Israeli Army Shared Footage Of Recent Strikes On Syria

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On November 18, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shared footage of the recent strikes on Syria, which took place in the early morning.

The video, which were apparently filmed from the ground, show at least three pinpoint strikes on unspecified military positions in Syria.

The IDF said the strikes were a response to an attempt by “an Iranian-led Syrian squad” to plant improvised explosive devices on the Israel-Syria separation line along the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights.

The strikes targeted an Iranian base near Damascus International Airport, a secret housing complex for senior Iranian officials, a command post for the Syrian Arab Army’s 7th Division and several air-defense systems.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Syria, three service members were killed and another one was injured as a result of the Israeli strikes.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that five Iranians officers and two Lebanese or Iraqi fighters were also killed in strikes. Nevertheless, the monitoring group is known for spreading fake news after Israeli attacks on Syria.

This was one of the very few occasions in which Israel publicly claimed responsibility for strikes on Syria. Usually, Tel Aviv doesn’t acknowledge its operations against Syria. The strikes were most likely a message to Damascus and Tehran as they came amid reports of a possible Israel or U.S. attack on Iran.


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