With Gaza On Hiatus, Israel Seeks New Sites for Military Operations

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Just days after the end of the heavy bombardment of the Gaza Strip, Israel is looking for its next operation.

On May 27, the Israeli military dropped leaflets with photos of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officers and commanders of Lebanon’s Hezbollah over the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra Brig. Gen. Hussein Hammouch, the commander of the 1st Corps’ 90th Brigade, and Munir Ali Naeem Shaito, a senior commander of Hezbollah, can be both seen in the photos.

Tel Aviv is evidently concerned with Hezbollah’s presence in other parts of the region, not just in Lebanon. Especially, after the leader of the Hamas Movement in Gaza claimed that the rocket attacks from Lebanon and Syria at Israel during the last battle in the Gaza Strip were the result of coordination between Palestinian factions and the Hezbollah.

Around the same time, but from the other side of Syria, an Iranian weapons shipment arrived in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor. The shipment included “short-range” rockets, machine guns as well as ammunition.

Such traditional weapons are usually used in operations against ISIS cells in southern and western Deir Ezzor. Israel can, of course, never be sure that they will not be used against it.

Meanwhile, another location where Tel Aviv is reportedly active is Yemen’s Socotra Island.

In early May, Turkish media reported that the UAE and Israel were working on a plan to establish spy bases on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

Just a few weeks later, reports surfaced that a mysterious airbase is being built on Mayun island located at the other end of the Gulf of Aden. According to Yemeni officials, Emirati ships transported military weapons, equipment and troops to the Island in recent weeks.

The coalition’s presence in Mayun would allow it to keep a close eye on the strategically important Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Following these reports, the Saudi-led coalition released a statement claiming that all equipment on both islands belonged to the coalition, and that the UAE had nothing to do with it.

In 2019, the UAE announced that it had withdrawn its troops from Yemen. Despite this, the country remained an active member of the Saudi-led coalition in the fight against Ansar Allah.

In Yemen’s heart, the fight for Marib continues, with heavy clashes happening near the city. On May 26th, two Houthi (as Ansar Allah are known) drones were shot down on the western front near Marib city. The Houthis are pushing forward in Marib, and the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes are failing to keep them in check.

The Saudi-led coalition’s forces are pushing from other directions, such as from al-Jawf, but reportedly are failing.

Any military or intelligence facilities on both of the reported islands would be of significant assistance to the Saudi-led coalition’s fight.

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Israel is an Apartheid State

UAE and Israel are too small to be regional players in the middle east. Small countries are never very influential in the long term, even if they have a large budget.

john wooh

Vatican/Switzerland are very influential in the long term, but are also very wicked evil countries.

Israel is an Apartheid State

They are taken as a joke. The Ukrop president wanted to meet Putin in the Vatican, and everyone in Russia laughed at him.

Switzerland has no power at all on the international stage.

john wooh

Switzerland Davos ??? Klaus Schwab ??? Banks ??? Bilderberg ???

Vatican is far more influental then u guess Bank of Vatican, Pedophilia, Mafia, Jesuits and others you dont know their power ???

These Snakes are far more dangerous than u guess.

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Israel is an Apartheid State

Those are just cosmopolitan people and organizations. They have no loyalty to Switzerland. They just go there once a year to hold a fancy meeting and have a bank account in Switzerland. But the country of Switzerland itself is powerless on the world stage. Nobody cares about what the president of Switzerland does or says.

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Israel isn’t like South Africa or Rhodesia, or the Portuguese colonies.


Surviving Weimerika ep 56-The Secret History of South Africa
w/Brother Arend ( Super Boer):

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[Aired on April 09,2020 where I sit down with Brother Arend to discuss the Boer secret society, the Boerderbond, from which it was effective as a political institution to protect them from the establishment. Also how eventually it was subverted by the greater society. ]


(1970) Angola – Incredible Portuguese mother beats back Black terrorists in a gunfight:

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S Balu

John Woolf


Disagree. Small countries with outsized impact have been major powers for millennia. Greek and later Italian city states. Tiny Holland, Portugal and Spain had enormous empires.
If you think Israel has no impact, read Snowden’s leaked papers about Mossad chief touring Arab countries with updates on their security positions.

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Israel claiming AI in Gaza is RUSE

Stephan Williams

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