Israeli Military Dropped Leaflets With Photos Of Senior Syrian Officer, Hezbollah Commander Over Al-Quneitra

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Israeli Military Dropped Leaflets With Photos Of Senior Syrian Officer, Hezbollah Commander Over Al-Quneitra

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On May 27, the Israeli military dropped leaflets with photos of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officers and commanders of Lebanon’s Hezbollah over the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra.

Brig. Gen. Hussein Hammouch, commander of the 1st Corps’ 90th Brigade, and Munir Ali Naeem Shaito, a senior commander of Hezbollah, can be both seen in the photos.

Shaito, also known as “Jawad Hashim” and “Haj Hashim,” is reportedly one of Hezbollah’s top commanders in al-Qunitra and a personal advisor to Brig. Gen. Hammouch. “A criminal like his father” was written under Shaito photo in the leaflets.

The Israeli military dropped similar leaflets with threats to several units and commanders of the SAA 1st Corps over the last few months.

In leaflets dropped over al-Quneitra on May 6, the Israeli military accused Brig. Gen. Hammouch of facilitating Hezbollah movements on the separation of forces line in coordination with Shaito.

The Israeli military is clearly attempting to intimidate SAA officers and Hezbollah commanders in southern Syria. Tel Aviv is too worried about the Lebanese group presence in the region. Earlier this month, several rockets were launched from the region at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in support of Palestinian factions in Gaza who were facing a large Israeli attack at the time.


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I said a long time ago time to take some high ranking Israeli military out,see how they like that.




Israeli have become experts at criminal behavior

Peter Wallace

They became experts at getting away with their crimes years ago. 1946 the British had their HQ at the King David hotel which was bombed by the Zionist group the Irgun killing 91 people and injuring 40 something of many different nationalities. The British answer to that act of terrorism was to pack up and leave Palestine to the Jews. Now you know why they KNOW they can get away with anything.


inshallah they cant anymore

S Balu

MI 6 cooperation with Mossad is CONTINUOUS TO THIS DAY


do not forget the Zionist Jews originated in the US AND RUSSIA AND THE UK BECAME THEIR NEXT ALLIES but the first origins of Zionist Jews originated in Russia to escape prosecution and so went to Germany and made aggreementis with HITLER AND UK TO SHIP THEM TO PALESTINE IN 1933


The King David Hotel incident is widely regarded as the first act of modern – post 1945 – international terrorism, and the template for future terrorists groups. Peace time terror bombing campaigns began with Zionist actions in Palestine – so it was rather obvious that by the 1960’s displaced militant Palestinians, in form PLO, would eventually emulate the template against Israel itself.

Last edited 4 months ago by VaporTrail
Gentleman Jim

But they have lost the military edge despite over $2 trillion in US and western taxpayer supplied weapons and funds, even the Iron Dud was paid for by the stupid Americunt taxpayers and could not even stop Soviet era grads. The biggest problem for the Zionist child killers now is that the resistance groups have lost all fear of the IDF pussies and can strike any part of occupied Palestine. The Zionist occupation of Palestine is no really untenable and the US dumbass idiots are in trouble themselves and can not save the Zionist cancer.


Terror bombing major buildings of western political significance to get what they want?
So the Zionists have historical form with this, fast forward and scale it up, 911 anyone?

Last edited 4 months ago by QuestionEverything
Gentleman Jim

So-called Israel is now a castrated child molester as even NATO recognizes that the Zionists lost the conflict with tiny Hamas and have no chance against Hezbollah. Israel’s quick agreement on an unconditional ceasefire is actually an admission of defeat according to US analysts.

Simon Ndiritu

So, Israel has right to intimidate commanders of sovereign countries outside its boarders? Its overstepping its mandate and if Syria and Hezbollah don’t stand firm, sporadic bombings will continue.

john wooh

Hey one question for you all, where are our Iranians Ali, Frank, Farbat, Garga and others ???

They had some constructive input here, smart good educated people.

Trap has turned Gay (and is proud)

They left seeing as these forums have become a cesspit of trolls.

john wooh

But this was the goal of this trolls, to spam every article so that people dont communicate in a constructive way and that we dont read comments which had important, useful information.

We could connect from every Continent and share our best ideas/knowledge to change a bit in this World.

Here are at least 30smart people from all over the world, we could achieve so much together no joke.

I hope all the smart, goodhearted people here wont leave because of paid trolls.

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Florian Geyer

The current WordPress comments platform needs the ability to block the jewhadi trolls.


Hi. I’m here, watching in silence and horror because the way the board nose-dived (I was away for about a month and didn’t even open the site for reasons in regard to identity and security); But thank you for your concern and attention.

I have no idea where others are. Maybe they too felt it’s not worth to contribute anymore with the current state of comment section.

john wooh

Glad your back Garga, which candidate is the best for IRAN?
and why is Mahmud Ahmadinedjad blocked as candidate?

I hope the best Iranian will become President of IRAN

Last edited 4 months ago by john wooh

Thank you.
Well, I’m sure we won’t have the best one for president. I was hoping for general Saeed Mohammad, but he wasn’t accepted by the Guardian Council, so I’m upset that we are stock with second rate figures. From the remaining 7, the best choice seems to be Raisi. Although I’m furious that he left the judiciary without finishing what he started. So I’m thinking about sitting this one home. But if I vote, I’ll vote Raisi.
At least there’s no prominent liberal in the race.

Ahmadinejad has changed A LOT (for the worse) since his first term as president. He hurt the country in his second term, specially his last 2 years although nowhere near what Rohani did. I think he is being groomed to become the opposition leader outside the country. He certainly talks like one.


why is raisi the best and how did mahmoud get worse?


I said from the 7 hopeful he seems to be the best. He is clean and there’s no dirt on him (which is rare, given the insane amount of corruption present in the last 2 presidents’ cabinet and cronies, former judiciary head, former parliament speaker and many MPs, heads of CBI, municipalities, state-run companies, all the theft of public funds. almost all of Ahmadinejad’s close circle are in jail for corruption and embezzlement) and he really cleaned the house, but Raisi acts like a one-man-show. He did so many great things in about 2 years which he was appointed as the head of judiciary branch, but alas he failed to make the changes and reforms systematic and independent of an individual. He has to be present for things to proceed and that’s a big negative.

But as I said, we are stuck with midgets, so any short person seems like a giant. 3 of the 7 were disqualified for parliament, so you’d understand how strange is that they are now qualified for presidential elections. One (the head of CBI, the guy who is responsible for devaluation of IRR to %15 of its former value which resulted in a lot of other problems and the authority that green-lit fire-sale of tens of billions of dollars and close to %30 of the CBI’s gold stockpiles) has an open corruption/mismanagement case in the court, this is also very strange. Another is the only constant in each and every presidential elections and now is like a joke. The only other guy besides Raisi is Saeed Djalili and his only important responsibility was to lead the nuclear negotiations during Ahmadinejad presidency.

This election is in reality between Raisi and himself, the other 6 are just there to occupy space.

john wooh

“we are stuck with midgets” Garga you made me laugh thank you for this joke.

Last edited 4 months ago by john wooh
Florian Geyer

It’s the same in the UK Midgit World home that is the House of Parliament.

john wooh

Thank you,
for your honest, informative answer.

Yes i guess your right, General Saeed Mohammad seems like a good candidate, he has Charisma and is young.

I hope our western Puppetleaders, will give u YOUR MONEY back and drop this inhuman sanctions.

Last edited 4 months ago by john wooh

hi Garga!

Jim Allen

Good to see you back. Yes, there’s a troll infestation here, and the comments section is still less than ideal. It’s slowed me down on commenting.


Thank you Jim.
My quarrel is not really with the trolls. They are trolls after all, we had to deal with them from the first day of commenting and besides, it was fun to pull their legs. I missed some of them in fact.
The horror show is why others steal the trolls’ names and post comments? There are at least 3 versions of jens holm and that hindu guy (not counting the names where poster gets creative with their name), it’s confusing and revolting.

And of course there’s the notification issue, ability to vote unlimited times and inability of blocking. Oh and since we don’t see who up-voted, we just have to reply to complements with yet another comment.

But it might be in fact my own problem, being too sensitive and all!

Florian Geyer

It’s good to see you my friend.


Hi, thank you my lord oil tycoon.

er… I meant m’lord! Pardon me insolence fer forge’in’ me own playce! ;-)

Jens Homo

They’re still around.

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Marcelo Rodriguez

Es pura guerra psicológica, los comandantes Sirios y los del Hezbolah, no deberían preocuparse, ya que hay una gran presencia de ellos en Quneitra y en los Altos del Golan, eso lo único que demuestra es el temor del ejército israelí y sus líderes, saben que la resistencia está cada vez más cerca de ellos y se sienten impotentes ya que no pueden hacer nada al respecto!!.


Así es. Como los bombardeos no funcionaron, ahora intentan intimidarlos, pero nada parará las operaciones de Hezbollah en Quneitra.


Sí, tal cual. Me imagino que los comandantes se cagan de la risa más bien que tener miedo. O sea, el riesgo y la amenaza de ser asasinado siempre está, claro, pero eso lo saben desde un comienzo. No me puedo imaginar que estén muy impresionados por unos papelitos.


First, criminal is your entire generation, bloodline and ideology.
Second, you’d already assassinated them if you could. A dog which barks doesn’t bite.

Why stop at such measly insults? You can do better I’m sure, call them arseholes while you’re at it! And good luck with your “intimidation” tactics. Didn’t you think for a second that if these people were to be intimated, they’d choose another line of work/commitment/activity!?

Since the resistance’s policy has changed, you’ll taste what it looks like to cower in fear of retaliation in your rat holes if you try to make good on your threats. Unlike these brave people who fought and crushed the most barbaric terrorists created, supported and unleashed on this earth without hiding in a bunker.
But please, don’t let the recent hand-out of your bottoms to you discourages you from future foolishness. Go right ahead!

PS. Congratulations to the Syrians and Dr. Assad for the landslide victory (>%95). In his last term he managed to defeat combined forces of evil, let’s hope he succeeds in re-uniting his whole country and its reconstruction.
BTW, PKK offshoots joined forces with terror groups (which includes some European governments) to prevent Syrians from casting their votes like the pests which they are. They are begging to be disciplined most severely!


Where do you think Iran is heading for the next 5 years? Do you think they will continue to rise as a regional power, or are the subversive influences going to cause more damage in the long run?


Let me get back to you after the elections with a definite and robust answer.
But in general, the future is bright.


this does not scare SAA one bit, israhell can shove these leaflets up their behind, inshallah this shit stops


Do Joos wipe their ass???

Florian Geyer

Only with their long noses :)


You missed the best part: „Israel“ is heading the leaflet quoting a verse from the Qur‘an.
Roughly meaning „they brought their doom onto themselves“. The hypocrisy. This might as well be valid for the Zionist entity.


It’s better for All Arab and non Arab will work together againts oppression of Zionist towards it’s neighbors.