Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of April 5, 2020


Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of April 5, 2020

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A closer look at the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the European Union and in the United Kingdom.



  • hvaiallverden

    Pardone moi for this, but you need to learn the truth, and it will sett you free.

    “Viruses are solvents created by the body to clean toxicity and venomous ‘agents’ around cell environment..” taken from an coment to explain in an short centence what this video is about.

    When you read this centence, witch tells you what this eh… empidemic is, and what the virus do, and above all, what they say its happening, and the background to know their tests, you will maybe pussled, because it tells you something they dont say, since they only highlights the Names, aka COVVID 19, and then we have an empidemic, etc, etc and their claims witch is false, and I link to an Video witch will give you the knowledge witch the MSM never will admit, the medical quackers never will either admit, and why they use this as an exuse for messurmenets witch are giving you an false impression of whats going on, because they simply lie us straight into our faces, and I have watched the entire video, and can tell you this, if this dont enlighten you, you are either beyond recovery from the insane bullshit spraying coming from an MSM whom have liedto us for as long I can remeber, and why on earth would they suddenly be truthfull or you are an payed shill, since they are crawling everywhere this days.

    Second, as people reading South F are painfully aware of, is HasbaRats, but this time, everybody is to some extent frigthened, and since most are unable to understand, or is been given “facts” from uh… “experts” they belive everything they see and/or read, because, yeah, they are “experts”.
    So, I really hope you see the entire video and do read the coments, if you have some questions.

    Dont hate, it clouds your judgment.
    if you dont love life, how can you even convince me you are alive.
    You cant.
    Wake up.