Saturday Live Stream: Geopolitical Standoff in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. (FINISHED)

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TOPIC: Geopolitical Standoff in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific

Participants: Viktor Stoilov (one of the key SF Team members, the stream’s host), Brian Kalman (one of the key SF Team members, a military analyst), Maram “Partisangirl” Susli (link to her Youtube channel)

Dear friends, you can ask questions about the live stream topics and other issues related to SF in the Youtube chat. (It’s available if you open the live stream in a separate browser tab)

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Rodney Loder

Great Live stream, if only Mimi would wear a veil it would be even greater, there was a bit of talk about the US Deep State, my take is that JCPOA was a concession to me the jews believe at the time that the fix was in for me to be Jesus Christ, when they realised that was a ruse Russia was needed by israel to replace the United States so JCPOA got shafted, there is nothing that the US Deep State wouldn’t do for my support, get this, even at the moment as I comment, their fixing my fire trail almost to bitumen level, only a few years ago I couldn’t drive into town without spending 3 days on the shovel, they are officially now even going to give it a real road name, but I’m not interested I want to worship Allah with my Brother and Sister Salafists for at least a small part of my life instead of the jews taking everything.

Justin Ryan

This is a geopolitical site!
Allah, Muhhamad, Jesus and Abraham are not welcome here!
Religion has caused enough wars!

Islam, the religion of peace? hahahahaha!

“And the Sunni’s kill the Shiia’s and the Shiia’s kill the sunni’s and they all kill the Kurds then they all kill each other until there’s absolutely no one left……. PEACE”!