Israeli Prime Minister Promises Continue Hitting Hezbollah in Syria

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The Israeli Prime Minister said that Tel Aviv will continue to strike Hezbollah targets on the Syrian territory.

Israeli Prime Minister Promises Continue Hitting Hezbollah in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that Tel Aviv will continue to attack Hezbollah facilities, located in Syria. The statement was made just a day after Israel carried out airstrikes on the territory of the Arab country and admitted this fact.

On Friday, the Israeli Air Force entered the Syrian airspace and struck several targets near Palmyra city. The Syrian government claims that one of the Israeli fighter jets was shot down, while another one was damaged, as Syrian air defense troops launched several anti-aircraft missiles against the warplanes.

On Saturday, the Israeli Prime Minister said that the Friday’s airstrikes targeted a Hezbollah convoy, which transported weapons for the resistance movement.

“When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah and we have intelligence and it is operationally feasible, we act to prevent it,” Netanyahu said. “That’s how it was yesterday and that’s how we shall continue to act.”

Meanwhile, on Friday, Israeli ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren was summoned by the Russian Foreign Ministry for clarification of circumstances of the airstrikes of the Israeli Air Force in Syria. The move was taken just a day after Israeli envoy presented his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Syrian military called the latest Israeli airstrikes “a desperate attempt” to support the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, operating on the territory of the Arab country. According to a statement of the Syrian Army, the Israeli attack actually was aimed at positions of government troops in order to weaken their forces, fighting against the IS in the region.

Reportedly, Syrian military have strengthened their presence in the southwestern part of Quneitra province, including the Golan Heights region, after the Israeli airstrikes.

Earlier, it was reported that Israel provided medical treatment for Syrian militants and terrorists, transporting them to the Israeli-occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights. Last September, an Israeli lawmaker said that the Israeli side was also directly aiding the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group in the Golan Heights.

Since 1967, Damascus and Tel Aviv have been technically at war due to Israel’s continued occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights.

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