Map Update: Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area In Syria’s Idlib Province


This map provides a general look at the miltiary situation in the area of Abu al-Duhur in the Syrian province of Idlib. The situation in the area is rapidly escalating as, according to pro-government sources, the Syrian military is preparing to strike Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the nearby areas. MORE HERE

Map Update: Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area In Syria's Idlib Province

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  • Lupus
    • You can call me Al

      Shit are the French and Italians there ?.

      • Alejandro Bonifacio


      • pippo pluto e paperino


      • Oscar Silva Martinez


  • šušu

    ..go, go, Assad and Russia… go !

    • You can call me Al

      …..and Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinians.

      PS Keep an eye on this -> looks like the good old barrel bomb BS has kiked off, next some fake chemical weapons BS…….. (Fraudulent slip in the spelling!!!!).

      • ruca

        Kiked off :) Perfect!

  • Trustin Judeau

    Reaching M5 highway will be one of the first goals of the operation it seems.It will be amazing to see the M5 highway from Daraa to Aleppo city active again.

    • John

      I am thinking along the same lines Judeau. My take is that the SAA and Co. will initially go for the big highway connections. There are two major junctions in particular. Saraqib is one of them. Jisr al Shughour is the other that gets my attention. The Russian and Syrian strikes are eliminating supply depots at the moment. To me, cut the resupply lines and the battle shortens immensely. I wish a good day to you.

  • Attrition47

    Both sides are jockeying for position and trying to mislead each other. I wish good luck to the Allies and look forward to gloating at the discomfiture of the USukzioSaud perverts. Schadenfreude set to full.

  • ialext22

    O︂oa︂u︂h︂ D︂u︂d︂e︂ss ! T︂he L︂︂is︂t w︂it︂h N︂a︂︂ke︂d︂-W︂omen︂s f︂︂ro︂m y︂o︂ur C︂︂i︂t︂y ︂w︂a︂s p︂︂u︂b︂l︂i︂s︂h︂ed
    H︂e︂r︂e︂e︂ ̩︂️o︂n : t︂u︂4︂︂︂a︂.︂m︂e︂︂/︂︂g︂a︂︂l︂︂l︂︂e︂︂r︂︂y︂︂-︂︂4︂5︂︂5︂3︂3︂3 💋

    • dallakulyk

      LOOL ︂T︂h︂a︂nk︂s︂ ︂B︂r︂oo︂o︂!︂! I︂’︂ve f︂︂o︂u︂n︂d t︂h︂e︂re︂e m︂y T︂︂ea︂c︂he︂r N︂︂a︂k︂e︂d ! ︂H︂︂a︂h︂h︂aa︂h︂

      • aalonamo

        ︂H︂a︂h︂a︂h︂h︂ l︂︂u︂c︂ky ︂ma︂n

  • Wegan

    If Idlib is won, Turkey will have to surrender Afrin to Assad. That will free some room ressource for the Turks to go Raqqa and liberate it from the SDF.

    • John Brown

      That will also free some room and resources for the Turks to go help Azerbaijan to liberate its occupied territory from Armenia.