Kurdish Separatism in Iran

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Kurdish Separatism in Iran

When the new Chief of the Joint Staff for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gen. Mohammad Bagheri was delivering his opening speech to the staff of Iranian army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) after taking office, he outlined the ‘internal threat’ as one of the main threats to the national security, primarily, referring to the Kurdish separatism. In recent months, this threat has become more distinct and aggressive. Fighters of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are its main source. The group operates in the northwestern part of Iran and has never declared a ceasefire with Tehran, since the group’s creation in 2004.

It’s important to note that recently the forces of two other Kurdish groups, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI) and the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), have also increaed attacks against the IRGC.

Earlier, Iranian authorities were able to counter such threats enough quickly, using the factor of the Kurdish disunity, which allowed to conclude a truce with one or two groups during the confrontation with the third one. The situation has changed. The all three grouups have their own command and, reportedly, they do not coordinate attacks on Iranian security forces with each other. However, they act together, using armed methods of struggle.

Reaction to this challenge will push Iranian security forces to increase the amount of the permanent based troops in areas on the border with Iraq and Turkey. The very same time, they will also need to keep at least the same number of troops in the areas, traditionally inhabited by other three very troubled ethnic minorities: Azerbaijanis, Balochs and Ahwazi Arabs. In this situation, the Iranian leadership has chosen the tactical scheme that includes the following points:

  • Attempts to inflict a maximum damage to the groups’ infrastructure, using warplanes and multiple rocket launchers;
  • Separate negotiations with the leadership of the KDPI and the PAK in order to fragment the Kurdish Front;
  • Conducting an aggressive policy of establishing its influence in the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq in order to deprive the Kurdish separatists rear bases in the area.

This is the reason for the invitation of the President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, in Tehran. Training of units loyal to Jalal Talabani in the Iraqi Kurdistan by Iranian military pursues the same goal.

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The Kurd’s were invented by Stalin to use to destroy Iran. The Kurd’s have been terrorist and Zionist ever since. Their closest allies are Mossad and CIA. They are a threat to all humanity so long as they continue their campaign to fracture Syria into itty bitty pieces. And so long as their desire is the break Iran’s back and fracture into a balkanize ruckus of tiny helpless countries.
They all wave the Atheist Red Star which genocided millions of good Christian Russian people.


Invented ? What planet did u land from, u stupid retard again? Kurds splitting syria and iran ?… like the way Kurdistan split in 4 pieces? Anybody offered them any righteous dignity yet? Let me know… Selahattin Ayyubid , the kurdish Muslim leader who defeated the Satanist Templar forces invented by f..ing Stalin????

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The “anti-racist” (lol) guy is known to be rather significantly whacked in the head. :P
Now he will probably proceed to call us “Jews” for not agreeing with him as he likes to do.

So-Hail Mozaff

Kurd’s polotical and social ideology is expired after expiration of Soviet Empire.
They just want to be independence but dont know the costs and they allways acting as CIA or MI6 terrorist puppets.
Most of kurds are nice people but all of them suffering from super Racism disease just like Jews.
They have tension and skirmish with everyone in the region and bring the violently chaos for their own state or local government (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey) in the name of freedom fighting.
And foolish reason for what they claims as the super race of ‘KURD’ is just an accent; even the grammer and language construction is based on Farsi but much older than modern Farsi.
Anyway, as many years they fight for stablishing a fake country of Kurdistan but they dont know how to run a country or their economy and shit.
After many years and sacrificing many lives for the infamous british made illusion of Kurdistan only achievement was Civil wars, Civilian casualties, hatred and Israel beneficiary.
Racism makes Terrorism
Kurd is not a specific race but CIA media imply and fool them to believe they are a super race and better to have a separate state of their own.