Israeli Air Force Carries Out 19 Airstrikes on Gaza Strip

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At least 19 airstrikes have been carried out on various areas of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force.

Israeli Air Force Carries Out 19 Airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Two Israeli Defense Force-Air Force F-15I Ra’am aircraft practice air defense maneuvers mission over the Nevada Test and Training Ranges, at Nellis Airforce Base (AFB), Nevada (NV), during Exercise Red Flag 04-3 (Photo: / TSGT Kevin J. Gruenwald, USAF)

In the evening of February 6, the Israeli Air Force carried out at least 19 airstrikes on targets in various areas of the Gaza Strip: from Beit Lahia, located in the north, to Khan Younis in the south.

Some airstrikes were focused on targets in Shuja’iyya district. As the Israeli Reshet Bet radio station reported, citing Palestinian sources, at least 15 airstrikes were carried out in Shuja’iyya.

As residents of the Gaza Strip told in social networks, after dark the Israel Defense Forces used illuminating rockets.

According to the Maan news agency, several buildings in the area of the city of Gaza were damaged. The Palestinian Emergency Medical Service reported about two wounded people.

The Palestinian side has blamed the Israeli authorities for the escalation. The Hamas’ press service issued a statement, according to which the organization reserves the right to respond to the Israeli aggression. The Islamic Jihad movement also joined to the statement.

In the morning of February 6, the Israeli Alert System sounded on the territory of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. A missile fell on a wasteland, without causing any damage. In response to the shelling, Israeli military fired several artillery shells on targets, located in the area of Beit Lahia. Around 15:30 pm, Israeli servicemen, deployed in Kissufim, were fired from the area of the Gaza Strip. From 14:00 pm till late night, there were reports from the Gaza Strip about airstrikes of the Israeli Air Force on various targets.

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