LNA Expands Influence In Northwestern Libya After Series Of Operations Against Local Militant Groups (Map)

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) continues to expand its influence in the northwestern part of the country. It’s currently conducting a military operation in the area of Saddada where it has eliminated or captured a number of militants.

LNA Expands Influence In Northwestern Libya After Series Of Operations Against Local Militant Groups (Map)

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Nick Sobkowiak

I’m so confused by this conflict now. Which guys are the remnants of Gaddaffi’s army?

Is anyone still flying the green flag?


Neither, the 2 big players are/were both anti-Gaddafi. It’s basically the bottom up government (those who people voted for) in conflict with the top down government (those that were appointed by mostly international forces, UN etc). The bottom up government is winning with ease.


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liberation of Benghazi


the situation could be somewhat confusing, but it quite simple.
every person, tribe, city or area who were pro-gaddafi then, are pro-gaddafi now.
if those tribes/cities/areas are in LNA territory, most will fly the green flag.


No one is flying the green flag, Gadafi nowdays doesn’t mean anything. A new army guy trying to take over, and outlaw militias trying to fight back.


Just looking at that map it looks like the LNA holds all the cards and will emerge victorious. At least it looks like its holding the East, and a sizeable portion of West as well. Then again any advances in this war seems to be at a snail’s pace. WW1 frontlines shifted faster then this one.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

inshallah one day libya will be strong and secure and not a chaotic shithadist mess


Another fine example of what FUKUS brings to the world.

You cannot appease these monsters, you have to take the war to them, and finish them off.