Large Blast Hits Gas Pipeline In Capital Of Lugansk People’s Republic (Video)

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Last night, a large blast erupted at a gas pipeline in the city of Lugansk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine.

Local authorities reported no casualties in the incident. Despite this, the blast became only the latest in a long series of explosions, saboteur attacks and IED ambushes that hit villages and cities controlled by self-defense forces of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. According to local sources, the Ukrainian side has been actively working to destabilize the situation in the region.

Regardless, the real source of the recent explosion in Lugansk, the general trend towards the intentional destabilization of humanitarian situation is an intentionally created and fueled by the Kiev regime and its foreign masters.

Large Blast Hits Gas Pipeline In Capital Of Lugansk People's Republic (Video)

A general view at the military situation in the region


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L du Plessis

US orgestrated sabotage.


An UkroNAZI + SBU Terrorist Attack, Obviously! Not the first one.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brokenspine66

Take the war to Kiev.

Lone Ranger

Just take Kiev.
It will fall in a few days.


It wouldn’t take that long.


incompetent CIA agents learning about fire

Lone Ranger

Time to take Ukropisstan and make it Russia again.
Western parts can join Pooland and Hungary.


The western cesspool Galicia where the degenerated UkroNAZI Terrorist scum mostly originated AKA crawled from under the rocks, was once [long time ago] part of the gone Austro-Hungary Empire but neither Austria or Hungary want something to do with that cesspool of subhuman excrement.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brokenspine66

Resource infrastructure sabotage – exact same modus operandi the CIA currently uses against Venezuela. Where same thing has regularly happened in recent years – gas storage facilities or pipelines, on edge of a town, inexplicably go up in ball of fire during the small hours. CIA recruits and pays mercenary saboteurs – Colombians to infiltrate Venezala, Ukrainians to infiltrate Lugansk. Dirty, undeclared, CIA subversion warfare.

Last edited 1 month ago by VaporTrail

Exact same modus operandi the ZioNAZIs of IsraHell currently uses against Iran. Mossad KSA + CIA recruits and pays mercenary terrorist saboteurs.

The end

Saboteurs should be shot on site and buried in shallow grave with no name. My second favorite would be feed to the pigs (not to the dogs) and then export the pig meat back to the country of origin.