LPR Interior Ministry Says It Undermined Attempt To Return Republic Under Control Of Kiev Government

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LPR Interior Ministry Says It Undermined Attempt To Return Republic Under Control Of Kiev Government

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Ministry of Internal Affairs of Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) made several statements that they will go on with their investigation into involvement of people near the Head of the republic Plotnitsky in the murder of former Prime Minister of LPR Gennadiy Tsipalkov.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of LPR Igor Kornet, a scheme to return LPR to Ukraine was in process, but was shut down.

During the ministry’s council meeting on November 22, Kornet commented on the situation:

“The situation is difficult. The first arrests were conducted, and were successful. Thanks to God, we do the right thing, without any bloodletting. People are giving their testimonies about corrupt schemes that started in 2016, and about attempted “pseudo takeover”. Unfortunately, an estimable man, Gennadiy Nikolayevich Tsipkalov, was killed due to these schemes. He was a true comrade to many of us. The guilty will pay the price soon. We won’t go back on this,” Kornet said.

Tsipkalov was allegedly tortured to death and former Head of LPR People’s militia Vitaliy Kiselyov was falsely charged using fabricated evidence, according to the testimony of a member of Prosecutor’s office staff. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also published testimonies of people who took part in the takeover of 2016 was attempted.

According to the minister’s data, if Ukrainian agents had been able to dispose of LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs top brass, Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine special services forces would have entered LPR the following morning.

He also said that high-ranking Ministry of Internal Affairs officials being charged by the Prosecutor’s office was an act of corruption, confirmed by many testimonials from the staff of the Prosecutor’s office.

Further proof of people near Plotnitsky being complicit appeared with a testimony of a captive Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine special services forces unit commander Sergey Ivanchuk, who named head of the LPR TV and radio network Anastasiya Shurkayeva as his informant, who was complicit in the murder of LPR people’s militia colonel Anaschenko.

Kornet said on November 21 that  there is proof of collusion between head of the LPR TV and radio network Anastasiya Shurkayeva and the Ukrainian special services. “The Chief of the Administration of the Head of LRP Irina Teytsman and Head of Government Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Evgeniy Seliverstov are confirmed to have been complicit in organizing the attempted takeover of LPR government in September of 2016,” he added.

LPR Interior Ministry Says It Undermined Attempt To Return Republic Under Control Of Kiev Government

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Kornet further commented on the situation later on in the day, saying that the discrepancies between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the office of the Head of the Republic versions of events are due to foreign agents having made their way deep into high office of LPR, and providing the Head of the Republic with false information. About ten people are being detained, according to Kornet.

Earlier armed military uniformed unmarked personnel took over the Prosecutor’s office, allegedly under Kornet’s orders, and refused to leave despite Plotnitsky’s demands. Following the new testimonies published regarding the 2016 attempted coup, the military personnel enabled access to the building.

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It appears that a mischief of Jewish Ukranian Oligarchs was behind this attempted to subvert the leadership of Lugansk.

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Gabriel Hollows

Oy vey, what are you saying!!! Pure (((coincidence))) goy, move along.


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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The large majority of the internal problems in LPR/DPR would melt away if they deported the Jews in the Republics.


If only they could think of something that bring a final solution…., something with camps? Hmmm, and special showers.

All this blatant anti-semitism makes it SO easy to paint you all away as crazies. No wonder the MSM ignores you. You’re making it too easy for them.

Gabriel Hollows

No one cares about what the lying media has to say. There is no anti-semitism because you false jews are khazars, not semites.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

That’s just a Yiddish swear word.

Gary Sellars

Anti-semite used to be someone who hates Jews. Now it means anyone who the Zionists hate…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Mi6 has a long arm indeed constantly expanding Jewish control over more and more of Ukraine and Eastern Europe as Mi6 plots to place another Marxist type figure in charge over Christian-Nationalist Russia once again.
The last time the Royals did this to the Russians is when they financed in the open from London the Red Revolution against the good Russian people and tens of millions of Russians died on the UK watch deliberately.
Mi6 seeks a repeat of this tiresome and old British/Norwegian trice to genocide others so they can steal their land.