Kabul & Washington Desperately Counterattack Taliban (Videos)

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Kabul & Washington Desperately Counterattack Taliban (Videos)

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The situation in Afghanistan remains tense, since fierce clashes in strategic provincial capitals all around the country continue. The Afghan National Army supported by Public Uprising Forces and U.S. Air Forces claim some victories, while Taliban militants take control over strategic posts in the cities.

On August 2nd, US Air Forces targeted Taliban in Lashar Gah city, capital of Helmand province. According to representative of the Afghan Defence Ministry, Fawad Aman, 18 terrorists were killed and a large amount of their weapons and ammunition were destroyed as a result of the airstrike.

“Recently people’s homes were bombarded. The Taliban is hiding in people’s houses and using them as shields,” said a civil society activist from Helmand to Tolo news.

The Taliban has reportedly taken control over 9 of 10 districts in Lashar Gah. On August 2, the national TV office was seized. The prison and the police headquarters were reportedly under siege and the district governor’s compound is now the main target for Taliban in the District 1 of the city.

As clashes in Helmand’s capital continue for the 5th day in a row and the city is steadily falling under Taliban’s control, civilians are fleeing their homes, leaving the streets empty.

TOLO news cited security sources claiming that the Taliban had taken over 12 districts in Helmand province except for Kajaki district.

Kabul & Washington Desperately Counterattack Taliban (Videos)

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Meanwhile, the government forces, which received a reinforcement yesterday, supported by national uprising forces, launched clearing operation on the outskirts of Herat provincial center on August 2.

Fierce clashes are reported in the south of the city. On August 2, the Kabul forces repelled Taliban militants from the Pashtun Bridge area located 11 kilometers from the city center. It has been one of the main battlefields on Herat outskirts for several days.

The southern area is of strategic importance as it is located on the main highway that leads to the airport and is close to the UN compound that has recently came under Taliban’s attack.

The Guzara district, where the city’s international airport is located, was taken under Taliban’s control on July 30, but was later reportedly recaptured by pro-government forces. Since then fierce clashes continue in the area.

At the moment, the southern front line is reportedly established in the Bulqa Hay Darqara area, six kilometres south of Herat’s city center.

At the same time, pro-Taliban media released videos, claiming that the Taliban had captured Shawl Bafan check point in the west of Herat.

According to local warlord Ismail Khan, who has 3,000 soldiers now fighting in Herat alongside the Afghan Army, number of casualties in the city remains low.

While fighting in the western Herat, southern Helmand and Kandahar provinces, the Afghan National Army is also forced to contain Taliban militants near the country’s capital.

On August 2, Afghanistan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Public Uprising Forces liberated Nejrab district of Kapisa province, north-east of Kabul. 18 terrorists including Taliban’s local commander were killed during the operation.

Meanwhile, Afghan Air Forces are active in Uruzgan province, located in central Afghanistan, north of Kandahar.

Kabul forces are loosing control over strategically important areas in Afghanistan. While claiming that the recent U.S. air strikes changed military balance on the ground in their favor, ANDSF seem to be doomed.

The rare symbolic U.S. air strikes indicate that Washington has already written off official Kabul from its actual geopolitical strategy.

Kabul & Washington Desperately Counterattack Taliban (Videos)

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US & EU are Zion slaves

You morons – Taliban walking in different parts of Afghanistan doesn’t mean they holding it.
The Afghan army and Taliban say they took it and lost it – every fuking min.
“Taliban had captured Shawl Bafan check point in the west of Herat.” Are they still they?

If they do that they get bomb before they know it but the Afghan “government” knows they are not staying so they don’t send their troops.
Also, the Afghan Army is BS it is less than fuk all, most of them don’t even get pay and it for show LMFAO.

Afghanistan fails – civil war start like before. Whoever won hold the land good luck LMFAO, more Pakistani backward Sunnis going to invade Afghanistan tho, so there is that. They are more Pashtuns in Pakistan than in the whole of Afghanistan and Pakistan sends their own troops in Afghanistan like before under name of the Taliban.

Last edited 1 month ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
US & EU are Zion slaves

Remember no one in Central Asia wants a Pakistan 2.0, where ISIS/Al-Qaeda and Wahhabi Sunnis teaching take place. Right now Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey are waiting and maybe they don’t care because Afghanistan is a backward country and if the Taliban attacks any of those countries they can level Taliban. None of those countries like Afghanistan in the first place.
Also, if the Taliban take power they would welcome Wahhabism, they are backward extremists Sunnis in the first place, they are terrorists extremists Sunnis that have been killing civilians for the past 25 years for power and religion.

PressTV: “Russian, Uzbek troops begin joint drills near border with Afghanistan”
Also, fuk off you m0r0ns Taliban are backward extremists Sunnis and love Wahhabism – Saudi Arabia funded the mother of Pakistani Taliban.
Here even Russia knows what is going on, “This comes as Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has already said that Moscow would provide its Central Asian ally Tajikistan with military assistance if any security threats emanate from Afghanistan, as the Taliban militant group continues to make territorial gains across the war-ravaged country.”

“He had also warned that members of the Daesh militant group are moving into Afghanistan from Syria, Libya, and several other countries.” OHHHHHHH I WONDER WHY.

Afghan Taliban are small number comparing to Pakistani Taliban, and how the fuk you want them to fight against ISIS/Al-Qaeda when Taliban each run their own place under name of the Taliban

north K

Last edited 1 month ago by north K
Marco Polo

At least the Taliban will be bad for Russia, China and Iran.

G2 Man

Not at all. Taliban now have good relations with Russia, China and Iran.The Pashtuns always respected Russians for their military capability and fighting with honor. USSR barely committed any war crimes during its 10 year limited engagement in Afghanistan. The US and NATO are hated universality for committing massive racist war crimes and killing a million Afghans. Even puny inconsequential vassal states like Australia are now implicated on some of the worst atrocities against unarmed Afghan civilians.

US & EU are Zion slaves

STFU kid, “The army of the Soviet Union killed large numbers of Afghans to suppress their resistance. Up to 2 million Afghans were killed by the Soviet forces and their proxies. In one notable incident the Soviet Army committed mass killing of civilians in the summer of 1980.”

Afghans are not Pakistani Taliban fuk face. “USSR barely committed any war crimes during its 10-year limited engagement in Afghanistan.” I hope a country invade your country and “barely” kill 2 million of your population including your family and you, the world doesn’t need m0r0ns like you.

Pakistani Taliban you mean that are not Afghan and invaded Afghanistan? Fully funded by ISS (Pakistan) and Wahhabi Sunnis (SA) and live in Pakistan and hide in Pakistan after they kill Afghan civilians, why do you think Pakistan cried and begged yanquis to not bomb Pakistani Taliban? Or why yanquis bombed Pakistan before they made a deal with the “Taliban”?

“The US and NATO are hated universality for committing massive racist war crimes and killing a million Afghans.”
USSR 10 years killed 2 million Afghan vs NATO+US 20 years killed 47,600 civilians. Where did you get your numbers? Send a link.

“Even puny inconsequential vassal states like Australia are now implicated on some of the worst atrocities against unarmed Afghan civilians.”
Give the whole story and you see it is not even close to what ISIS/backward Sunnis/USSR/Pakistan/Taliban did in Afghanistan.
Who killed more civilians in Afghanistan, Australia, or the Taliban? Taliban by long shot.

My god your kind of people are just sad mfs that I hate, live in your ignorance fuk face.

G2 Man

You need to grow up and post adult style and show respect. Brats have no place and can not be taken seriously. No one cares about your rants.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Kiddo STFU and stop lying like a pig. What are you a fuking Zion.
Grow up and do show us your proof that yanquis and NATO killed a million Afghans. Where did you hear/read that?
You are a rtd kid, grow up and stop lying holy fuk.


You got owned mate. Fair dinkum.


“Up to 2 million Afghans were killed by the Soviet forces and their proxies.”
Blindly believing Murican globalist propaganda, sad!

US & EU are Zion slaves

LMFAO, they did it is a fact…live in your moronic world kiddo. I don’t care, I can’t talk to rtd like you.
Yeah, somehow yanquis and NATO killed a million Afghans recording to other moron. You believe that tho right stupid fuk.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Which Taliban?
Pakistani Taliban are slaves of China and in need of Russia.
Afghan Taliban is under number to be anything.
Afghanistan would be used as a terrorist growing country, Russia even said they are a number of ISIS and other terrorists groups are moving in Afghanistan.

G2 Man

That is a fair assessment on the whole. The US defeat and flight from Afghanistan is a harbinger of further destabilization in both Afghanistan and Pakistan where the Baluch are already engaged in a very successful war of liberation and the Pashtun, particularly in FATA tribal areas have been totally radicalized and have been waging a war against the corrupt Punjabi Pakistani army for over two decades now. The Pashtunistan issue that came out of the British created arbitrary Durand Line that artificially divided Afghanistan and Pashtun areas will surface again. The US has further poured fire on the issue by introducing extremist Wahhabi element in collaboration with Pakistani intelligence services. There is more than probable change of very violent inter-Afghan and Pashtun conflict. The US as usual has played a very destabilizing spoiler role with unforeseen consequences for all.

north K

lost cause. it is pretty much over. north americans left behind enormous amount of weapons when they fled making south vietnam “the 4th strongest military in the world,” but it didn’t last long. it is a matter of time. afghan puppets got about 3 months and the puppet president will show up in california just like vietnamese puppet president.

Last edited 1 month ago by north K
Raptar Driver

It is better For the Taliban or any local warlord to rule than the Americans slowly sucking you dry like the vampire it is.


what do you mean? sit on the dirt and eat with our feet like Osama wahabbi muzlim? Is that cool? turn primitive wahabbi? ya like that?

G2 Man

Just a cursory glance at the map clearly shows that the US installed puppet Ghani regime will not survive. They would be lucky to hold on to Kabul for a few months, but ANA collapse is inevitable. At the peak of Afghan occupation by US and NATO over 300,000 troops, mercenaries (contractors) and assorted guns for hire were occupying the major Afghan cities during day time, but the resistance groups held sway at night and totally in the rural Pashtun speaking areas, particularly the crucial beltway that connects the major Afghan population centers in a loop from Kabul to Mazar e Sharif. Now with the corrupt and poorly led ANA with a phantom paper force of barely 150,000 is expected to hold to a country size of Texas, simply not militarily possible. The US indiscriminate bombing of Pashtun villages in sheer desperation will only exacerbate the military situation. US needs to learn to lose with dignity as that has been its only fate since Korea.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man

Bonza comment mate.



G2 Man

Like after the defeat in Vietnam, the US will be saddled with around 200,000 Afghans as refugees. The US is a very mean and nasty place devoid of any medical or social welfare safety net, so these uneducated quisling Afghans devoid of any money will soon feed resentment. The US is already a very nasty and violent society prone to daily mass shooting and bringing in thousands of sell out Afghans is a recipe for a mass implosion.

Peter Wallace

BEIJING (AP) — More than 300 people died in recent flooding in central China, authorities said Monday, three times the previously announced toll.

Looks like you made up bullshit as usual ya Pict

China implosion agenda 2025

Those numbers are released by ccp all fake


Indians are the most dishonest people. They lie and some claimed to be doctors and killed a lot of Aussies. Never hire a hindoo.


You Indians are liars mate and septic.


USA = gay loser empire in sharp decline


Nasty thread for people who let a few zionist pigs distract them.