Israeli Tanks Open Fire At Syrian Army Positions In Al-Quneitra

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Israeli Tanks Open Fire At Syrian Army Positions In Al-Quneitra

A Merkava IV tank. FILE PHOTO: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

On March 2, a main battle tank of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire at a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position in the southern Syrian governorate of al-Qunitra.

The tank fired three shells at the vicinity of the position, which is commonly known as al-Ziraa tower, as a group of unidentified military personnel was approaching it. No casualties or material losses were reported as result of the direct fire attack.

The al-Ziraa tower is a four-storey building that is reportedly being used as an observation position by the SAA’s 90th Brigade.

The Israeli attack came just two days after the IDF warned the SAA against allowing Lebanese Hezbollah to establish a presence on Tell al-Hara hilltop in leaflets which were dropped over the al-Qunitra and neighboring Daraa. Tell al-Hara, which is located in the western Daraa countryside, hosts a former Syrian-Russian signal intelligence base.

The IDF carried out several direct fire attacks and ground intrusion into al-Quneitra buffer zone in the last few months to limit the movements of the SAA and alleged members of Hezbollah.

Israel announced on February 20 that a suspect who had been detained by the IDF after crossing from Syria into the occupied Golan Heights a month earlier was involved in efforts by the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group to gather intelligence.

The situation along the Golan Heights front remains tense. However, the new Israeli attack will not likely lead to any further military escalation.


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Donald GayTrump

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Psionists slaves of America

Pathetic. Meanwhile Iran is 12 days away from having nukes if they choose to do so and there’s nothing Israel or their slaves in the government, in the intel and in the military can do about it. The Ukraine war has bogged them down and shown their weakness. Slava Putin. Slava Bashar Hafez al-Assad.


I know Lebanese Hezbollah… I wasn’t aware there’s also a ‘terror’ group by the same name.


Ever since the Russian war started, SF has become more Zionist friendly, deleting any comment opposing Zionist. The downvoted comments are against Zionist, and the upvoted comments are with Zionist. Everyone that used to comment before the Russia war started is gone, and the comments are now filled with new accounts

Toxic Male

I don’t think they delete comments, it’s just a totally broken comment system where we all can impersonate each other and the admins just don’t care. This of course allowed ukro zio trolls/bots to infest this place.

Peppe il Sicario

They delete, the delete..don’t be so naive!! They delete everything that is critical of the author and editorial line.

Peppe il Sicario

You are absolutely right Jnoub!! Yesterday, that Drago Bosnic character had all my comments deleted which inferred that Vucic, his WEF buddy, was a paid agent working against the interests of the majority of Serbian people.


So when does the Russian Federation finally announce on behalf of it’s host in Damascus in a very public statement at the UN security council that an ATTACK ON SYRIA is an ATTACK ON THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION???…

Say WHEN! Cause they’ve been there going on a decade with their military in the thick of it without once uttering those words!

Last edited 3 months ago by Matt
Kual Svinus

Nuke Israhell Already


No !!!
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