Lavrov: Russia Remains Committed To Idlib Agreement, Despite Difficulties

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Lavrov: Russia Remains Committed To Idlib Agreement, Despite Difficulties

Sergey Lavrov. Image: Pavel Golovkin/AP

Russia is still committed to its agreement with Turkey on the Syrian governorate of Idlib, despite many difficulties, the country’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on March 29 after arriving in Ankara to discuss several issues with Turkish officials.

“There is continues contact between the officers [Russians and Turks], who are playing a critical role in the implementation of Idlib agreement, and I’m sure that despite the tough situation in that area, we will move forward step by step,” Lavrov said answering a question by RT’s reporter on the fate of Idlib agreement during a press conference with his Turkish counterpart.

Lavrov added, that Moscow and Ankara had already succeeded in implementing one step, which is patrolling the demilitarized zone around Idlib. However, he stressed that radical militants should stop their attacks.

From his side, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that settling the situation in Idlib is a “joint responsibility” of Moscow and Ankara. The minister also acknowledged that the violations of the demilitarized agreement on Idlib has increased.

Under the Russian-Turkish agreement, which was reached last September, a 15-20km demilitarized zone was established around Idlib. However, radical militants are still present within the zone.

Russia and Turkey seem to be not willing to put an end to the demilitarized zone agreement, likely due to the lack of a more effective alternative. However, if the sides seek to achieve a further progress in their de-escalation efforts, a more effective approach should be developed.

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Well I take my hat off to Russia for standing beside Syria in its hour of need, however they must also look out for their own financial interests. Primarily the pipeline.
SAA needs to start at Aleppo, drive Qaeda back at least to the Idlib provincial boundary. Do likewise in the south, Homs must be clean. Slow and steady.


That is, we will please Turkey at any cost and maintain Idlib as a safe havens zone for terrorists and Turkey. The partition of Syria made between Lavrov-Karry some time ago must be obeyed. Russia priority are the Turkey-Russia economical and commercial agreements (S-400, nuclear plant, gas pipe line), ok, everything is over. PEACE AT LAST (?), says Russia. However, maybe terrorists might think different, don’t you think ?