Lithuania Plans to Spend €5.8 Million to Meet NATO’s ‘Defenders of Russian Aggression’


About €5.8 million will be spent from the Lithuanian budget in order to prepare the infrastructure for deployment NATO units on the territory of the country.

Lithuania Plans to Spend €5.8 Million to Meet NATO's ‘Defenders of Russian Aggression’


Lithuania has calculated the cost of improving of the infrastructure for deployment NATO units on the territory of the country. Next year, contingent of the Western armed forces, the main part of which will be made up of servicemen from Germany, will arrive to Lithuania. The cost for their deployment for the state budget will be about €5.8 million. Reportedly, the NATO troops will be stationed on military bases in Rukla and Linkaiciai.

“Constant presence of NATO military units in Lithuania is a very important means of deterrence, as from now the NATO forces will be in our country and they will not only train together, but also, if necessary, without delay, proceed to collective defense. Therefore, we must do everything to make this unit to timely arrive to Lithuania and to have conditions for maintaining combat readiness here,” Chief of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Jonas Vytautas Zukas, said.

The day before, representatives of the Lithuanian Armed Forces inspected the military base in Rukla in order to be sure that it is capable to accept NATO troops, which ultimately should consist not only of Germany, but also of Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch and French soldiers and officers.

Speaking about the Russian aggression, Lithuania, like many other European states has the only one goal – to increase spending for the country’s defensive sector. On what and how exactly the additional funds will be spent – this question never has a clear answer. But, obviously, there is some group of people, who get their own profit from such additional financing and, perhaps, even make business on this matter.