Israeli Fears Of Iranian Missiles In Lebanon


Israeli Fears Of Iranian Missiles In Lebanon

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The new Quds Force deputy commander, General Mohammed Hejazi was Iran’s “missile man” in Lebanon, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Hejazi was announced as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force deputy commander on January 20th.

According to a public IDF report released in August 2019 Hejazi was involved in Hezbollah’s precision guided missile project in Lebanon.

The report said that he was an IRGC operative, commander of Iran’s precision guided missile project in Lebanon and directly commands Iranian personnel in Lebanon.”

He had reportedly spent years in Lebanon, and prior to going there on behalf of the IRGC, e was involved in research and logistics, making him keenly aware of how Iran moves its missiles to groups like Hezbollah.

According to his supposed biography provided by the Israeli outlet, his career was focused on supplying Hezbollah with missiles, to a very large degree:

“He faded from public view in 2014, and seems to have been in Lebanon during that time, helping Hezbollah stockpile and improve its estimated 150,000 missiles. Al-Ain media reports that he was Hezbollah’s key man linking them to the IRGC. He likely grew into this role after the death of Imad Mughniyeh who was assassinated in 2008.

He helped supply arms to Hezbollah and help it with its precision guided missile programs. These programs have been spotlighted as a key threat to the region and Israel. Hezbollah wants to create local manufacturing bases for the precision guidance that would make its arsenal more dangerous. In March 2019 Israel said Hezbollah was seeking to set up an advanced missile plant in the Beka’a valley.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, Hejazi’s alleged role in Lebanon, as well as him being appointed as Quds Force deputy commander meant that Iran “plans to strike abroad.”

Radio Farda, a US government-funded outlet, claimed that following General Qassem Soleimani’s assassination by the US, Hejazi’s new role is “a huge promotion because of [Ayatollah] Khamenei’s now openly expressed strategy of keeping the war with the United States and Israel outside Iranian borders.”

Israeli Fears Of Iranian Missiles In Lebanon

New Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab. Click to see full-size image

At the same time, Lebanon got a new government, after Hassan Diab was appointed as Prime Minister. On January 22nd, the new government met for the first time, and Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that its main task was to win international confidence and assist in solving the crisis in the country.

“Your mission is delicate. It is necessary to work to tackle the economic situation, restore the confidence of the international community in Lebanese institutions and reassure the Lebanese about their future,” Aoun said.

However, the new government is approved and aligned with Hezbollah, and it is questionable how much “international support” it will receive.

According to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the government is technocratic, and its main mission will be to match people’s demands.

“The new government will fight corruption, regain the plundered funds and maintain stability.”

Diab pointed out that he would start a tour to the Arab countries, especially the Gulf one, after his government obtains the parliamentary confidence.

Most of the ministers are supported by the March 8 Alliance Christian parties loyal to Hezbollah. For the first time since the signing of the Taif Agreements of 1989, the government did not include representatives of the Movement for the Future, the Druze community, the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb.

A nod to Saudi Arabia was the appointment of Zeyna A. Adra, executive director of the consulting company Information International, as Minister of Defense. She advised the heads of large companies in the United States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. She repeatedly participated in joint programs of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Muhammad Fahmi, a regular military man, specialist of the mine clearing center and close friend of the head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, became the Minister of the Interior.

In informal negotiations, Lebanese community leaders reached a temporary consensus. But the position of the cabinet will remain unstable, and the space for structural economic reforms will likely be narrow.

Diab is considered a novice in politics. The Prime Minister is dependent on Hezbollah and is closely associated with the adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Velayati. He is not supported by the former prime minister Saad Hariri, nor from the more influential Sunni Muslim leaders.

Despite Washington’s usual threats of ending economic and military assistance to Lebanon, the Pentagon will continue to provide arms and loans to this Middle Eastern country, and Beirut will most likely continue to provide a sort of balance in the US-Iran confrontation.

Meanwhile, despite the new government, protests in the country are continuing with escalating violence, as rioters are throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at security forces, and they’re met with water cannons.



  • verner

    lebanon to the north, syria to the east and iraq/iran to the southeast should be enough to wipe the squatters off the map once and for all -to end the illegal occupation of palestine where the squatters have stolen and murdered with impunity (so far) during the last 100 years and more,

    where the squatters/hymies/jews operate an ethnical cleansing program aiming to make the palestinians extinct;

    where the squatters/hymies/jews operate concentration camp gaza to further the killing/extermination of the palestinian people;

    where the squatters/hymies/jews are engaged in a lebensraum program a la hitler extending the land they illegally occupy and

    where plans are made to steal natural gas found under the seabed and which in no uncertain terms is palestine’s gas and to sell it to the european union, ignoring the rights of the palestinian people. what’s to like – nothing.

    thus after more than a 100 years of thievery and murder and shenanigans in general the squatters have failed in every respect and thus forfaited the right to exist and must be evicted out of the middle east or be buried 6 feet under pushing up daisies – no two things about it.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years

      A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel’s survival beyond the next 20 years.

      • Italo Vernazza

        Make it ten.

  • <>

    What fear SF? I very much expect for the day they shoot their rockets over here again. We could finally get rid of them and the state of Lebanon for good, that is ofcourse if they don’t ask for a ceasefire like they always do. That being said, a war would hurt us alot too I’m fully aware of that, but sometimes you must take a punch in order to overcome the pain. Iran would be the end of Lebanon, but if the Lebanese government is okay with it then who am I to tell them no.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Dumbass Jew fuck with old canned hasbara crap, a teenage punk with playstation war fantasies :)

      • Italo Vernazza

        Well spotted… the playstation syndrome.

    • Jimmy Jim


      • FlorianGeyer

        That’s a really just solution to the solution ,Jimmy.

        Fight fire with fire :)

      • Italo Vernazza

        Not sure Ms Thunafish will like your slogan…

    • Superfly
    • FilastinHuratan

      Your admired IOF bog rats are too scared to take on a real opponent, esp. Hezbollah, which gave them such a whipping in 2006 that they had to beg for mercy. And Hezbollah now makes Hezbollah 2006 look like a gentle toddler.

      Keep dreaming your wet dreams, baby.

      • <>

        I had a small hope in 2000 that after we left Lebanon, their government would want a peace deal to end it. Instead, they kept the Palestinian excuse and gave Hezbollah more power both politically and militarily. I don’t tell the Lebanese what to do it’s their country, they can vote for Hezbollah if that is what they wish for. However they need to know, that in case of another war Lebanon itself will be targeted just like they target Israeli civilians. Each side chooses their own leaderships, for better or worse. May the common sense win.

    • Selbstdenker

      When did you check the map last and compare the size of Iran with the size of tiny Israel? Did it apear to you that Iran is quite hilly, which makes it difficult to destroy? any valey would need a nuke if you want to be sure, but how many valeys you would have nukes for? on the other hand, Israel is so small that a few well placed bombs would be enough to kill it off. No water supplies would make you last how long?

    • Kilgore Trout

      POS zionist cry baby just like 2006 where you probably hid under your mothers skirt. You had your arse handed to you and will even harder next time! Karma is coming for you, sleep tight and don’t shit yourself too badly!

    • Omega

      When you write “that is of course if they don’t ask for a ceasefire like they always do”; what exactly are you referring to? I ask because:

      • In year 2000, and after an illegal invasion/occupation of the South of Lebanon for nearly two decades, Israel was kicked out thanks to Hezbollah. Israeli military officials called it a “humiliating retreat”.

      • In year 2006, by the time the cease-fire was implemented, Israel was the clear loser.

      Without question, the Israeli ground campaign revealed an army confused by its new doctrine. Soldiers were deficient in training and equipment, and senior officers seemed woefully unprepared to fight a “real war.” By the time the United Nations (UN) cease-fire went into effect on 14 August 2006, many military analysts were convinced the IDF had suffered a significant defeat. One source held that Hezbollah’s military and political victory was absolute and irrefutable.3 Even more revealing were the comments by Mossad Chief, Meir Degan, and the head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, during a meeting with Prime Minister Olmert in the immediate aftermath of the war. Both men pointedly told Olmert “the war was a national catastrophe and Israel suffered a critical blow.

      The Mossad knew and acknowledged that Hezbollah could go on fighting for months more.

      Mossad was already gathering information to leak to the press on 28 July, indicating “Hezbollah had not suffered a significant degradation in its military capabilities, and that the organization might be able to carry on the conflict for several months.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Bonsoir Omega,

        Un bon résumé d’actualité de l’excellent 1984

        Orwell, l’homme du XXIe siècle

        par PETINOS

        mercredi 22 janvier 2020

        Que l’on soit d’accord ou pas avec les thèses orwelliennes, force est de constater que le monde dans lequel nous vivons donne raison au penseur Anglais.

        Il a développé ses pensées dans deux principaux ouvrages, le fameux 1984 et le non moins important La ferme des animaux. La pensée unique et les totalitarismes ont été mis à l’index et critiqués avec justesse. Surtout, le contrôle des hommes et des sociétés a été analysé avec intelligence.

        Inspiré des textes orwelliens et développée par des lectures similaires[1], la petite liste qui suit montre la manière dont le contrôle sur la société est exercé par la classe dirigeante.

        1. La technique du plaisir

        Élément principal du contrôle social, la technique du divertissement consiste à détourner l’attention du public des grands problèmes et changements décidés par les élites politiques et économiques, avec un flot ininterrompu de détails amusants et insignifiants. Cette technique dissuade également le public de s’intéresser à des informations significatives dans les domaines de la science, de l’économie, de la psychologie, du gouvernement, etc. Gardez l’attention du public loin des vrais problèmes sociaux, captivez-le par des questions sans réelle importance, voilà comment un gouvernement peut briser toute velléité de protestation.

        2. Créez des problèmes et ensuite donnez la solution

        La technique de la création des problèmes, puis l’offre des solutions

        consiste en la création d’un problème, d’un « état d’urgence », qui, vous le prévoyez, déclenchera une réaction. Par exemple : laissez la violence civile s’intensifier ou organisez des escarmouches pour que le public puisse exiger des mesures de sécurité qui limitent ses libertés. Ou encore plus pernicieux : créer une crise financière pour faire accepter par le public, comme chose nécessaire, la détérioration des droits sociaux et la dégradation des services publics. Les gens vont non seulement vous soutenir dans vos mesures, mais, en plus, ils vont vous en demander eux-mêmes.

        3. La technique de la « graduation »

        Pour rendre une mesure inacceptable, il suffit de l’appliquer progressivement. De cette façon, des conditions socio-économiques radicalement antipopulaires (néolibéralisme) ont été imposées dans les années 80 et 90, notamment en Europe, mais pas seulement. Chômage de masse, incertitude, « flexibilité », salaires qui ne procurent plus un revenu décent, autant de changements qui entraîneraient, s’ils avaient été appliqués soudainement et violemment, des réactions à n’en pas douter, violentes de la part de la société. De la même manière, une autre façon de rendre acceptable une décision impopulaire est de la présenter comme « douloureuse mais nécessaire », trompant le consentement du public par sa mise en œuvre dans un futur un peu lointain. Il est toujours plus facile de reporter vers les générations futures un sacrifice, plutôt que de le faire accepter avec effet immédiat. En plus, une telle technique laisse au public un certain temps pour s’habituer à l’idée de changement et l’accepter comme une fatalité.

        4. Adressez-vous au sentiment plutôt qu’à la raison

        La dépendance émotionnelle est une technique classique pour court-circuiter l’analyse rationnelle, et donc la perception critique des individus. De plus, l’utilisation de l’éventail des émotions vous permet d’ouvrir la porte de l’inconscient pour implanter des idées, des désirs, des peurs, des pulsions ou des comportements … La publicité utilise énormément cette technique, souvent en même temps que la technique de l’infantilisation du public.

        5. Maintenir le public dans l’incapacité de réfléchir

        Il s’agit de rendre le public incapable de comprendre les technologies et les méthodologies que vous utilisez pour les asservir. C’est dans cette optique que doit être placé la crise dans laquelle les différents gouvernements ont conduit l’enseignement. Je parle ici de la situation en Europe occidentale, où l’enseignement est devenu soit trop chère et par conséquent accessible à une certaine élite, soit tellement dégradée qu’elle ne joue plus son rôle d’ascenseur social. Aldous Huxley, un des inspirateurs de George Orwell écrivait dans Le meilleur des mondes : « le secret du bonheur et de la vertu, aimer ce qu’on est obligé de faire. Tel est le but du conditionnement. Faire aimer aux gens la destination sociale à laquelle ils ne peuvent échapper. » Dans le même domaine, encourager le public à aimer la médiocrité avec, par exemple des émissions de téléréalité qui sont légion actuellement sur nos écrans, rentre dans le même processus.

        6. La technique du remplacement de l’insurrection par la culpabilité

        Il s’agit de faire croire à une personne qu’elle est seule responsable de sa misère, du fait de son insuffisance intellectuelle, de l’insuffisance de ses capacités et de ses efforts. Ainsi, au lieu de se révolter contre le système financier, il se dévalorise et se laisse aller. Cette condition contient les germes d’une dépression, qui a pour effet de conduire l’individu à s’abstenir de toute action. Et sans action, vous éloignez la révolution !

        7. Mieux connaître les gens qu’ils ne se connaissent eux-mêmes

        Au cours des dernières décennies, les progrès de la science ont ouvert un fossé de plus en plus profond entre les connaissances du grand public et les connaissances détenues et utilisées par les élites dirigeantes. Grâce à la biologie, la neurobiologie et la psychologie appliquée, le « système » est parvenu à une connaissance avancée de l’être humain, à la fois physiologiquement et psychologiquement. Le « système » a appris à connaître la personne moyenne mieux qu’elle ne se connaît elle-même. Cela signifie que dans la plupart des cas, le « système » exerce un contrôle beaucoup plus important et impose un pouvoir plus important aux individus que les individus sur eux-mêmes.

        Nota bene : Il est évident que toute ressemblance avec les situations prévalant actuellement dans différents endroits dans le monde, est totalement fortuite et dénouée de fondement ! N’allez surtout pas imaginer qu’un pays ou un groupe de pays ou une entité, spécifiques, sont visés ; il s’agit simplement des réflexions in abstracto.

        [1] Réflexions librement inspirées par la lecture du texte intitulé Dix techniques pour contrôler l’opinion publique, sur le site Ce dernier a repris un texte écrit par Sylvain Timsit, en 2002, publié sur le site sytinet.

        • Luke Hemmming

          Huh? English translation please.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            I beg your pardon, but my English is pidgin…

          • Omega

            Are you looking for an English translation of the link Alexander posted? If so, Google internet browser, Chrome, does an adequate job.

        • Omega

          Hi Alex. A great summer indeed. Orwell’s work, virtually point by point, illustrates the world we live in today. I am however not sure if the content of Orwell’s work was the result of his own thoughts.

          Orwell (like the Huxley brothers (Brave New World)) was part of the British Gentry advocating the New World Order world. Thomas Huxley (grandfather of the Huxley brothers) was co-founder of the Rhodes Round Table. H.G. Wells was assistant/protégé of Huxley Sr. The Huxley brothers and Orwell were students/protégé of Wells. Consequently, I don’t know if Orwell had sincere intentions when he wrote his novels (a sort of warning) or if he merely put down in writing the NWO agenda. Furthermore and for what it’s worth, Orwell (and the Huxley brothers) had ties to the Satanist Witchcraft promoter, Alastair Crowley.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            We are all recipient of the past and others,
            it’s evolution….
            If you discover something,
            it’s thanks others in your surrounding….
            By our own we are nothing !

            Culture is what do you remember after to have all forgotten.

            The King of the Kings, Emperor Charles Quint
            asked Erasmus to became his son Philippe II preceptor,
            he refused…
            I do imagine he prefers to live in Basel surrounded
            by “Thinkers” instead of a Prince honours and money… !

            Einstein discoveries occurred thanks his job at
            the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
            Swiss are known to be world champion for “patent”
            Albert Einstein was just a good sponge(lol)

          • Omega

            Bonne coincidence au sujet de mes doutes sur Orwell:

            Durant la Guerre froide, le Foreign Office avait créé un service, l’Information Research Department (IRD), chargé d’identifier et de discréditer les sympathisants de l’URSS. Il créa notamment la Globe News Agency, la Near and Far East News Ltd (NAFEN) à Istanbul et Delhi, la Star News Agency à Karachi et l’Arab News Agency au Caire puis à partir de 1956 à Beyrouth. De nombreuses personnalités participèrent activement à ce programme d’intoxication dont George Orwell, Arthur Koestler, A.J.P. Taylor et Bertrand Russell.


          • AlexanderAmproz

            quand je l’ai lu j’ai immédiatement pensé a votre a propos,
            plus qu’une coincidence, c’est un signe des temps !

            J’ai deux articles pour vous de Global News Research
            sur ce Monde de fous dans lequel nous vivons !

            Closer than Ever: It Is 100 Seconds to Midnight. The Dangers of Nuclear War
            2020 Doomsday Clock Statement

            Switzerland Funds Biased and Fake OPCW Chemical Weapons’ Reporting

          • Omega

            Tout à fait, un monde de fous.

            The “White Helmets” terrorists get awards, Oscars and what not for orchestrating chemicals attacks.

            A “Doomsday Clock” by and for the people leading us to the Doomsday. Meaning: do what we tell you or we’ll move the hand of the clock closer to zero. N’importe quoi. :-)

          • Italo Vernazza

            Orwell and Aldous’ older brother… Wells… the Fabians… yes. As far as the author of “Eyeless in Gaza” (blind people tend to see better when they reclaim their eyesight) and “Brave New World” goes… I still nurture some doubts… When I was fourteen – a long time ago –, I read “BNW” and rather understood it as a warning to us… the real endangered species…

            And, by the way, someone recently brought to my understanding that Santa was the anagram of Satan… Tells you how distracted I can be.

          • Omega

            Trivia: the name “Fabian” comes from the name of the Roman General, Fabius, who fought Hannibal. On a side note, I hope Hannibal is turning in his grave for not destroying Rome on two separate occasions. He thought Rome would come to peace. Incroyable (!).

            BNW, Animal Farm, 1984, etc could all be warnings but those degenerates have a tendency to expose their agenda in the open. Best way to hide something is to not hide it in the first place.

            It’s possible Santa is such anagram. On the subject of Satan, a more recent reference I read:

            As with many ancients, the pre-Persian Israelites/Judeans had a strong belief that God brought humans their total experience. Everything good or bad came from God. The Persians had in their religion a good god (Ahura Mazda), who created all good and an evil god (Angra Mainyu), who created all evil. This concept made more sense than one God who did everything. Hence, the concept of ha-Shatan [5] entered into Judaism and since the demons needed a commander, Satan (named Samael) was elected.

            [5] The original job of ha-Shatan was not as the Christians of today see it. It was very similar to that of the Egyptian god Set in that he was to attempt to mislead in this life and to be the accuser of the soul of the righteous in the afterlife. See the Book of Job in the Scriptures.

            Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D., “The Origins of The Kabbalah”

        • Italo Vernazza

          Point 4… all important to keep to try an keep Titanic II afloat… but failing…

          • Omega

            Looking at the decaying humanity’s state of mind, I think the Titanic II is still very much afloat. Sinking, surely, but slowing enough to make it to destination.

          • Italo Vernazza

            You are, I hope,
            only half right; “T II” has now reached the bottom of the Ocean and the frantic
            nasties are clearly on Panic mode. Still, our big problem is to defeat overall
            gullibility and crass stupidity and – if at all possible – it shall require a
            lot of patience and the right ways to a proper de-formatting and educational
            effort… not a mean task… but it seems to me as if common sense was starting
            to timidly blossom again in the middle of the ruins; the mental dust and the
            rusty bits of iron of the exploded dam of lies… We must teach our peoples to
            look properly… and correctly read faces. The nasties are expert liars… but they
            can’t help but wear it on their faces.

          • Omega

            Objectively speaking, nothing has really changed – aside from the world becoming crazier that is. For thousands of years, a small clique of “wise men” have controlled most people. It was many gods before, and one god today. It was solar/lunar cycles before, and “global warming” today. Hopefully, Reason will prevail.

      • Selbstdenker

        Thanks for the link to the document. Well spent time reading it!

        • Omega

          Most welcome.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Dumbass Jew fucks thought that the Americunt idiots killing Soleimani would dent Iran’s commitment to the Axis of Resistance, however as I predicted it has now redoubled and there are more Iranians or allies operating from Iraq to Lebanon that ever before. The Zionist child killing cowardly scum are literally crapping in their kippas. The accuracy of Hezbollah missiles is now also at a peak.

  • FilastinHuratan

    Iran only needed to make 1statement to the U.S.: if you attack us we’ll attack “israel”. And dure enough, the OUTLAW, psychopath-run, blackmailing, sanctioning, belligerent, rogue empire-in-decline backed off immediately. Not that it stood any chance to win a war anyway.

  • Assad must stay

    i dont blame them, iran has loooots of missiles lol

  • Vitex

    “Cries out in pain while he hits you”

  • Luke Hemmming

    What is Israel worried about? They got the David sling and iron dome system…oh yeah ok yeah say no more…yup Israel should be worried.