Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups – November 2, 2020

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This is the newest update of the ‘U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map’ exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map.

Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups – November 2, 2020

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Carrier strike group (CSG) is an operational formation of the United States Navy. It is centered on an aircraft carrier and a carrier air wing of 65 to 70 aircrafts. It’s composed of roughly 7,500 personnel, an aircraft carrier, at least one cruiser, a destroyer squadron of at least two destroyers and/or frigates. A carrier strike group also, on occasion, includes submarines, attached logistics ships and a supply ship. Carrier strike groups comprise a principal element of U.S. power projection over the world’s oceans.


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Assad must stay

same old shit

Pave Way IV

USS Nimitz is the oldest carrier in the U.S. Navy. I would not care to be on that ship in the Persian Gulf now. But then, I don’t care for any U.S. military to be in or around the Persian Gulf because the U.S. has NO legitimate national security interests there. I’m sure the next U.S. president will take care of that [chortle].

Assad must stay

Probably why it’s there, it’s the oldest lol