Map Comparison: Military Situation In Syria In 2015 And 2020


Map Comparison: Military Situation In Syria In 2015 And 2020

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This map provides a general look at the changes of the military situation in Syria in the period from June 2015 to February 2020.



  • Ronald

    Sunday, being the Lord’s Day, a special thanks to the invited warriors who have helped free Syria from the forces of darkness. Russians, Lebanese, Iraqi, Iranian and all others.


    Like the militants, the YPG and SDF should be purged.

  • Smith Ricky

    Beautiful progress

  • cactus

    the ypg and sdf are such snakes they show no resistance whatsoever against the turks and wait for the saa to defend them and when the governement try to negotiate a deal about the east of euphrated they go hiding behind the us that actually sold them for turkey, what a fu*ing scum of human beings, the saa should give them similar treatement to the hts/turkish terrorists if they don’t give back the oil fields and the arab lands

    • kamosko

      Exactly, they should withdraw from the SAA, they will soon come from being massacred and want to negotiate.

    • Russia betray Kurd…Amerika plz halp… Fascist Turk bombing mountain :(


  • jorge
  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    And I believe the Syrian people are very thankful to the new leader of the free world Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for his help.

    And so is the rest of the free Democratic world for that matter.

    • RD-180

      Hey, lazy Greek, didn’t I tell you to go get a job? Your county’s economy needs your help, no matter how impotent you are.

  • Itz funny that the 2015 Kurdler-occupied zone is now the 2020 Turkler-occupied zone.

  • gustavo

    This comparison is important and teach as the great work that Syria-Hezboah-Iran-Russia troops have done up to now, and what it is still needed to do. Logn way to recover all Syria land from terrorists (including USA-Turkey).

    • Kjell Hasthi

      And of course professionals like the North Koreans would have finished off the Jihadists in 6 months, not 4 years.
      There is more than one way to take out underground bunkers.

      • goingbrokes

        Underground bunkers is not the problem. You have not been following properly if you make statements like that.

        • Kjell Hasthi

          -Underground bunkers is not the problem.
          That is your formulation, not mine.
          When China is too small for North Korean army, fish like the Jihadists are for sure too small.
          USA lost last time vs. the farmers

          • goingbrokes

            Underground bunkers is your comment not mine.

          • Kjell Hasthi

            Idlib and even Damascus were full of underground facilities.
            The Japanese also used underground facilities.

            Then the Amerikans/Russians will tell:
            -We need bunker buster bombs

            The North Korean will not use bunker buster bombs, they will drag the Jihadists out of the bunkers -> underground battles

            -No, we don’t do that
            Putin will tell
            -We are working on a system with frequencies
            he may add

            The North Koreans are excellent in hand-to-hand combat.
            When you need some to clean out Boko Haram or whatever, you hire North Koreans, not Russian mercenaries.