Israel Strikes Hiding Behind Russian Aircraft

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Israel Strikes Hiding Behind Russian Aircraft

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Israel Strikes Hiding Behind Russian Aircraft
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Syrian citizens are already usual to regular explosions, fighting and terrorist attacks. Another headache for Syrian military as well as civilians are attacks by the neighboring Israel. Syria’s Latakia that seemed to be one of the most secured areas thanks to the nearby Russian military bases has not avoid a disaster. Israeli warplanes found the way.

On December 28, from 03.21 to 03.26 a.m. local time, two F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force carried out the attack at the port of Latakia from the Mediterranean Sea. Without crossing the Syrian border, they hit the port of Latakia with four guided missiles.

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, the commercial port’s container yard was the main target of the strike. Surprisingly, no casualties have been reported so far.

The Syria’s vital facility suffered large fires and major damage. A number of residential buildings, a hospital and several shops and tourist facilities were also damaged by the power of the blasts.

The recent attack caused some misunderstanding between Damascus and its main ally, Moscow. The Syrian State News Agency SANA reported immediately after the strikes that Syrian air defense units repelled some Israeli airstrikes.

However, claims by Russian military officials were different. On December 29, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that the Russian-made S-300 and S-400 air defense systems were not deployed to intercept Israeli aircraft.

At the moment of the attack, an aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces was landing at the Khmeimim airfield located in the affected area of the anti-aircraft complexes.

Russia operates an air base at Hmeimim some 20 kms (12 miles) away from Latakia.

Israeli officials traditionally declined to comment on such attacks, claiming that the IDF “does not comment on foreign reports”. In his turn Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz, visiting an Israeli air-base, used this chance to warn once again that Tel Aviv would not allow Iran to use Syria to threaten Israel, without speaking about the specific incident.

Syrian state news agency SANA quoted the head of the Latakia fire brigade as saying the containers targeted in the strike contained oils and spare parts for machines and cars. On the other side, the target could be a military consignment. According to Israeli reports, a shipment of Iranian military spare parts was hit in the strike.

This is the second attack on the port this monthOn December 7th, it was attacked by IDF warplanes, but with less significant damage.

The attacks on the port of Latakia are rare, as Israel is usually targeting military facilities in southern and western Syrian regions. Tel Aviv explains its operations as fighting Iran-allied militias in Syria. However, military facilities of the Syrian Arab Army, including its air defense systems that pose a threat to Israeli jets and missiles, are often hit by the IDF strikes. Unfortunately, Syrian civilians are also victims to these regular attacks.

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I would like to suggest to the Syrians that they invite Hamas to take over their defence equipment. Hamas would not hesitate to teach Israel a lesson, especially as they do rather well in Gaza with all the limitations imposed on them.

In Syria with Syrian equipment, Hamas would finish Israel before lunchtime.

Peppe il Sicario

You know, I’m starting to think that the Syrians deserve the crap they’re in. In 2011, they easily could have launched a massive missle attack using Scuds on the Zionist entity as soon as internal fighting commenced. Instead, they let their country turn into a bunt out living hell hole, the new Lebanon.


Hiding behind Russian aircraft or is it being protected by Russian aircraft?


Hiding of course. Not the first time they use this dirty tactics. They obviously hoped Syrian AD would shoot down another Russian plane.

Raptar Driver

I was thinking the same myself.
Just too many coincidences.

Lance Ripplinger

It has to be very frustrating for the Syrian military to not have the means to stop these attacks. Every attack by Israel further sets Syria’s reconstruction efforts back. The fact that this happened only 12 miles away from the Russian air base is also crazy. You have to ask why Israel didn’t warn Russia of the strikes, or why Russia’s radar didn’t pick up what was going on, and then send that info to the Syrian military.


Very likely Russians did tell Syrians not to activate air defenses in order not to shoot down Russian plane. Also very likely that Israelis attacking Latakia only to see Russian air defenses response time, so they can send this data to Americans. Last time American spy plane was also in vicinity. Americans probably notified Israelis about Russian transport plane route and ETA. It was all well planed and coordinated.

Last edited 1 year ago by gonzalo

Yes. Coordinated with Russia.


You think Russians liked their planes being used as a shield?


Used as a shield or were they shielding?


Ruske pičke gube obraz pred ostatkom svijeta, što stalno popuštaju i puše kurac židovima jednako kao i Sjedinjene ad. Rusi da su imalo pametni porokali bi im par zrakoplova i uništili nekoliko vojnih ciljeva u samom izraelu i Palestini, samo da pokažu da mogu. Ovo je samo još jedan dokaz da je Rusija isto što i Sad (Amerika) još jedna cionistička židovska tvorevina.

The end

Hej Ganga pederu, da nije bila Rusa, ti bih danas šprehao dojč. Ajde brzo natrag u prvi razrijed.


Bolidu, Amerika bi branila Izrael vise nego Teksas. I to ne samo Amerika nego bukvalno pola sveta, svi njihovi vazali ukljucivsi i Hrvatsku, ti si nasao da prdis o pusenju…

Ray Douglas

Surely the answer is to build another runway so as to facilitate landing from the Eastern side. If the Israelis want to attack they would be forced to fly over Syria and would therefore be a target for the S300.


Hiding behind friendly aircraft is an old tactic. It can be countered by changing the standard departure and arrival procedures and by patrolling drones with radar and other devices to scan the skies. Somebody sleeps at the wheel.


Is Putin still alive???


Israel cannot be allowed to just bomb its neighbors whenever it wants to.


Excellent job!

Mohd Noor Ismail

if this happened to Iran , i think half of Israel will engulf in fire …


Don’t be so sure Mohammad, Iran will not get to live to shoot all of their ballistic missiles.


That only happens in movies.


Syria should move their launchers close to the Russian bases and fire on Israel.


Let them do it, then Damascus would become a pile of rubble. Another SF fool like you, don’t give poor advices.


Yeah sure, like when Israel was defeated by The Hezb in 2006. Lebanon still stands and Hezbollah kicks ZioP1g butt anyday it feels like it. NuttyYahoo always sends messages of apology if any Hezb operatives are killed or injured incase the Hezb steps over the border and causes the idf to fill its diapers very quickly