Israeli Targets Unveiled: Recent Airstrikes Knocked Advanced Syrian Air-Defense System Out Of Service

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The Israeli strikes on Syria on August 31 knocked a S-125 “Pechora 2M” air-defense system out of service, newly-released satellite images revealed.

The satellite images, which were shared by the Aurora Intel Twitter account on November 28, confirmed that the strikes destroyed the main radar of a Pechora 2M system deployed near the town of Hayjanah, south of Damascus.

The radar, a SNR-125 “Low Blow,” is a 250 kW I/D-band tracking, fire control and guidance radar with a range of 40 to 80 km. The S-125 can’t function without the Low Blow radar.

The Pechora 2M is an upgraded version of the original Soviet S-125. The version was designed to address the threat of small aerial targets, like drones and cruise missiles. The system’s maximum range is 35 km.

More than 100 S-125 air-defense systems were in service with the Syrian Air Defense Forces prior to 2011. At least 12 of the systems were upgraded to the Pechora 2M standard.

The Hayjanah air defense base was not the only target of the August 31 strikes. A headquarters and a warehouse near Damascus International Airport were also targeted.

Israel rarely disclose the targets of its strikes on Syria. On the other side, Damascus’ Ministry of Defense never reveals its material losses.


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