Israeli Army Boosts Its Forces Around Gaza Strip Amid New Wave of Protests

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Israeli Army Boosts Its Forces Around Gaza Strip Amid New Wave of Protests

FILE IMAGE: Israeli battle tanktank

The Israeli military announced on October 4 that it will deploy additional snipers, infantry and armored forces around the Gaza Strip in order to “thwart terror and infiltrations” from the Palestinian-controlled area. The decision to reinforce the troops was reportedly taken following a situational assessment by Israel’s Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot along with senior army and Shin Bet officials.

Israeli media also revealed that more batteries of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket system were deployed in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip to counter any rocket or mortar attack.

A day later, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Israeli military successfully prevented any military confrontation during the Jewish holidays last month. Lieberman went on to warn the Palestinian Hamas movement from any escalation or riots around the Gaza Strip.

“We passed the month of Tishrei exactly as we had planned, without a conflagration of violence from the rioters on the Gaza border. ‘After the holidays,’ has arrived. And I tell Hamas leaders: ‘Take this into account.’ Thank you to the IDF soldiers,” Lieberman said in a tweet, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Despite of the escalation from the Israeli side, Yahya Sinwar, leader of the military wing of Hamas, said in an interview with Yediot Aharonot and La Repubblica that the Palestinian movement is not looking for a new war that will benefit no one.

“A new war is in no one’s interest, certainly not our interest. Who really wants to confront a nuclear superpower with four slingshots? War doesn’t achieve anything,” Jerusalem Post quoted Sinwar as saying during the interview.

More than 160 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military since the beginning of the protests near the separation fence around the Gaza Strip in March 2018. Palestinian activists are planning to hold new protests in the upcoming hours, which may lead to new casuatlies and further tesions between the two sides.

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Nick Sobkowiak

comment image

Peter Jennings

The isreali regime is storing up a very bad end for its people. Dialogue is useless with those who want it all and will stop at nothing to get it. Using tanks against the civilian population is the mark of a junta.

A spoiled isreali regime, with misguided help from the US & UK, has had it their way for so long that they seriously believe it will continue. The situation throughout the region is changing. The new order of things will not include turning a blind eye to isreali genocide and theft of land. The Palestinians are just the start of a long line of isreali regime targets amongst their neighbours for a Greater isreal.
The destruction of Gulf state economies to diminish their capacity to defend themselves by US/UK/isreali/saudi/EU toaddies will not work.

The regime in isreal may for the moment have the backing of duplicitous western politicians and shysters, but they can and do change. What hasn’t changed, but is growing, is the indignation and disgust of isreali policy from an informed western public. Doctors rarely speak out, however, in the case of isreali brutality they couldn’t help themselves.

The isreali regime involvement in the London bombing hasn’t escaped everyone in Blighty either. The people of the UK will eventually eject from power those who support the woeful behaviour of this isreali regime, and mandate another who will bravely and confidently reflect the attitude of the British public.

viktor ziv

“The people of the UK will eventually eject from power those who support the woeful behaviour of this isreali regime…” please elaborate this. When people have two options to give vote, torries or conservatives, in basis different bag holding same BS, how can people eject those and not coliding with “democracy”? Thx.

Peter Jennings

The Tory’s are conservative, but this is a misnomer because they waste everything. They still use the rhetoric of last century and blame the poor for everything. It’s well known and established that Tory gov’ts look after their cronies first and the country second. Most people can see through their jingoism and the flag waving.

There is another Labour gov’t just around the corner and if people are allowed to vote unlike last time when some were refused due to ‘turning out late’ and postal ballots are abused, our present Tory admin who didn’t bother to wait for a mandate from the electorate, will find themselves looking for jobs amongst their cronies.

As i have already mentioned, the people of Britain do not support the isreali regime and ever since toady blaaar, they do not trust their governing bodies either. The lines between the parties has been blurred since the Thatcher protege took leadership of the Labour party back in the 90’s. Toady Blaaar was a Tory well before he joined the Labour party but switched sides for political expediency. The next Labour gov’t will need to address the deceit of the past, this shift to the right and get back to basics. They also need to purge the blaaarites remnants, who are now aimless and self destructive, from their party.

BTW, do not confuse British left-wingers with the american variety, as they are poles apart. Also do not use bbc propaganda as a measure of the public’s mood. The grass roots is boiling. I would suggest genning up on English history to gain an idea of what is possible when TPTB consistently abuse and ignore the people.

viktor ziv

Thx for reply and correcting me (tory/labour). To be honest until Your reply i was looking Brits as a US shadow. Will not repeat mistake.


The IDF-Kid-Hunting Season has started early this year in IsraHell comment image comment image


US and UK butchering children in Mideast countries by attacking either themselves or by covert forces like Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PKK etc. because US and UK want global power.

Lena Jones

So israel needs to be even more armed against unarmed protestors?! LOL the jewish klepto population of israel need daily assurances from their coward army, especially now that they can’t touch Syria like that no more – can’t touch Iran or Lebanon either – ’tis why they will froth at mouth and wave fists at Gaza now. The jewish ape show is for israeli domestic consumption… for the time being.

Live by the politics of fear, die by the politics of fear.

viktor ziv

Huh??? “leader of the military wing of Hamas” states “War doesn’t achieve anything”. So why is there military wing after all??? Unless Hamas is working for …. Also what happened with PLO. Did PLO extinct with the Arafat death?


PLO extinct the moment Arafat agree to disband it’s resistance fighters.

viktor ziv

Ahhh, disbanding PLO ensured nobel price for Arafat…

J Roderet

The so-called “State of Israel” has turned the Gaza Strip into a giant concentration camp.