Israeli Unmanned Ground Vehicle Spotted On Separation Line In Gaza Strip (Photos)

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Israeli Unmanned Ground Vehicle Spotted On Separation Line In Gaza Strip (Photos)

The Jaguar UGV. Click to see full-size image.

On June 19, the National Resistance Brigades (NRB), the military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, shared photos of Israeli troops operating on the separation line around the Gaza Strip.

One of the photos shows a Jaguar unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducting a patrol along the separation line.

The Jaguar UGV, which was developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries, entered service with IDF units around the Gaza Strip last April.

The UGV is armed with a 7.62 mm MAG machine gun which can operate while stationary or on the move. It utilizes high-resolution cameras, transmitters, powerful headlights, and a remote-controlled Public Address system.

Additionally, the Jaguar has the ability to self-destruct if it falls into enemy hands. However, its most unique ability is its semi-autonomous system. The Jaguar is capable of driving by itself to a predetermined destination while spotting and bypassing obstacles using sensors and an advanced driving system, all while its operators and commanders have full operational control.

The NRB did not specify when the Jaguar photo were taken. It may have been taken before the last battle in the Gaza Strip, which broke out on May 10.

The Jaguar enables the IDF to patrol the separation line around Gaza without risking its troops. Palestinian factions in the enclave have both the will and the ability to launch surprise attacks along and behind the separation line.


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A Clown like you

Good job hiding moronic Zion. Also, “Israel Aerospace Industries” 90% of “their” tech and money come from good old yankees.
I remember when Zion dressed as a Woman to hide from Palestinians in Gaza. Also, yeah I remember those very same Zion used a mannequin and put it on UGV trying to fool themselves.

That small UGV is shit, comparing RPG rocket cost to that shit, and let’s not talking about mines etc.
You can’t say shit Zion…look what Russia made and how many problems they have…that shit yankees made…sorry Zion made is much worse.

SF STFU about what it can do or not, we don’t know if it is true or not. F-35s was great, wasn’t it? huh.

Chess Master

Indeed Israel official funds come from USA. But since Russian is as popular in Israel as English is, where did they make all the personal fortunes? Note that most Russian billionaires are jewish and they control most of the Russian natural resources.


Why don’t you give us the names of all these Russian “billionaires”? Perhaps you missed the last two plus decades where Putin & Co. destroyed all the oligarchs and nationalized all industries of strategic importance.

Chess Master

Deripaska, Rotenberg, Abramovich, and another 80-90 are Putin backers. They would’t support him if they couldnt plunder the country. They also make substantial donations in Israel and jewish communities around the globe. All these money come from Russian resources and hard work.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chess Master
jens holm

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The IDF is scared to go into Gaza. “Israelis” are Westernized and care more about going on vacation and posting selfies on Instagram, than dying in some trench in Gaza. People in Gaza have been there for years and are not to simply give up at the face of some stupid Jews playing as soldiers.

jens holm

Always the same “those israeliens are scared”.

The different in this is, their inhabitants are not spendables.

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Just scouting for more women and children to kill, and Palestinian men to blame it all on.


probably an effective vehicle—maybe the amerikans will buy it from them