Israel Pours Fuel On Northern Syria’s Fire

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Israel Pours Fuel On Northern Syria’s Fire
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Israel Pours Fuel On Northern Syria’s Fire
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Israel Pours Fuel On Northern Syria’s Fire
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Israel continues pursuing its own goals in Syria, this time by carrying out air strikes on the Al-Qusayr area in the province of Homs. This is the second strike in three days.

This raid targeted the al-Daba Air Base, which is located near the border with Lebanon.

It is held by Hezbollah and is known to be the group’s main logistic center in Syria.

A number of Israeli missiles were reportedly intercepted by the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces before they could reach their targets.

One of the missiles was an Israeli-made SPICE 1000 glide bomb, and it was successfully shot down over Lebanon.

Israel’s attack took place south of Idlib, while a sabotage attack targeted the key al-Jibsah-al-Rayan gas pipeline north of the volatile region.

Attackers blew up a section of the pipeline near the town of Abu Khashab in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside with an improvised explosive device.

Around that area, the US and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) carried out an operation, targeting an ISIS cell based in the town of Khurbat al-Jamus in the countryside of al-Hasakah.

SDF fighters initially clashed with the militants, and then a US aircraft attacked the terrorists’ hideout.

In other attempts to contain ISIS, Russia’s Aerospace Forces carried out more than 50 air strikes on terrorists’ cells in Syria’s central region on July 20th. ISIS suffered an unknown number of human losses.

Despite efforts by the SDF, Damascus and Russia, ISIS continues its attempts to spread its operations.

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The Russians are not taking charge in Syria for some reason we don’t know, things might get out of control because there are so many interested parties


Robert doesn’t want to know what is “some reason”



L du Plessis

Zionists own the Russian economy thats why Russia cant stop israel bombing Syria, very sad.

PJ London

If there is a major retaliation against the Israelis, then USA gets involved and it can only end in Nuclear exchanges and 100s of millions dead.
In a couple of years at most, US will no longer be in a position to initiate combat anywhere, at that point, Russia will sort out Turkey and the Syrians-Iraqis-Hezbollah-Hamas will eradicate Israel.
Israel can use its’ Nuclear arsenal but it will have little effect except a few scattered areas. If Israel carries out its’ Samson option against Europe then it will be obliterated along with 7 million or so Jews in the rest of the world.
China will retake Taiwan, become the senior partner in Asia with Korea, Japan and the minor states falling under its’ orbit.
Australia, sorry guys you are on your own. Learn Mandarin or become like Wales, a non-country of sheep shaggers.
Patience, Arabia and Islam, the day is coming.


australia is part of chinas orbit and the muslim world is part of irans orbit because iran and china are the global precursor entities both are the playmaker of our time and you are right america will collapse and fall into several camps one of them will be china led which will be the pacific connected part the “left” “socialist” part will become a client state of china almost while there will be an islamic republic of america created by the oppressed people of america in places where today the crime rate is highest and where you barely find law and order btw you are right about the most its the trend of todays world and how things will end up there is little to change about the situation its just sad that the west doesnt accept it its like a kind of lack of maturity on their part and it will only hurt them by having started this because since they did they will not be left alone to do as they please

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

russia will not defeat turkey and liberate constantinople it will not be allowed by muslims it will be nato centered russias fight but not turkey leaning because muslims will liberate constantinople which will be the end of orthodox christian islamic wars the end of turkey will be the end of orthodox islamic hostility forever because there will be no ideology left in the islamic world which will be anti russian or anti christian they will all have been defeated by that point

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

russia will most probably get nuked thou or there will be an attempt to do so by nato they have to because russia will take large parts of europe and they cant create the intermarium because it will be russian orbit of control not western and jewish elites and therefore not hungary but belarussia will become the next center of the russian world a place that only exist to balkanize russia will be used to unite all slavs that is the trend russia initiated and it will reach all the way to france and therefore the atlantic what russia does

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

the intermarium is also a failure the jews really are the worst in this they better stop and seek a small island for themselves and keep their hands out of the worlds affairs if they want to survive because the threat to them today is global and they dont get what iam talking about when i say they are all threatened and that the least what will happen is ashkenazi being wiped out entirely with only clueless people surviving having no idea of their ancestry or past and no value for it on top of it

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

btw i doubt that europe will be entirely in irans orbit because the freemasons in iran lost their game entirely and therefore european elites cant even dare to come closer to iran aslong as ahlulbayt controls iran as it will during president elect raeesi iran will be very much unlike it was during all the time before you cant even slightly compare it to times like ahmadinejad or other presidents because its basically the end of western style liberal democracy in iran already when it comes to china than i find it absurd that taiwan or hong kong or even japan are somehow used as supposed crusader castles for america to pump up its ego because that will all fall like a house of cards similar like the whole plotting against west asia does

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

the funny thing about zionists is that they are utter tools and that they dont do things in their own favor in fact they continuesly do harm to themselves obviously in syria they damage their relation with russia and here in this case its russia they do harm to its the relations of russia with west asia that they harm and generally this is already known for russians everytime zionists hit syria the anger towards russia rises for it basically looking the other way and not just among west asian people but even among russians like chechens or others who are deployed in syria and see this

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

zionist desperation has been clear for many years now. Their supporters like the british are likewise impotent fools.

Witness the ridiculous british stunt in the Black Sea. A pathetic attempt to show the Russians they are still relevant. In reality they could not telegraph more weakness if they tried.

Rhodium 10

Why Israel dont post clearly photos of its attack?….

Rodney Loder.

Jews are guilty have been for 2,700 years in the Eyes of Allah (swt) however because we can now understand the true nature of reality and its beginning is no longer forbidden for us to know about, Allah (swt) can be the true force to be reackoned with as satan is brushed aside for the first time in all of Creation.

These Jew Freemason swine are eaisly dispatched if Righteous Forces such as SAA take it upon themselvesand abandon the fraudulent existential reality implemented by the Tripple Entente with the Balfour Declaration so they could neutralize Muslims and empower the maggot Jews.

Allah (swt) didn’t push back against this operation because He (swt) wanted the evil doers to come out from under their rocks,
All praise be to Allah (swt).

Tommy Jensen

If Israel is doing that one more time, Russia will give Assad the S-300 if Israel is doing it again.