Land Of Freedom And Democracy: After Shutting Down Opposition TV Channels, Kiev Regime Issues ‘Treason’ Accusation Against Opposition Blogger

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Land Of Freedom And Democracy: After Shutting Down Opposition TV Channels, Kiev Regime Issues ‘Treason’ Accusation Against Opposition Blogger

Anatoly Shariy

The Kiev regime continues to demonstrate that it has successfully learnt lessons of its Washington puppets and is widely employ censorship, political persecutions and intelligence services to suppress the opposition and persecute Ukrainian citizens.

After shutting down opposition TV channels by imposing sanctions (on a Ukrainian citizen and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament (!), the Zelensky government moved forward in burning the weak vestiges of freedom of speech in Ukraine.

On February 16, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) released a video accusing the prominent political blogger and opposition politician in exile, Anatoly Shariy. Expectedly, according to the SBU, Shariy works in the interests of the Kremlin.

Shariy received asylum in the European Union in 2012 as he was reportedly persecuted by Ukrainian law enforcement bodies related to his journalist work. Then, Viktor Yanukovich was the president of Ukraine. Therefore, it is hard to consider Shariy to be a supporter of the ‘bloody Yanukovich regime’.

Since 2014, Shariy has gained a wide popularity in Ukraine due to his regular video blogs revealing fakes of Ukrainian and Western propaganda and the permanent state of chaos and corruption of the ‘new democratic Ukrainian state’ under the rule of its ‘Western partners’.

For years, Shariy was a vocal critic of Petro Poroshenko and was actively supporting Volodymyr Zelensky (that then promised to support the peace settlement in Eastern Ukraine, fight the corruption and restore the order in the government) during the 2019 presidential campaign. However, then, it appeared that Zelensky is just Poroshenko 2.0 and his government is not interested in protecting the real Ukrainian national interests but rather employs various illegal tools, including funding of neo-Nazi radical militant groups, to secure the power. Thus, the focus of work of Shariy and his political party that he established in 2019 turned to be to oppose both Zelensky and Poroshenko.

Activists and members of the Party of Shariy were repeatedly attacked by government-backed radicals and militants.

I thank the SBU for raising suspicion by publishing a propaganda video in telegrams on the article “High treason”.

Now I don’t need to prove to the EU once again that all cases against me – pure politics.

Shariy and his party have little presence within the government bodies. For example, in the 2020 Ukrainian local elections the party gained 52 deputies. However, they achieved a significant success in Ukraine as the opposition media phenomenon – mostly due to the fact that the government was not able to detain or kill Shariy, who remains in the European Union.

Therefore, the media work of Shariy and his circle cause a permanent concern among the Ukrainian leadership as it reveals the sad reality of the modern Ukraine that goes contrary to MSM propaganda and loud statements of representatives and sponsors of the Kiev regime.


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