LNA Reinforces Its Troops Around Libyan Capital With Heavy Weapons (Video)


LNA Reinforces Its Troops Around Libyan Capital With Heavy Weapons (Video)

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) reinforced its troops around the country’s capital, Tripoli, with an additional armored company on June 16.

“An armored company is joining the frontlines after our forces managed to capture new positions on several axes in the framework of Operation Flood of Dignity,” the army’s media office said in a short press release.

At least two T-55 battle tanks and more than twelve pick-up trucks, some armed with 12.7, 14.5, 23mm machine guns or 107mm rocket launchers, were seen heading towards the frontlines around Tripoli.

The LNA resumed its advance towards Tripoli earlier this month and captured several positions north of the Tripoli International Airport. However, the army’s advance is still slow due to the fierce resistance of forces loyal to the Governorate of National Accord (GNA).

These new reinforcements could boost the LNA’s advance towards Tripoli, especially from the southern direction. Army forces are currently stationed less than 8km away from the capital’s center.

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  • Andrei

    If you look at them they are very calculated,calm,real army of a country
    And if you look at GNA they are lunatics, only Allah akbar from theirs mouth,they are disorganized ,they dont obey anyone, they will definitely lose the battle.. to me they look like terrorists…

  • Ambricourt

    Aged 76, Field Marshall Haftar faces the most important strategic decisions of a long life.

  • Shawn

    That’s nothing, they’re going to need 10-20 x as much just for a minor push into the capital. Those tanks don’t even have reactive armor or any secondary armor. What a joke.

    • S Melanson

      My thoughts exactly.

  • S Melanson

    An important message from the CEO of Toyota

    Toyota is very disappointed, only 12 pick-up trucks ordered. The Coalition in Yemen orders hundreds of Toyota’s that quickly get blown up or abandoned and so we get more orders for many more Toyota’s. Why can’t the LNA be more like the Coalition?

    Take territory with 12 pickups with a machine gun bolted on…? And two T-55 tanks? Those things are still around… you, are going to need hundreds of Toyota’s at least and forget about the T-55s although the sight of them may cause the enemy to laugh so much they become distracted, assuming the tanks make it to the front before breaking down. You know how dependable Toyota’s are.

    Well if you are going to make mistakes trying to take Tripoli, such as your overconfidence and overreach, at least do it in grandiose style like the Coalition.

    Somewhat Sincerely, Mr. Kirin Beer, CEO Toyota

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    anyone know what kind of forces GNA has?