Map: Terrorists’ Advances in Northerh Hama, Syria

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The map below depicts the 4 stages of the terrorists’ advances against the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces in the northern part of Hama province. The so-called ‘joint opposition forces’ in the area are led by the Jund al Aqsa terrorist group.

Map: Terrorists' Advances in Northerh Hama, Syria

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I am not sure about my following statement so do correct me if I am in error.
As I recall did not the militants who ‘surrendered’ in the Damascus
countryside relocate to Hama province? At the time I did question the
wisdom of allowing such a thing. The above map might indicate that
this judgment was not completely ill-founded.


Only some of them, not a huge number.

I doubt there’s many of them taking part in this push.


There is a report on the ANM website that gives more information about this. The site is not easy to use and you may not know it. Reports don’t stay up for long.