Magic Zoom: Journalist Broke Into Confidential Video Conference Of EU Defense Ministers

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On November 20, journalist broke into a confidential video conference of European Union Defense Ministers using a minister’s data that was visible in an image posted on his Twitter account.

A journalist from Netherlands, Daniel Verlaan, discovered an ID and part of a password for Zoom in the image showing Dutch Defense Minister, who works from home because of the quarantine. He discovered five of the six digits of the secret code and soon after managed to access the conference.

The journalist smiled and apologized to the participants of the conference.

“It’s a criminal offense, you should cut before the police arrive,” the President of the Council.

After the journalist left the conference, it was immediately stopped for security reasons.

This incident showed the law level of digital security of the European Union establishment.

“It was a stupid mistake. But it reminds us to be careful when sending a picture of a meeting, ” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said.

According to the AFP, through this incident the EU noted that it was “imperative to strengthen the security of the institutions’ communications.”


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