Israeli Hermes 450 Armed Drone Spotted Over Hezbollah Stronghold In Lebanon

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Israeli Hermes 450 Armed Drone Spotted Over Hezbollah Stronghold In Lebanon

Elbit Hermes 450 drone at the Israeli Air Force exhibition held in Ramat David AFB on Israel’s 69th Independence Day, 2 May 2017, by Wikimedia used Oren Rozen.

On June 13, an Israeli Hermes 450 was spotted while conducting what appears to be an armed patrol along the separation line with South Lebanon, the main stronghold of Hezbollah.

Ali Shoeib, a reporter of Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV and al-Noor Radio, shared a close up image of the drone that was carrying two large pods under its wing. According to Shoeib, the drone flew over the settlements of Metula and Kfar Giladi for more than three hours.

The pods appeared to be different in shape from the external fuel tanks usually installed on the Hermes 450LE [Long Endurance] variant. The pods are also larger than electronic warfare and intelligence systems which were spotted before on this type of drone.

A Hermes 450 drone was spotted with similar pods over the Gaza Strip in 2014. Back then, sources told The Aviationist blog that these were “firing pods” for a light missile, most likely the Israeli-made Mikholit.

On March 31 2018, a Hermes 450 drone carrying at least four Mikholit missiles crashed in South Lebanon. The crash confirmed that the drone has combat capabilities.

The Mikholit small diameter guided missile which was designed to be launched from drones is one of Israel’s best kept military secrets. The specifications of the missiles are unknown but most open sources suggest that it is linked to the Israeli Nimrod missile, which is guided with semi-active laser. The missile was used during the last battle in Gaza.

Israeli Hermes 450 Armed Drone Spotted Over Hezbollah Stronghold In Lebanon

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Israeli drones are apparently still conducting armed patrols along the separation line with South Lebanon despite recent threats by Hezbollah. Earlier this year, the Lebanese group fired a missile at an Israeli drone that crossed into Lebanon’s airspace.


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330 million drones live in USA, but I believe they are too obese to function except as burger flippers for Macdonalds

jens holm

Sure those small and smaller drones mainly are used as hobby. But we use them for more and more real jobs too.

We find lost people with them. Firefighters can see inside buildings not being there. Crops are controlled for bug and sometimes also for lack of water. They bring medicine to isolated Islands in small amount(like diabetes or painkillers). They are used as trafficounters so the police fx can make alternative roads for too many cars.

I use a medical center with some doktors and nurces. They only can take not advanced bloodtests. Its the plan they shall have a drone bringing blood samples to Our advanced hospital, which then send the results several times a day and by that also faster back to us.

The army has many of those small ones only with a small direct camara and find hidden enemies much better. Fx its not enough just to hide behind a hill.

We do have more and more rules or restrictions because as You might indicate, there are too many burger flippers also trying to look into Your backyard and into real airspace.

Thats how it is inDenmark.

We produce drones. Another factory is sold to USA for much money with its patents most likely to the USA army devellopers.

You can order one here.

Its in danish. there is 6 danish Kroner for 1 dollar.

jens holm

The writer about Burgers also dont see that those many droines in USA also is because they are many inhabitants as well as they work in advanced economies and therefore can effort to have hobbies like this.

People for good reasons having collapsed and almost collapsed economies themself every week predict the dollar will collapse, but they never say TOO as OURS.


your cheese economy deeply in debt—when dollar crashes, so does kroner…Russia vast reserves—has sold all dollars to the burger flipping idiots

jens holm

If any has problems in this system we are insurred by each other and by that can help.

If fx USA is in big financiel problems, we will help them to decline to a better level.

Debts are vitals in Our economies, when they are made as investments. Very much is like that.

You are so stupid not even trying to understand, tbhat for all western knowing the simple things in Our economy, You are la la – la la and hip hop with a dead turkish tourist camel.

And You repeat it again and again. I wonder what You compare with is better and can give us some links. Rubels, rials, liras.

You certainly know less then nothing about Our world

Arch Bungle

Danish drones are all backdoored by the cia.
They voluntarily bend over for their yanqui masters.

jens holm

Im fine with Your conclusion. Some says Jews run everything. Facts are things here is going pretty well.

As Chairman Mao once said. The color of the cat is not important as long as it catch mice.

Those are the facts. Compared to many others, the CIA are friends.

After all we make 60.000 dollar a year in GDP and a high living standard as well.

We even sell more to them, then we buy from them. And You dont understand we partly own each other as stockholder. Even You can buy good shares from the danish stockmarket. And that loan from You pays off.


many nations produce drones—Russia, China, Iran, etc
drones unnecessary for advanced nations that have satellites—Russia, China, Iran, etc
“the East German Stasi could only have dreamed of having a police state like USA”. Thomas Drake

jens holm

Thats crap. When som write they have 300 million burger drones it says everyone can have one, if they want to.

Its not like that in Russia, China and Iran.

I see no relations to the Thomas Drake flip flip fandango. Anyone can make something like that. I wonder who it is.


You are an obvious Israeli troll – give it up already, there’s chutzpah, and then there’s just idiocy.

jens holm

Im myself. You are probatly more Jew then me. Im from Skandinavia.


Always thought Scandanavian people are well-read, intelligent and astute. You are the exception.

jens holm

I take that as a compliment.

There is no difference in intelligence for all over the world, which includes women have the same conditions as men are equal players.

I looked up “astute” being not familar with it. As i read it, it has to be in a context.

Fx hens are still alive even we kill many of them and takle their eggs.

And Yes, we are well-read. That gives not only the livingstandard but often higher standards then many other people. But You have to add that You also somehoiw has to be kept in line by responsability. The freedom here based on responsability.

You have to go to school, educate Yourself if You can, You by that almost always are rewarded by better livingstandard and also pay back by higher tax to the next ones, which takes over after You.

So education here is free or almost free, but we pay tax to it.


A Russian should not be talking about health issues.


The worst drone I have ever seen…….


definitely the ugliest.

jens holm

Its probatly because Yours dont have it:)

Arch Bungle

They have better.

jens holm

None has denied that. What do You expect ??? Assad Syrians and the fanatic Shiits smiling and only taking a picture sending mms – very nice looking, we let those one go, they are more beautifull then our birds, and we cant eat it.

A Clown like you

wtf are you trying to say?
“Its probatly because Yours dont have it:)”

jens holm

“It” is that kind of drone or any.

jens holm

Chairman Mao once said he didnt care about the color of a cat if it catched mice well.

But You are right, its no beauty.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Ya es hora de que la milicia de Hezbola del Líbano incorpore sistemas antiaéreos Rusos e Iraníes, pueden ser los sistemas Pantsir S1, Thor, o alguno de los similares de Irán, ya que no se puede permitir la violación permanente del espacio aéreo del Líbano por parte de Israel, ya que usan el espacio aéreo para lanzar ataques sobre todo el eje de la resistencia!!. Por lo tanto es necesario ponerle un punto final a esta situacion.

Fog of War

Why was it not shot down ? Does Hezbollah have no AA ?

jens holm

It was baby making time.

A Clown like you

I did, with you mother bitch.

jens holm

Very good. We knew there were so many paying necrophiles too.

Arch Bungle

Hezbollah tends to hack and infiltrate israeli drones.

As in the Hariri case, they piggyback on israeli drones to understand what the jews are looking at.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
jens holm

Its not like that. They share relevant information.

And dont offend the pigs.

Arch Bungle

Talking gibberish again.

jens holm

We never use “piggy back here”.

It could be relevant as word, if those were used for sending food and water for rescue areas.

We would use container, extra luggage or fueltanks.

Most of the world has a more positive attitude to pigs, because they make good cheep meat by eating things we cant and wont eat.

They are almost like You. If You get the right conditoons and are washed and treated well You will be first class too.

For some strange reasons we wont eat You.


why fag of war not shot down in hillbilly village?

A Clown like you

What do you think? No, really tell me.
Lebanon has 9K32 Strela-2, (ZU-23-2, ZPU) those are not standards for a country.
There are many reasons but you seem to just act like bitch trying to talk shit…it is stupid of you, don’t make fool of yourself.


another perspective…
“amerikans are really just 300 million used car salesmen that have no qualms about killing anybody that makes them uncomfortable”. Hunter Thompson

A Clown like you

Lebanon soon or later must buy air defense systems, from Russia or Iran, or even China.
Speaking of China, they are eyeing Lebanon to be part of their road and belt initiative, the Chinese I believe made a deal with Lebanon to use one of Lebanon port and now after that event last year in Lebanon, words going around that China wants to rebuild the port and help Lebanon eco as well.

It is funny how the way is clear for China to take the power…the G7 achieve nothing but saying shit at each other BTW, they fight for a matter of facts.
Biden attacked British ape and Australian ape the same time and etc etc

A Clown like you

Also, let me be more clear for those who are under the age and don’t understand anything yet, and they think they are funny kids.
By “China eyeing Lebanon” I mean they are making decisions to put more money into Lebanon, and already they do have a great friendship with each other but Chine also sees the bad apples in Lebanon as well.

BTW, if war breaks out there wouldn’t be much of Zion left…Lebanon with Iran locked all Zion military sites and they send rockets and ground everything in Zion State, remember during a war no one care about human or rules, they fight Zion as well so there is that, they are not humans in the first place.

jens holm

Most of that is crap. You kind of expect most Lebanese are with with Russia, Iran etc.

They are not. The few productive ones, where not a single one is Hesbollah, are trying to emmigrate or at least stay somewhere else.

A Clown like you

Most of them are you stupid Nazi bitch. Hezbollah is growing and growing within Lebanon, it is a fact and that is thanks to Zion pigs. You can ignore it all you want kiddo I don’t care what you want to believe. Facts are facts.
I have seen your comments before, I’m not going to talk to a stupid ass kid.
Read what you said…you point in the air and saying believe me…no thank you I’m not buying shit from you.

Last edited 1 month ago by A Clown like you
jens holm

I agree at the contrast making, which unfortunatly is both ways.

I kind of accept it and love it, because as long as You kill each other, none from there will come here.

I dont talk to You but the normal readers of this. We and my parents too has payd waiting for some solution since 1949. Small amouts, but west pays to people where none are even a kind of family. We also pay for the many muslms and also few Christians, which for good reasons comes here.

No shit from here. I send soap. You dont take it, baecause You know that within 60 sekonds, You will not exist.

jens holm

50% of the incomming muslims after 10 years still has no descent taxpaying job contributing with only minus.