Kiev Imposes Sanctions On De-Facto Leader Of Most Popular Ukrainian Political Party To Fight ‘Dangerous Growth’ Of Opposition

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Kiev Imposes Sanctions On De-Facto Leader Of Most Popular Ukrainian Political Party To Fight 'Dangerous Growth' Of Opposition


The Kiev regime continues to prove that Ukraine is the land of freedom and democracy, at least in the modern meaning of these terms.

Earlier in February, the Ukrainian authorities led by Volodymyr Zelensky closed the most popular opposition TV channels (ZIK, 112 Ukraine and NewsOne TV) and accused the leader of one of the opposition parties (Anatoly Shariy) of treason.

On February 19, the ‘young Ukrainian democrats’ continued their push and imposed sanctions on 6 more people, including a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from the opposition – Viktor Medvedchuk. Medvedchuk is the de-facto leader of the Opposition Platform — For Life, which easily overcame the popularity of the ruling Zelensky-led party and became the most popular political force in the country in the recent months.

However, the formal reason of the move, as well as the previous illegal censorship and political persecution efforts that became a cornerstone of the current Kiev regime, is as always the alleged work against Ukrainian interest in the interests of the Kremlin.

The State Security Service of Ukraine also claimed that it has opened the case against Medvedchuk and his wife over their supposed involvement in the ‘financing of terrorism’. By this term, the Kiev regime even describes any business with Russia that it does not like. At the same time, both previous and current presidents of Ukraine – Poroshenko and Zelensky – have active business projects in Russia.

Anybody who criticizes the current failed state of Ukraine and reveals facts about the Western control of its Eastern European colony is for sure a ‘Kremlin agent’ according to Ukrainian authorities. However, the introduction of sanctions against own citizens is a kind of Ukrainian know-how. The current Ukrainian leadership cannot legally win any real political competition even in the state of total censorship, suppression and physical elimination of any opponents.

The denial of the sad reality of the modern Ukraine does not help to convince citizens to believe in the fake successes of the ‘Ukrainian democracy’.


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