Kurdish PKK Fighters Released Videos Of Drone Attacks On Turkish Forces (Videos)

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has carried out two new attacks with primitive armed drones against the Turkish military.

The attacks, which took place on October 20 and 29, targeted posts of the Turkish Armed Forces in the southeastern Turkish region of Hakkâri, on the border with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The Gerîla TV released videos of the attacks, which appeared to be successful. However, no losses were reported.

The PKK carried out the attacks with a locally-modified variant of the X-UAV mini-Talon, armed with what appears to be 60 mm mortar shells. Similar drones were used by the Kurdish guerilla group in previous attacks.

Earlier this year, the Turkish military carried out a series of operations against PKK remnants in the northern part of the Kurdistan Region.

The Ministry of Defense of Turkey claims that 83 PKK fighters were killed, injured or captured in the operations, dubbed Claw Tiger and Claw Eagle.

Despite these operations, the PKK is still present in the area of Haftanin, along Turkey’s border. From there, the guerilla group continues to launch attacks against Turkish government forces, especially in Hakkâri.


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