Map Comparison: Military Situation In Syria In 2015 And 2021

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Map Comparison: Military Situation In Syria In 2015 And 2021

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The map above provides a general look at the military situation in Syria in 2021 in the comparison with the years of 2020 and 2015.


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ISIS held territories all gone, Islamic resistance in Ghouta and Aleppo crushed, over half of Idlib taken, FUKUS and Turkey proxies killed by tens/hundreds of thousands,…..a crushing victory for Russia, Syrian Hezzbolah and Iran alliance.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabi resistance in Ghouta and Aleppo.


Good progress considering the corona and the fact,russia was focused on their own problems
along with sorting out c.i.s regions to peace for the better and other massive projects linking chezia to nordstream along with other european nations,giving future acces to cleaner hydrogen gas too.


Central Asia preparing for counter terrorist interventions in the case CIA Zionist-jihadists are sent there…

Russian and Uzbek special forces “Spetsnaz” exercise


Tor M2DT saying hello to the drone

Potato Man

Slowly but surely Syria becoming whole once again…

chris chuba

Thank you for the map and showing all of the territory in solid colors which makes it easier to parse. A favorite trick by Western Think Tanks is to show a population centric map for govt held areas but keep Kurdish areas and Idlib solid color as if that is the garden of Eden.

Either do it all one way or the other way, don’t cherry pick. While the SAA areas do contain a lot of desert they liberated much more of the population than the SDF/Kurds, especially between Aleppo and the area just south of Euphrates. Breaking the siege of Deir Ezzor was a big deal, it was a large city an accomplishment largely ignored in the U.S.