Lenin, Mao, Stalin Shocked: Donald Trump Jr. Makes The World Laugh At His Ignorance

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Lenin, Mao, Stalin Shocked: Donald Trump Jr. Makes The World Laugh At His Ignorance

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The United States has lost its status of a democratic state. Censorship affected the U.S. President, Twitter has permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account. The US fiasco echoed in all liberal countries. This ban particularly shocked Donald Trump Jr., who posted in Twitter, worrying that he would soon be blocked too:

“The World is laughing at America & Mao, Lenin, & Stalin are smiling.”

Trump Jr. is right that the world is laughing at the US now. However, the nonsense he says makes the world laugh louder. Trump Jr.’s claims prove his patriotism and readiness to defend the freedom of speech, as well as his ignorance and lack of education.

It remains unclear why, speaking about the censorship, Donald Trump Jr. mentions Vladimir Lenin, one of the main theorists of socialism, who has always been adherent to freedom of speech, pluralism of opinions, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities for all people. The modern ideology of the Western left is based on the ideological concepts developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Moreover, Lenin completely retired from governing young Soviet Russia more than 10 years before the restrictions and repressions began in the USSR in the 1930s. Almost 10 years after Lenin’s death, pluralism and relative freedom of speech remained in the USSR within the framework of the left paradigm. To mention Lenin in the context of censorship is to curtsy to the Western leftists.

The same question can be asked to the political activities and worldview of Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin. Among these three historical figures, only J. Stalin can be directly connected with censorship and restriction of freedom of speech. At the same time, this will distort the historical picture, since it is only possible to do without taking into account the realities of the USSR in the 1930s.

Donald Trump Jr. as a representative of the American elite confirms the general low intellectual level. Apparently, the son of the US President did not bother to read the articles in Wikipedia about historical figures that he mentions in his statements, let alone their works. The President Trump’s problem is not in himself as the spokesman for the ideas and thoughts of a significant part of American society, but in the fact that his environment, including his family, suffers from a narrow outlook, lack of strategic thinking, and sometimes stupidity.

Today the elites become so fat brained that even when addressing their audience in an attempt to offend the collective left, in practice, they offend their supporters with such ignorance.

Trump, having become the spokesman for a significant part of Americans, in many ways, did not live up to their expectations. In fact, it is difficult to be incorporated in the US establishment as an elitist, while trying to defend the basic interests of the US citizens who are not associated with tech corporations and global finance or are not dependent on social security.

One of the main problems of the modern United States is the intellectual impotence of its elites. Except for their top representatives. This situation is aggravated by the general level of well-being in the country: the population does not worry about food, housing, clothing. The current situation is reminiscent to the period of decline in Ancient Rome, when jaded people did not have to worry about bread and circuses.

The real difference between the recent BLM protests and what is happening now in the US is that the globalists, spurring BLM, relied on those who had a subsistence minimum and who had nothing to lose beyond it. This social phenomenon caused the behavior that was called looting. The situation is different with right-wingers. They are still adherents of the traditional way of life, trying to achieve the American Dream: a constant business or job that allows to buy a house, support a family and to barbecue every Sunday. Today the major paradigm is changing, which deprives them of their traditional way of life and stability.

Thus, the upper hand in the current confrontation is likely to be determined by the statement known since the days of Napoleon: “God is always on the side of the big battalions”.


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