Israeli Navy Ready To Block Iranian Oil Transit, US-backed Forces Starve Refugees In Syria

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Israeli Navy Ready To Block Iranian Oil Transit, US-backed Forces Starve Refugees In Syria

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham will continue its attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces around Idlib province, a spokesman for the terrorist group said in an official video message released on March 6. Abu Khalid al-Shami threatened that the SAA and Russian forces with “long dark nights” and “black days stained with blood.”

This statement came in response to a recent resumption of SAA strikes on terror infrastructure of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in the province.

An acute humanitarian crisis is developing in the Rukban refugee camp, which is located near the US military garrison in al-Tanf. On March 5, the Russian Defense Ministry released satellite images showing the real living conditions in the camp.

  • A waste deposit is located in close proximity to the living accommodations.
  • A notable part of the camp is tents and sheds, which means that no conditions allowing a permanent residence of thousands of people have been created.
  • No subsistence warehouses or meal stations are being observed.
  • Food and other goods can be get only in pop-up markets controlled by militants.

The Russian military said that US-backed forces are preventing civilians from leaving the site. It stressed that the Rukban area is no more a refugee camp. It is a reservation area with hostages.

The Russian side pointed out that the US military is opposing to the evacuation of civilians and spreading rumors that they will be persecuted by the Damascus government. US-backed militants demand notable sums in USD from people who want to leave the camp.

The statement added that about 35,000 people have declared their readiness to return to the government-controlled part of the country.

Earlier in March, Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department said that Washington is against the Syrian-Russian plan to evacuate people from the area because it does not meet “protection standards”. Nonetheless, he did not point out what standards are being met by the living conditions created for refugees by US-backed forces in Rukban.

On March 6, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to deploy Israeli warships to help tackle suspected Iranian efforts to continue export oil via maritime routes to skirt US sanctions. Netanyahu stressed that Israeli sailors are well-trained and adept at carrying out sea missions against adversaries. However, he failed to explain how a relatively small Israeli naval force is going to block maritime routes used by Iran. Most likely, the Israeli Prime Minister expects that in the event of a naval confrontation with Iran, the Israeli force will be directly supported by the US Navy. This would explain where Israel is going to find resources to achieve a victory in a supposed standoff.

While this kind of statements are a common practice for Israeli politicians exploiting tensions with Iran to score some political points, they also show that Israel may have been planning to expand its military actions against Iranian and Iranian backed forces outside the Syrian battleground.

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send in the USS LIBERTY BOYZ!!!

Pave Way IV

Last desperate attempt by Netanyahu to start the US-Iranian war? Or just more chickenhawk saber-rattling?

The US sanction war on Iran is not having the desired effects. There is simply not enough pain and suffering among the Iranian people to satisfy the psychopathic blood lust of Israeli-firster US leaders.

One thing for certain: the war will not start with Israel sinking an Iranian tanker. Israel must be the victim here – that’s the scam that works best for them (and they’re very good at it). There has to be a false flag against Israel first that ‘justifies’ some stupid-assed retaliation. That retaliation – like sinking a tanker or two – has to be egregious enough to piss of Iran to respond kinetically.

CENTCOM has rooms of people that do nothing all day but wait for just such a reaction by Iran. Then they can get the war started. Hey, job security! Well, at least until 80 million Persians turn your Saudi/UAE gas station on the coast (and US bases) into smoking ruins and continue to march straight for their attacker: Israel. It will seem like a bad idea to US leaders by then, but oh well… Hey – just doing what they’re told.

H Eccles

“Israeli Navy Ready To Block Iranian Oil Transit.. ”

.. and who appointed illegitimate squatter-scum to patrol international waters??… oh let me guess, the sqautters appointed themselves.

fk sake..

ivy calm

The filthy Israelis are a given. The j ew bought monsters of the us military would make even Hitler cringe.



It is time to bring the US military back home to protect America and Americans on OUR borders instead of spending trillions of dollars stealing other people’s lands and handing them over to Israel using our boys blood, our economic, political and economic might all for a Jewish only empire on stolen lands in the Middle East. It doesn’t make sense for America to be fighting wars for a state like israel that continues to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid. We were told after 9-11 that is the reason we sent our troops to the Middle East to stop this…………They lied. We are in the Middle East fighting a 10 trillion dollar war for israeli empire and it is bankrupting America which is allowing it…..

Hisham Saber

In the meantime, the U.S. Veterans Administration is overwhelmed with veterans from wars fought in the Middle Est on behalf of Israel, the shape-shifting entity occupying Palestine and other Arab lands. U.S. veterans from the Iraq wars and Afghanistan overwhelmingly suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and one veteran each 22 minutes in the U.S. and abroad commits suicide.

I personally knew one such fellow, he was a real nice, funny guy, but when he came back, he was changed, his brother, a vet too, suffers from PTSD and is disabled, living off a meager government check.

The U.S.’s relationship with Israel is absolutely one sided, Israel gets everything, money, arms and an idiot savant out of the U.S. military and economy, while the U.S. get absolutely nothing in return.


in fact netanyahu is as crazy as a bedbug and he is the sole proponent for a war with iran, despite that he’s tried to lure a number of other countries to take the lead and attack iran, while israel hangs back watching how things develop. saudi for one realizes that iran can erase ras tanura (saudi’s big oil export terminal) from the map and what are they, the saudis, supposed to live on after that. I would hazard a guess that mohammed bin salman is truly pissed off with jared kushner for attempting to fool saudi to lead the way in the attack on iran. but no, mbs did not fall for that but I would guess mbs is planning to khashoggi jared as a thank you so much for your kind attention.


They could maybe block Iranian oil shipping–with US assistance, they certainly could. But if they did, Iran would close the straits; there’s no way they could get an outcome where Iranian shipping, and only Iranian shipping, was stopped.
At which point the world economy would implode. Be good for Venezuela though. Mind you, since the US is now basically self-sufficient in oil (for as long as the fracking boom lasts, which may not be very long) there could be a US faction which figures blowing up the world economy would be worth it if it hurt most US competitors, such as oil-poor China, more than the US. I have my doubts that would actually work, though–the US exported too much manufacturing and their rule is too dependent on their financial sector, which is way vulnerable to shocks.

Jim Prendergast

India and China could easily send escorts and Iran has a competent navy.


Oy-vey, ye goys of little faith! Don’t you all know?

Like Moses, Nuttyahoo has had his burning bush revelation moment.Yahweh has given Bibi the Sacred Staff of Power which will protect the Zionists from the Iranian /Hezobollah demons and their puny missiles.

The day hell breaks loose Bibi will stand atop the Dome of the Rock and with the Sacred Staff repel the enemies’ missiles and send them back to their demons! And then he would raise his Staff again and unleash the Samson option on the whole world for failing to protect his precious Isreal’s right to domination of the Middle East.

Of course Trump will tweet: YOU CAN’T BLAME THEM!


Anyone really believe Israel dare to execute the Samson option?

They would run first from the nukes. .. not ignite them.


Israel hypocritically bought oil from Isis who stole it from Syria yet now they’re trying to block an Iranian oil tanker from excising her freedom of navigation as granted by the law of the Sea.

Israel has no right to block international shipping lanes, and yet when it does the end consumer will end up paying more which will also benefit the ”money masters”.

It’s high time that these fascistic regimes were ended, yet no one has the balls.


Israel threatens Iran – prepare yourselves for a False Flag!

Joe Kerr

Wouldn’t surprise- perhaps a German supplied Dolphin sub sinks a U.S. ship and Iran gets the blame. Igniting a war is easy, but this time Israel will be destroyed as well… and the Khazar mafia knows it.


looking forward to the time the squatters are finally evicted and sent on their way – where ever that might be, but given the thieving and murdering proclivities of those squatters I doubt they will be welcome anywhere, except maybe by the land of the free and the land of the brave – whoa what a larf!


Jews are entitled to block Farsi trade? Choosenite Semites, whose navel gazing is supposed to determine the fate of the universe. This universe was created just to complete the tribe´s ambitions.


hey netanyahu, the whole world is waiting for you squatters to be evicted so that you can skedaddle to the land of the brave and the land of the free and moms apple-pie and a criminal and corrupt cabal running the country (on your behalf) and you will feel right at home-


Iran could also just use the Caspian sea and export oil through Russia and / or Azerbaijan.


An israeli attack on one tanker would bring retaliation from the buyers, India, China, ?

Joe Kerr

IDF sailors are “adept”? Like those on the INS Hanit when it got whacked by a Hezbollah C-802. The only things they’re adept at is shooting at Pal fishermen and arranging the next false flag attack to drag the stupid yanks into another war.


(Iranian supplied) Hezbollah C802 missiles destroyed one and seriously damaged another ZioScum warship in 2006. More NuttyYahoo bluster. I reckon five more C802’s can effectively destroy the entire Khazarian Naval fleet. The Hezb will do it for Iran, using a few rubber dinghy

cechas vodobenikov

Israel lacks the capacity to intercept tankers—more silliness

Hide Behind

What is sad is that If an has been helping Syria for years as has Hez but if Iran is attacked Syria is no more than a worthless ally.
Both Russia, Syria’s Mommy, and Syria have restrained both Hez and Iranian troop from retaliating for the killing of their volumteers, it is most likely Syria would ask them both to leave if they attacked Israel from Syrian lands if Iran’s shipping is attacked.
Syria does not want Israeli nukes Flattening Damascus and landing without restraint upon its Military as well as Iranian and Hez troop.