Israeli Attacks Continue To Kill Syrians, Iranians

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Israeli Attacks Continue To Kill Syrians, Iranians

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Israeli Attacks Continue To Kill Syrians, Iranians
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Israeli Attacks Continue To Kill Syrians, Iranians

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Israel continues to launch attacks on Syria with the alleged goal of weakening the influence of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its allies in the war-torn country.

Late on November 8, a series of strikes targeted the al-Qa’im border crossing between Syria and Iraq. The strikes hit a convoy of about 15 vehicles that had crossed from Iraq into the Syrian side of the crossing. At least ten people, including several Iranian nationals, were reportedly killed in the strikes.

Initially, it was reported that the targeted vehicles were carrying a shipment of Iranian fuel meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon, where fuel prices have been on the rise. The Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV said that the deadly strikes were carried out by Israeli drones.

On November 9, The Wall Street Journal confirmed in a report that Israel was behind the strikes. Nevertheless, the newspaper said that the strikes targeted vehicles suspected of smuggling Iranian weapons after it crossed the border from Iraq to the Syrian side in al-Qa’im.

The governments of Syria and Iraq have not commented on the deadly strikes, so far. Iran is also yet to confirm or deny that Iranian nationals were among the casualties.

Just five days after the attack on the Syrian-Iraqi border, on November 13 afternoon, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit Shayrat Air Base in the eastern Homs countryside in Syria’s central region.

Israeli Air Forces fighter jets launched the airstrikes from the direction of Tripoli and Hermel in Lebanon’s northern region. Several Israeli missiles were reportedly intercepted by Syrian air defense. However, a series of large explosions were reported within the key air base.

A Syrian military official acknowledged in a statement to the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency that two soldiers were killed and three others were wounded as a result of the Israeli aerial attack on Shayrat Air Base. He also confirmed that the air base sustained some material losses, without providing any details.

Shayrat Air Base is not known to host any personnel of Hezbollah or any other group backed by the IRGC. Despite of this, Israeli and Arab media reported as usual that the target was an Iranian weapons shipment.

Israel resumed its attacks on Syria in October after a short pause that lasted for around a month. Three attacks targeted the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, in the last third of October causing human and material losses.

Officials in Tel Aviv claim that the recent attacks on Syria had destroyed about 90% of Iran’s military infrastructure in the country. However, the new uptake in Israeli attacks indicates that the IRGC is still as active in Syria as before.

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They are running out of time, Syria is rebuilding itself, Iran getting more powerful by the day, and Lebanon still giving the finger to Zionists. Zionists know they are losing on all fronts.

Iran riots – over 65-70% of the bot tweets were from Israel and the riot’s support on social platforms was started in Israel. Those riots failed, and now the US, Wahhabis, and Zionists are sending all their money to terrorists.

Terrorist attack in southwest Iran kills at least five people.

“An attack by terrorists on Wednesday night against police and people in Izeh, Khuzestan Province, claimed the lives of at least five people and left six others injured.”

Zionists are desperate pigs.


I’m not even joking, they are so fuking desperate that they are sending in terrorists MeK and Wahabis. BTW, Iran has been killing and stopping these terrorists for months now.

The terrorist attack in Iran increase sharply over these past few months. Zionists are getting super desperate.


When does Russia say on the floor of the CA$in0 at 405 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 it still is beholden to… That an attack on Syria is an attack on the Russian Federation considering they have a Naval and Air Force presence inside that Country hosting them?!…

Last edited 6 months ago by Matt

Iran is all alone in this fight. Don’t make the mistake of leaning on Russia or China or anyone else. Ample proof of this disgusting truth. Just look at that fat communist rat jhing phing all chummy with Biden recently. It’s every man and his dog for himself. I say this at Press TV and the moderator gets all wound up. He’s posting all the comments over there too under fake ID’s and there is no discussion, just a one man show. That’s why nobody goes to Press TV.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ahson

Iran retaliates if Iranians get killed in IDF attacks. That’s how we get to know the truth.

"R" Addison

We all know that the chem – fookering in the US plutocracy, is irresponsible and relies upon the IDF being as irresponsible as possible. The misleadership in Iran is irresponsible and yet a different way. The invasion by turkey forces is irresponsible militarily. Would not a peace pact be something the United Nations could have offered 25-20/15 10 5 years ago, and yesterday?
The hegemon is there stealing oil. Why does the IDF utilize Syria as a practice ground for selling armaments, in as much as the gaudis do! The land is going to be destroyed it is not ecologically sound and viable any longer…


The khaZar abomination squatting in apartheid, occupied Palestine will be erased in a real hollow cost. Humanity can no longer afford to tolerate the poisonous angloZionaZi empire of carnage. As USSA collapses, the fake juice welfare warfare mutts in Palestine will disappear like dust in the wind. No free lunch…no iZrahell.

Tommy Jensen

Next time Israel do it we will give Assad the S-300 if they do it again, and Khazaria will finally be ours………..LOL.

Last edited 6 months ago by Tommy Jensen