eject Russia from the Middle east with USA support.

Syria is winning. Don’t let the ennemis survive when you can crush them. It would be very very very stupid.

Wahid Algiers

Exactly. NO mercy.


Many Hezbollah and Iranian forces have died fighting terror in Syria. There is no way they will just pack up and leave.this is a pipe dream

Wahid Algiers

Brave men. Syria is and was a wonderful land. Sunnis, shia, christs and others living together. Now all are fighting together for Syria against stupid sunnis paid by enemies of arab lands.


israel and USA and the west didn’t manage to acheive their very important goal : kill Assad, destroy Hezbollah and remove all shia from Syria. So, they want to negociate. Don’t negociate. Now, it’s time to reverse the process and make big big media news about what they wanted to do in Syria. The knowledge is the most powerfull tool. Inform Syrians about why soi many Syrians have died. It would be catastrophic for the west.

But, if you want to loose, negociate with them.

Wahid Algiers

“Israel” forces should be removed from Palastine and zionists should be eliminated world wide..

Mathieu Prêtre

That’s sweet.
2003. The zionist regime in Tel Aviv and in Washington brought the hell in Iraq in order to fight against Iran and Hezbollah. Result: the Iranian influence in Iraq is now much bigger than before.
2011. The zionist regime in Tel Aviv and in Washington brought the hell in Syria in order to fight Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. Results: Iran and Hezbollah are now as strong as ever. Yes, they’ve lost many fighters, but they have gained invaluable combat experience and now there is an open corridor from Teheran to Golan and Lebanon. Russia’s influence on the Middle East is now as deep as ever.
Well done, indeed!


Well done Irael.

Be safe and keep your borders secure.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Nothing special!..Israel is the policeman of USA in middle east…Zionist state protec US interest there include the safety of the US petrodollar monarchies!..thats why Iran is the main enemy for Israel!..during Al Andalus era( Now Spain)..Jews( 1/3) of the population protected and financed the caliphate of Cordoba, the Taifas kingdoms as well as the Nasrid Emirate of Granada!.. vs Christians!

Shylo Duffy

1st Iran and Russia have no secrets Israel likes to cause shit between Countries specifically any Country that deals with for the rest it’s the same old bullies pulling the same shit. Their going to find that perhaps their getting to big for their britches and it’s a day the whole world awaits jus how much longer must we wait? I can’t remember what peace looks like anymore.


Hahaha did Israel really think they could get away with this? Iranians and Hezbollah will stay in the region for many many many years and they better fucking get used to it!!!



Please do a find on “Shi’ite or Sunni” on this post. The essence of the document is how to break up the Arab armies and countries so that the Jews now in Palestine will never have to face having to go back home like the French, the British, the Italians or the Crusaders. The document was written in 1982

1- The Arab world is too fractured to pose a threat to the Jews in Palestine
The Arab Moslem world, therefore, is not the major strategic problem which we shall face in the Eighties, despite the fact that it carries the main threat against Israel, due to its growing military might. This world, with its ethnic minorities, its factions and internal crises, which is astonishingly self-destructive, as we can see in Lebanon, in non-Arab Iran and now also in Syria, is unable to deal successfully with its fundamental problems and does not therefore constitute a real threat against the State of Israel in the long run, but only in the short run where its immediate military power has great import. In the long run, this world will be unable to exist within its present framework in the areas around us without having to go through genuine revolutionary changes.

2- The Arab world is made up of ethnic groups hostile to one another
The Moslem Arab World is built like a temporary house of cards put together by foreigners (France and Britain in the Nineteen Twenties), without the wishes and desires of the inhabitants having been taken into account. It was arbitrarily divided into 19 states, all made of combinations of minorities and ethnic groups which are hostile to one another, so that every Arab Moslem state nowadays faces ethnic social destruction from within, and in some a civil war is already raging.

3- Algeria, Morocco,Tunisia are made up of Arabs and non-Arab Berbers
Apart from Egypt, all the Maghreb states are made up of a mixture of Arabs and non-Arab Berbers. In Algeria there is already a civil war raging in the Kabile mountains between the two nations in the country. Morocco and Algeria are at war with each other over Spanish Sahara, in addition to the internal struggle in each of them. Militant Islam endangers the integrity of Tunisia and Qaddafi organizes wars which are destructive from the Arab point of view, from a country which is sparsely populated and which cannot become a powerful nation. That is why he has been attempting unifications in the past with states that are more genuine, like Egypt and Syria.

4- Sudan is made up of four groups hostile to one another
Sudan, the most torn apart state in the Arab Moslem world today is built upon four groups hostile to each other, an Arab Moslem Sunni minority which rules over a majority of non-Arab Africans, Pagans, and Christians.

5- Egypt: Christian minority may want a state of their own
In Egypt there is a Sunni Moslem majority facing a large minority of Christians which is dominant in upper Egypt: some 7 million of them, so that even Sadat, in his speech on May 8, expressed the fear that they will want a state of their own, something like a “second” Christian Lebanon in Egypt.

6- Syria: Shia minority ruling over majority Sunni
Syria is fundamentally no different from Lebanon except in the strong military regime which rules it. But the real civil war taking place nowadays between the Sunni majority and the Shi’ite Alawi ruling minority (a mere 12% of the population) testifies to the severity of the domestic trouble.

7- Iraq: Sunni minority ruling over Shia majority – Kurdish minority will make it easy to break it up
Iraq is, once again, no different in essence from its neighbors, although its majority is Shi’ite and the ruling minority Sunni. Sixty-five percent of the population has no say in politics, in which an elite of 20 percent holds the power. In addition there is a large Kurdish minority in the north, and if it weren’t for the strength of the ruling regime, the army and the oil revenues, Iraq’s future state would be no different than that of Lebanon in the past or of Syria today. The seeds of inner conflict and civil war are apparent today already, especially after the rise of Khomeini to power in Iran, a leader whom the Shi’ites in Iraq view as their natural leader.

8- Bahrain, UAE, Oman: Sunni minority rules over Shia majority, Kuwait: 75% foreign, Saudi Arabia: 50% foreign
All the Gulf principalities and Saudi Arabia are built upon a delicate house of sand in which there is only oil. In Kuwait, the Kuwaitis constitute only a quarter of the population. In Bahrain, the Shi’ites are the majority but are deprived of power. In the UAE, Shi’ites are once again the majority but the Sunnis are in power. The same is true of Oman and North Yemen. Even in the Marxist South Yemen there is a sizable Shi’ite minority. In Saudi Arabia half the population is foreign, Egyptian and Yemenite, but a Saudi minority holds power.

9- Jordan: Palestinian majority ruled by Bedouin minority
Jordan is in reality Palestinian, ruled by a Trans-Jordanian Bedouin minority, but most of the army and certainly the bureaucracy is now Palestinian. As a matter of fact Amman is as Palestinian as Nablus.

10- Syrian army is Sunni, commander Shia; Iraqi army is Shia ruled by Sunni
All of these countries have powerful armies, relatively speaking. But there is a problem there too. The Syrian army today is mostly Sunni with an Alawi officer corps, the Iraqi army Shi’ite with Sunni commanders. This has great significance in the long run, and that is why it will not be possible to retain the loyalty of the army for a long time except where it comes to the only common denominator: The hostility towards Israel, and today even that is insufficient.

11- Iran is composed of Sunni, Shia Alawis, Sunni Kurds, it faces Ethnic and religious tension,
Half of Iran’s population is comprised of a Persian speaking group and the other half of an ethnically Turkish group. Turkey’s population comprises a Turkish Sunni Moslem majority, some 50%, and two large minorities, 12 million Shi’ite Alawis and 6 million Sunni Kurds.

12- Afghanistan: 33% Shia, 67% Sunni
In Afghanistan there are 5 million Shi’ites who constitute one third of the population.

13- Pakistan: 15 million Shia (1982 figures)
In Sunni Pakistan there are 15 million Shi’ites who endanger the existence of that state.

14- The Muslim world made up of ethnic minorities is like a house of cards
This national ethnic minority picture extending from Morocco to India and from Somalia to Turkey points to the absence of stability and a rapid degeneration in the entire region. When this picture is added to the economic one, we see how the entire region is built like a house of cards, unable to withstand its severe problems.

15- Jews should have given Jordan to Palestinians and removed them from Palestine
We could have saved ourselves all the bitter and dangerous conflict since then if we had given Jordan to the Palestinians who live west of the Jordan river. By doing that we would have neutralized the Palestinian problem which we nowadays face, and to which we have found solutions that are really no solutions at all, such as territorial compromise or autonomy which amount, in fact, to the same thing. Today, we suddenly face immense opportunities for transforming the situation thoroughly and this we must do in the coming decade, otherwise we shall not survive as a state.

16- Jews should never have lost the Sinai peninsula
The loss of the Suez Canal oil fields, of the immense potential of the oil, gas and other natural resources in the Sinai peninsula which is geomorphologically identical to the rich oil-producing countries in the region, will result in an energy drain in the near future and will destroy our domestic economy: one quarter of our present GNP as well as one third of the budget is used for the purchase of oil. The search for raw materials in the Negev and on the coast will not, in the near future, serve to alter that state of affairs. (Regaining) the Sinai peninsula with its present and potential resources is therefore a political priority which is obstructed by the Camp David and the peace agreements. The fault for that lies of course with the present Israeli government and the governments which paved the road to the policy of territorial compromise, the Alignment governments since 1967.

17- Hoping for Egypt to give Israel the excuse to start a war and take back Sinai.
Israel has two major routes through which to realize this purpose, one direct and the other indirect. The direct option is the less realistic one because of the nature of the regime and government in Israel as well as the wisdom of Sadat who obtained our withdrawal from Sinai, which was, next to the war of 1973, his major achievement since he took power. Israel will not unilaterally break the treaty, neither today, nor in 1982, unless it is very hard pressed economically and politically and Egypt provides Israel with the excuse to take the Sinai back into our hands for the fourth time in our short history. What is left therefore, is the indirect option. The economic situation in Egypt, the nature of the regime and its pan-Arab policy, will bring about a situation after April 1982 in which Israel will be forced to act directly or indirectly in order to regain control over Sinai as a strategic, economic and energy reserve for the long run. Egypt does not constitute a military strategic problem due to its internal conflicts and it could be driven back to the post 1967 war situation in no more than one day.

18- How to break up Egypt
Breaking Egypt down territorially into distinct geographical regions is the political aim of Israel in the Nineteen Eighties on its Western front. Egypt is divided and torn apart into many foci of authority. If Egypt falls apart, countries like Libya, Sudan or even the more distant states will not continue to exist in their present form and will join the downfall and dissolution of Egypt. The vision of a Christian Coptic State in Upper Egypt alongside a number of weak states with very localized power and without a centralized government as to date, is the key to a historical development which was only set back by the peace agreement but which seems inevitable in the long run.

19- Break up Lebanon into five provinces
Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precendent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian peninsula and is already following that track.

20- How to break up Syria and Iraq into ethnic and religious components
The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unqiue areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target. Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan, and certainly in the Hauran and in northern Jordan. This state of affairs will be the guarantee for peace and security in the area in the long run, and that aim is already within our reach today.

21- How to break up Iraq along ethnic/religious lines
Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization.

22- How to break up Saudi Arabia
The entire Arabian peninsula is a natural candidate for dissolution due to internal and external pressures, and the matter is inevitable especially in Saudi Arabia. Regardless of whether its economic might based on oil remains intact or whether it is diminished in the long run, the internal rifts and breakdowns are a clear and natural development in light of the present political structure.

23- Transfer power in Jordan from the King to Palestinians
Jordan constitutes an immediate strategic target in the short run but not in the long run, for it does not constitute a real threat in the long run after its dissolution, the termination of the lengthy rule of King Hussein and the transfer of power to the Palestinians in the short run. There is no chance that Jordan will continue to exist in its present structure for a long time, and Israel’s policy, both in war and in peace, ought to be directed at the liquidation of Jordan under the present regime and the transfer of power to the Palestinian majority.

24- Change the regime in Jordan and expel Palestinians from Palestine to Jordan
Changing the regime east of the river will also cause the termination of the problem of the territories densely populated with Arabs west of the Jordan. Whether in war or under conditions of peace, emigration from the territories and economic demographic freeze in them, are the guarantees for the coming change on both banks of the river, and we ought to be active in order to accelerate this process in the nearest future.

25- Jews must remove all Palestinians and send them to Jordan
The autonomy plan ought also to be rejected, as well as any compromise or division of the territories for, given the plans of the PLO and those of the Israeli Arabs themselves, the Shefa’amr plan of September 1980, it is not possible to go on living in this country in the present situation without separating the two nations, the Arabs to Jordan and the Jews to the areas west of the river.

26- Palestinians must understand that Jews must rule over all Palestine-and they need to move to Jordan
Genuine coexistence and peace will reign over the land only when the Arabs understand that without Jewish rule between the Jordan and the sea they will have neither existence nor security. A nation of their own and security will be theirs only in Jordan.

27- Palestinians consider all of Palestine stolen irrespective of 1948 or 1967 and Jews consider all of Palestine theirs – even beyond Jordan River
Within Israel the distinction between the areas of ’67 and the territories beyond them, those of ’48, has always been meaningless for Arabs and nowadays no longer has any significance for us. The problem should be seen in its entirety without any divisions as of ’67. It should be clear, under any future political situation or military constellation, that the solution of the problem of the indigenous Arabs will come only when they recognize the existence of Israel in secure borders up to the Jordan river and beyond it, as our existential need in this difficult epoch, the nuclear epoch which we shall soon enter.

28- The West Bank must be populated with Jews or else Jews will be defeated like crusaders.
Dispersal of the population is therefore a domestic strategic aim of the highest order; otherwise, we shall cease to exist within any borders. Judea, Samaria and the Galilee are our sole guarantee for national existence, and if we do not become the majority in the mountain areas, we shall not rule in the country and we shall be like the Crusaders, who lost this country which was not theirs anyhow, and in which they were foreigners to begin with. Rebalancing the country demographically, strategically and economically is the highest and most central aim today. Taking hold of the mountain watershed from Beersheba to the Upper Galilee is the national aim generated by the major strategic consideration which is settling the mountainous part of the country that is empty of Jews today.

29- No force can remove the Jews from Palestine
Our existence in this country itself is certain, and there is no force that could remove us from here either forcefully or by treachery (Sadat’s method). Despite the difficulties of the mistaken “peace” policy and the problem of the Israeli Arabs and those of the territories, we can effectively deal with these problems in the foreseeable future.